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EDID Minder® automatically manages EDID communication between connected devices - EDID Minder ensures that all sources power up properly and reliably output content for display. Selectable resolutions and refresh rates - Pre-stored EDID is communicated to the source based on a user-selected resolution and refresh rate. EDID capture mode - When connected to a display, the EDID 101H offers the option of capturing and then storing EDID information from the display device. HDMI to DVI Interface Format Correction - Automatically reformats HDMI source signals for output to a connected DVI display. HPD - Hot Plug Detect control port - A unique contact closure control port is provided for remote cameras and other devices that require a periodic HPD trigger for proper operation.
Energy-efficient external universal power supply included, replacement part # 70-775-01 - Provides worldwide compatibility, low power consumption, and reduced operating costs. Eliminate the Headache of Display Configuration and Auto-detection with SmartAVIa€™s EDID-Mirror.
The ConnectPRO DDC EDID Ghosting Emulator is designed to solve the problem that computers can sometimes lose the Extended Display Identification Data (EDID). Now, such is no longer the case if you use ConnectPRO’s DVI DDC EDID Emulator module. The preferred method is for the customer to clone the specific monitor that is to be used, but when that is not an option the customer can use the standard table built into the Ghost Emulator (the Green light setting).
The Emulator will keep the cloned image permanently until a new monitor is cloned, which effectively overwrites the initial cloned image.
To satisfy upset users sitting on 4-figure investments in NVIDIA products, Blur Busters is pleased to provide a solution, thanks to Toni Wilen, the author of WinUAE (Amiga emulator) who is a triple surround LightBoost user.
You will also need a separate computer running an older graphics card, for the EDID reprogramming part, since a lot of EDID utility software (e.g.
After this process is done, LightBoost will be enabled by default, even at the POST screen at bootup!
These instructions assume you have the ASUS VG248QE computer monitor, one of the most popular LightBoost-compatible monitors. If you are only doing this temporarily, simply stop following the video once you gain access to the interior (5min into video). Soldering Iron Method: The use of a electronics soldering iron, with a thin tip, is recommended. Note for Electronics Geeks: The ATMEL 24C02C datasheet says the pin should ideally be connected to ground, however, leaving the pin unconnected works too.
Once you’ve found the number for value X, use the number value for all subsequent mentions of X in commands.
The use of the hardware EDID method does not prevent the ability of doing software-based EDID overrides using ToastyX Custom Resolution Utility (CRU). This modification should not interfere with G-SYNC, as G-SYNC uses the DisplayPort connection rather than the DVI connection.
I just received news that the BENQ XL2420T EDID chip is not write protected, so you can reflash its EDID without opening up the monitor!
If the pin is currently connected to a voltage that’s not supposed to be connected directly to ground, then connecting that voltage directly ground could cause a short circuit or blow a different component. That said, for a monitor-independent solution (not knowing the circuit), cutting the pin #7 of this 8-pin ATML would be pretty safe. Any ideas whether the Qnix, or any no-OSD Korean monitors with bypass boards for that regard (since all have pretty similar PCBs) have a reprogrammable EDID? Hmm, good idea, but do you know of any Windows software other than PowerStrip that edits EDIDs and works with modern graphics cards?

