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Healthcare industry is using Electronic Document Interchange (EDI) for several years now. The adoption of EDI in Healthcare has brought in significant benefits in reducing the administrative costs of Healthcare transaction processing and has shortened the transaction processing cycle times resulting in faster processing of claims helping both the patients and the medical service providers. However, the adoption is fraught with several challenges preventing the organizations to enjoy the large scale benefits promised by EDI. The US Healthcare department is imposing adoption of EDI through HIPAA while the organizations are facing several challenges as aforesaid.
MOND, the cloud based integration platform, provides integration solutions to various industries out of which Healthcare industry is one. An organization using MOND for the first time in order to exchange EDI documents with other service providers, has to follow 5 simple steps.
The first activity is to define Companies for the Hospital and the Insurance Service Provider and associate the Insurance Service Provider as Trading Partner of the Hospital Company.
You may notice that the AS2 identifiers of both these organizations are configured in the respective Company definition screens. The next activity is to define the Document Type for the custom XML document of the Hospital and the Document Type for the X12 837 document to be sent to the Insurance Service Provider. While defining the Document Type, we also define the document layout. This is an activity to capture the information for mapping the ISA control segments in the EDI document transmitted to the Insurance Service Provider. The Channel definition is the activity where we capture the details required to transmit the document, like the Host name, the Port name, the sending and receiving organization’s Certificate, etc. The Healthcare Claim document in the form of an XML has to be mapped to EDI X12 837 document and the EDI document has to be transmitted to the Insurance Service Provider.
You may notice from the map that it contains steps to fetch the XML document from the FTP server, business logic to map the various business terms of the target document from the source document, steps to send the target document to the recipient. Just by following the above 5 simple steps, the Hospital can start sending Healthcare Claims to Insurance Service Provider and become HIPAA compliant to that extent. This entry was posted in EDI and tagged Cloud integration, EDI, Healthcare, X12 by Venkatesh Rao. Sonali Samantaray is a Software Engineer on the WebSphere Partner Gateway team at the IBM India Software Lab. The first time you sign in to developerWorks, a profile is created for you, so you need to choose a display name.
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The receiving of materials into a facility should be an efficient process that is accurate, streamlined, and rapid. The goods receipt process is the movement of materials into the warehouse from an external source, which could be a vendor, or from the production facility. The inbound delivery should describe exactly what materials can be received on what date and at what time. The inbound delivery process starts when the items are staged at the vendor for pickup by the shipper. You determine the goods receiving point based on a configuration that has been entered in the IMG.
Figure 2.2 shows the configuration that allows you to determine a goods receiving point based on the receiving plant and storage location.
The inbound delivery can be created either manually or automatically if your vendor sends an advanced shipping notice via electronic data interchange (EDI) . You can create a manual inbound delivery using Transaction VL31N or by going to SAP a€? Logistics a€? Logistics Execution a€? Inbound Process a€? Goods Receipt for Inbound Delivery a€? Inbound Delivery a€? Create Single Documents. After youa€™ve entered the purchase order number and vendor number, the inbound delivery transaction will show the line item transposed from the purchase order 4500000079. After the item details have been approved, you can save the transaction, and an inbound delivery is created.
The inbound process receives an EDI document, in this case a shipping notification from a vendor.
Status record This shows the information regarding the already processed stages and remaining processing stages of the IDoc.
You can only create the inbound delivery for a purchase order if several configuration steps have been completed. To ensure that an inbound delivery can be created from the vendora€™s confirmation, you must ensure that the confirmation control key is set by going to IMG a€? Materials Management a€? Purchasing a€? Confirmations a€? Set Up Confirmation Control. Figure 2.5 shows the configuration of the shipping notification, confirmation control key 0004, to allow an inbound delivery to be created. Although the configuration shown in Figure 2.5 will allow you to create inbound deliveries for a purchase order, if you want the shipment to go to a specific plant and storage location, you must take an additional configuration step. Figure 2.6 shows the configuration that will ensure that an inbound delivery is created for confirmations such as shipping notifications.
In Figure 2.6 the first line shows that for order type NB, which refers to a purchase order, plant 1000 and storage location 1000, an inbound delivery will automatically be created for confirmation 0004, which is a shipping notification.
On the fourth line in Figure 2.6 the configuration is shown for order type UB, a stock transport order, and LP, a scheduling agreement. To create an inbound delivery for a transmitted confirmation from a vendor, you must first update the purchase order with the correct confirmation key.
