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About three years ago the English Defence League lost their Facebook page to some hackers who eventually closed the page down leaving them around 150,000 likes. They set up a new one, and after carefully leaching off the back of the death of Lee Rigby, managed to get it up to 180,000 likes. Carelessness has struck for a second time however as they have been highjacked by a spam outfit who are posting click bait.

In fact many more people are flocking to the page as their likes have gone up from 180,000 to 269,000 whilst the EDL’s new page has only managed to attract 1,000 likes since it was hacked a week ago.
With the EDL only able to muster a whole 57 at their last national demo, it was not a good time for the floundering far right organisation to lose the majority of their social media reach. Though as some have pointed out, as well as their website being down, this all coincidentally happened the week before Pegida announced they were attempting to reform with Tommy Robinson at the helm.

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