We want to mention that GeForce 8800 GT’s have been quite reliable so far in working with PowerStrip, when used with a 32-bit edition of Windows (XP worked too) and a properly functioning Dual-Link DVI cable. 2 more things… Try setting the asus into service mode, this might disable the write disable pin, some people mentioned this works on some other monitors. If you are using Optimus, ToastyX Strobelight doesn’t work on Optimus systems where the NVIDIA graphics card is in the system at the same time as Intel graphics. It features EDID Minder®, an Extron exclusive technology designed to provide automatic and continuous EDID - Extended Display Identification Data management. The EDID-Mirror prevents Windows7, XP and Linux from auto-configuring your displays if your computer is started up with the displays disconnected or turned off. The DDC EDID data is vital for the video extension; it is a data structure provided by a computer display to describe its characteristics to a graphics card. The ConnectPRO DDC EDID Emulator allows the user to have best video image setting all the time.
There is an alternate mode, represented by a green LED light, which feeds a profile for a standard display, with some common resolutions built-in. People who upgraded to NVIDIA GeForce Drivers 327.23 and later, lost ability to use LightBoost for 3 monitor surround. This is to physically disconnect a write-protection pin for the EDID chip, and then using a utility to reflash the EDID with LightBoost-specific modes (modes containing a larger Vertical Total). This process should not interfere with the upcoming G-SYNC upgrade, though you may need to re-flash the EDID back to original.
You will be temporarily removing screws, so do not lose them! Get a few sandwich bags, small containers, or several cups, to store loose parts in. Remove the metal cover. Do this by carefully removing all tape pieces surrounding the large protruding metal cover (tape may be silver color instead of black). Heat the pin just enough until the solder melts, and bend the pin upwards using the soldering iron’s tip (or another pointy metal tool). Geforce GT 8800) since several free EDID reprogramming utilities often don’t work from newer graphics cards. You might still need to run on an older graphics card for this to work (GeForce 8800 works) depending on support. If you are trying to reflash other monitors, you may need larger values (especially on older models, such as the ASUS VG278H which has very slow I2C).
For example, even if you installed the 120Hz-only EDID, you can still add 60Hz modes manually via CRU. However, just in case, you should keep a backup of your original EDID, so you can reflash your monitor’s EDID back to original. If you love emulators, we’d like to note that Toni’s WinUAE has software-based black frame insertion! However, wouldn’t it be less permanent to simply connect the write-protect pin to a ground terminal? That would solve the issue of being unable to overclock those monitors on Linux, unless it is already possible to override the EDID flags on Linux with binary Nvidia & AMD drivers. I don’t have Linux installed, and I might want to make a GUI tool where you can enter the resolution, refresh rate, and timings you would like to add and the tool would use an EDID editor to flash the EDID, should there be an EDID and this idea work. PowerStrip is very picky about which graphics cards it can see the monitor’s EDID with, and the paid version of PowerStrip is required as the free version cannot write the EDID. ToastyX) could write a utility to reflash the EDID directly from a modern, new computer using current OS (64-bit) and graphics cards.
Yes, I was able to modify the EDID on my vg248qe without opening the chassis and unsoldering that pin.

Call 800-522-2025 and we'll make it happen,or email Customer Service for expedited delivery options. Certain operating systems, especially Windows 7, have a display auto-detection feature that can reconfigure your displays if they are not powered on or connected at startup.
However, when you switch or disconnect and then reconnect the displays such as the monitor, you may lose DDC EDID communication, and the user’s computer then fails to display the image properly if at all.
Through an easy programmed process, the display’s DDC EDID is memorized in the DDC module, thus preventing our customers from blank screens and boot problems as well as resolving the issue of display resolution and color due to a lack of DDC EDID information.
Interestingly, AMD Eyefinity users are unaffected; these users easily use LightBoost with ToastyX Strobelight Utility. BENQ XL2411T) have very close similarities, however, these instructions are only tested on the VG248QE. Make sure your surface is clean and completely clear of debris, so it does not scratch or damage the glass of your monitor.
When you reprogram your EDID, make sure you connect only one monitor at a time, and reprogram them one at a time. This is useful when you want to sell your monitor, for example. The EDID also contains your monitor’s serial number, which you will be overwriting!
Remember that each monitor has different EDID serial numbers, so keep separate EDID backup files from each monitor. Also, if you ever want to restore your old EDID, this is the same command you use (with the backup .bin file you saved). However, until then, an older OS and graphics card is the most reliable way to reprogram a monitor’s EDID. I found when soldering the pin on the chip use a precision flat head – smallest you can get and torque (gently) the pin UPWARDS while touching the soldered end to desolder and just lift it up gently. Carefully and slowly, with light pressure, cut pin #7, by sawing through it gently until it cuts through.
Once this is done, you don’t need to run Strobelight again even after reboots (Unless you want to use Strobelight for easy adjustments, including LightBoost brightness).
Only the hardware-installed EDID (flashed on the monitor) will reliably work in triple surround mode with the newer NVIDIA drivers. Alternatively, the EDID 101H can be set to capture and store EDID information when connected to a display.
Multiple quantities of the same non-Stock Item Valued below $50.00 may be ordered to meet the $50 minimum order requirement to qualify for Free UPS Ground Freight. The solution is the EDID-Mirror, a DVI-D EDID (Extended Display Identification Data) emulator that provides a constant signal to the computer, regardless of whether the displays are present or not. Blur Busters disclaims all responsibility for any damage or injury caused by these instructions. PROCEED AT YOUR OWN RISK! Gentle cutting is less accident prone than a hard push (where a sudden slip accident can sever multiple circuits).
A unique HPD - Hot Plug Detect port provides control for remote cameras and other signal sources that require a periodic HPD trigger. The EDID 101H is housed in a compact 1" high, quarter rack width enclosure for convenient, discreet installation.

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