To receive a confirmation from a vendor via EDI, you have to maintain the partner profiles of the IDoc interface for those vendors. The inbound options allow you to enter a message type that normally relates to the United Nations (UN) EDIFACT standard.
You can enter a process code that the IDoc interface uses to find the business process that controls the conversion of the IDoc into an SAP document.
You can test the IDoc by using the test tool in SAP to manually generate an IDoc and send the IDoc for inbound processing.

The next screen (shown in Figure 2.10) in Transaction WE19 shows the fields that can be manually entered for IDocs.
When an inbound delivery arrives at the warehouse, the items can arrive in a variety of configurations.
Example When items are received that need to be placed in cold storage, the packaging from the vendor may only be suitable for short-term storage.
Some vendors send items to a third-party shipper who combines the items on a single pallet before they arrive at your warehouse. The putaway process for an inbound delivery includes the search for an appropriate storage bin in the warehouse based on the configuration of the storage type search strategy. Each item line of the inbound delivery has a putaway status that allows the warehouse supervisor to monitor the progress of the putaway. When an inbound delivery is set up for automatic putaway, the SAP system creates the transfer orders that need to be completed. You can set up the WMTA output type in your system by following several configuration steps. The output type requires that two fields are selected: one to allow access to the conditions and the other to define partner-independent output.
The usage field determines for which area the condition is used, in this case B for output conditions. After entering the output type into the procedure, save it and then assigned it to the delivery type. Figure 2.17 shows final configuration step, where the inbound delivery type, EL, is linked to the new output determination procedure, Z00001, and the output type WMTA. After you complete the configuration, you must create the condition records for the inbound delivery. The other field you need to fill in on the inbound delivery condition record, shown in Figure 2.18, is the date or dispatch time field. The Sample is based on the assumption that Supplier GCS uses BEA WebLogic Integration as its business-to-business integration solution, that is, as the framework in which it exchanges EDI documents with its trading partners. The EDI sample is based on the assumption that Supplier GCS uses WebLogic Integration as its business-to-business integration solution for communicating with its trading partners using EDI. The EDI 850 is translated into a Purchase Order in XML format and sent to WebLogic Integration, using a target RMI Connection.
The XML document is received by the WebLogic Integration EDI Adapter and sent to a sample workflow, through the application integration plug-in, as an application integration event.
The sample workflow transforms the Purchase Order XML document into a Purchase Order Acknowledgment XML document and sends it to Power.Server!, via the EDI Adapter, using a service call. The Purchase Order Acknowledgment XML document is translated to an EDI 855 Purchase Order Acknowledgment and written to the file system using an outbound file connection. This section lists the prerequisites for executing the BEA WebLogic Integration EDI sample and instructions for running it.
When the Company Properties dialog box is displayed, enter the required information about AES. Import the map to convert the Purchase Order Acknowledgment XML to the EDI 855 transaction. Alternately, create a new user using the application integration functionality provided by WebLogic Integration. You can start the sample from the samples launcher page, as discussed in Running the B2B Integration Samples. From within the WebLogic Integration Studio, select the EDISample Instance, then double-click the instance that you have run, and examine the variables. On the one hand the industry has several participants who are relatively small, have limited IT resources and suffer with limited financial strength preventing from adopting the EDI. As part of the Healthcare industry solution, MOND has a semantic repository of Healthcare dictionary comprising of an exhaustive list of business terms used in the Healthcare industry and the commonly exchanged EDI transaction sets by the participants. Any organization in the Healthcare industry who wish to adopt EDI, can avail the MOND platform for exchanging EDI documents with the various service providers in the Healthcare industry.
I have explained this by taking an example of a Hospital which has Healthcare claim information in the form of an XML document and is in need to transform the XML document into an EDI 837 Healthcare Claim message and transmit the same to an insurance service provider.
The Insurance Service Provider Company is associated to the Hospital Company by using a simple drag and drop feature.
In this example, an FTP channel has to be defined to receive the Healthcare Claim message from the Hospital and an AS2 channel has to be defined to transmit the EDI 837 message to the Insurance Service Provider. Transmitting the Healthcare Claim messages to any additional Insurance Service Provider is even easier in as much as defining a Company for the new Insurance Service Provider and defining a Channel thereon to capture the transmission protocol details. Now, if you have started to guess the costs associated with acquiring such a capability, WAIT!
Sonali has published technical documents for various symposiums as well as several IBM developerWorks articles. Your display name must be unique in the developerWorks community and should not be your email address for privacy reasons. The Beatles, Janis Joplin, de Stones, CCR, The Animals… allemaal hebben ze een onuitwisbare indruk achtergelaten met hun optredens. De eerste keer was in oktober 1964, het jaar waarin Eric Burdon en de zijnen doorbraken met House Of The Rising Sun. Op 2 november 1969 – kort na het verschijnen van het titelloze tweede album – speelde het vijftal een van de beroemdste songs van die plaat: Up On Cripple Creek.
Die doorbraak had even geduurd, mede dankzij problemen met platenmaatschappijen en auteursrechten.
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If you have a scheduling agreement in place with a vendor, deliveries will occur at regular intervals. For an inbound delivery , you assign the goods receiving point based on the receiving plant and storage location that was entered into the purchase order. For Plant 1000 and Storage Location 1000, Shipping Point 0034 is assigned as the goods receiving point. In this section, wea€™ll look at the manual creation of an inbound delivery for a purchase order. The SAP system must be configured to allow the generation of an inbound delivery for an incoming shipping notification. The EDI-specific headers and trailers are removed from the EDI document and it is converted into an IDoc format suitable for SAP applications. It contains the name of the sender, the name of the receiver, the message type, and the IDoc type.
It contains a sequential segment number, a segment type description, and a field containing the actual data of the segment.

A confirmation has to have been received from the vendor, and certain configuration steps should be entered.
Follow the configuration menu path IMG a€? Logistics Execution a€? Shipping a€? Deliveries a€? Define Order Confirmations for Inbound Deliveries. In this case a shipping notification can be received via EDI for plant 1003 and storage location 1002. When creating a purchase order, the purchaser can add the confirmation key to the purchase order line item, as shown in Figure 2.7.
Via the process code entered, you specify how the data is to be processed further in the application. In this case the shipping notification is an inbound message from the vendor and is identified by the DESADV message type. To create a manual IDoc, you enter the message type for a shipping notification, which in this case is DESADV. Sometimes items arrive shrink-wrapped on pallets and can moved directly into the warehouse without anyone having to break down the pallet or repack the items. In this case the items need to be repacked in containers certified for the cold storage area. When the inbound delivery arrives, it needs to be broken down so the items can be either repacked in a container suitable for the warehouse or combined on a pallet with the same material from other deliveries. When items are returned, they need to be separated from other items in the delivery and packed in an appropriate container so that it can be clearly identified as a return.
The automatic putaway is determined by an output type called WMTA, which must be assigned to the inbound delivery. First, create the output type WMTA by following the menu path IMG a€? Logistics Execution a€? Shipping a€? Basic Shipping Functions a€? Output Control a€? Output Determination a€? Maintain Output Determination for Inbound Deliveries a€? Define Output Types for Inbound Delivery. To maintain the output determination procedures, follow the navigation menu IMG a€? Logistics Execution a€? Shipping a€? Basic Shipping Functions a€? Output Control a€? Output Determination a€? Maintain Output Determination for Inbound Deliveries a€? Define Output Types for Inbound Delivery. To complete this task, you can either use Transaction VNE7 or follow the menu path IMG a€? Logistics Execution a€? Shipping a€? Basic Shipping Functions a€? Output Control a€? Output Determination a€? Maintain Output Determination for Inbound Deliveries a€? Assign Output Determination Procedures. You can use Transaction MN24 to enter the condition records or go to SAP a€? Logistics a€? Materials Management a€? Purchasing a€? Master Data a€? Messages a€? Inbound Delivery a€? Create. For the inbound delivery the output should be created immediately, represented by the number 4.
Because the EDI sample relies on the proper configuration of Power.Server!, you must configure Power.Server! ANI uses EDI to send Purchase Orders to GCS and to receive Purchase Order Acknowledgments from Supplier GCS. On the other hand the industry is challenged to find the right solutions of EDI, which can integrate and supplement their existing systems and applications. The organizations who have already adopted EDI, are also facing challenges in complying with the newer versions, ASC X12 005010.
Minstens net zo sterk is het optreden van 4 jaar later, toen I Do It Again en Good Vibrations op het programma stonden. Brian Epstein liet het er niet bij zitten en zorgde dat radiostations veel aandacht aan The Beatles besteedden, waarna platenmaatschappij Capitol in allerijl I Want To Hold Your Hand op single moest uitbrengen, omdat de vraag explodeerde. Jim Morrison deed dit in de liveshow uiteindelijk toch, waarna Sullivan hem bij het verlaten van het podium weigerde de hand de schudden en de band daarna nooit meer welkom was in het programma.
The items are loaded on to the shippera€™s vehicle and transported to the ship-to location. If no scheduling agreement exists, you can create a purchase order using Transaction ME21N . You can find the configuration using the menu path IMG a€? Logistics Execution a€? Shipping a€? Basic Shipping Functions a€? Shipping Point and Goods Receiving Point Determination a€? Assign Goods Receiving Points for Inbound Deliveries. If the vendor has identified any specific changes, you can make these to the line item before creating the inbound delivery. In addition, the purchase order must be annotated with the correct confirmation information for an inbound delivery to be created.
The IDoc is stored as a text file, and an inbound program reads the IDoc file and creates an IDoc so it can be processed. First, the shipping notices received from vendors should be configured to allow you to create an inbound delivery. The confirmation control key (Conf.Ctrl) field shows that the confirmation expected is a shipping notification, and the current status is pending, because the purchase order has not yet been created. You can find the configuration using Transaction WE20 or the menu path IMG a€? Logistics a€? Materials Management a€? Purchasing a€? Messages a€? EDI a€? Set Up Partner Profile.
You can also specify who should carry out the necessary reprocessing in the event of an error. A more detailed examination of the packing process for inbound deliveries can be found in the Section 2.2.
In this instance, E1 refers to the inbound delivery , so the procedure (Z00001) wea€™re adding is for inbound delivery output. The other information required for the condition record is the message transmission medium, which should be entered as a special function represented by the number 8. For additional information about these prerequisites, see Installing BEA EDI Connect for WebLogic Integration.
I shall show how MOND simplifies the EDI integration and enables organizations to comply with HIPAA. Reden voor ons om 13 memorabele muzikale momenten uit The Ed Sullivan Show op een rij te zetten… plus een die nooit heeft plaatsgevonden. Maar dat er in zo’n tijd het een en ander veranderd was duidelijk: Brian Wilson stond niet meer op het podium, de show was inmiddels in kleur en het geheel stond bol van de lelijke -maar in die tijd ultramoderne- visuele effecten. Slechts een kleine anderhalve maand later stond The Beatles in The Ed Sullivan Show, waar de aankondiging van Sullivan volledig werd overstemd door gillend publiek. Hoe succesvol de nummers waren, en hoe succesvol The Byrds ook waren, het bleef bij dit ene optreden. De passie, overtuiging en emotie waarmee Janis het nummer zingt, zal het publiek van die avond ongetwijfeld meteen overtuigd hebben.
De poetische tekst en de kenmerkende harmonieuze zang zorgden ervoor dat een nummer voldoende was. If the quality is satisfactory, the process moves the materials into the warehouse and increases the stock levels of the materials received.
The process is completed when the items are received at the ship-to party and a goods receipt transaction is processed. A posting program processes the IDoc and creates an application document, in this case a shipping notification, which is then used to create an inbound delivery. When a vendor sends a shipping notice or a confirmation, the details confirm the delivery dates and quantities of the materials entered in the scheduling agreement release or purchase order sent to the vendor. As part of the purchasing contract with a vendor, it may be possible for your purchasing department to negotiate that the vendor prepares the items to be automatically be placed in storage. You use this because no output is being created; in this case the system automatically creates transfer orders for the items on the inbound delivery.
Opmerkelijk: de band leek veel respect te hebben voor de huisregels die Sullivan hanteerde. Figure 2.1 shows an example of a purchase order for five drill presses that have been ordered from Dremel Industries to be delivered on October 22, 2009. If the items on the inbound delivery are not prepared for the warehouse, they may need to be repacked on pallets or in storage containers so they can be safely stored in the warehouse.
Volgens de overlevering eiste hij voor een optreden dat de bandleden hun haren zouden wassen, iets dat braaf gedaan werd.
Niet veel later verliet Crosby The Byrds voor een samenwerking met Stills en Nash (en Young). The receipt of the materials is also the starting point of the tracking of those materials in the facility.

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