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Polyester sheets typically ship with a protective film on both sides (you can see that it makes the plastic look opaque in the photo above). We previously used a hobby knife to carve the plastic, but a pushpin can be used to make just about any pattern. A piece of black construction paper behind the plastic will help provide contrast when the card is lit. You’ll need a window in your card paper as well, just a bit bigger than your design, but small enough to hide the taped edges of the plastic. 3 mm clear lens LEDs are ideal for this since they work well with the plastic thickness; they transmit lots of light through the edge of the plastic. We recently did some throwie analysis which suggests that if you’re going to use red, yellow or yellow-green LEDs, you may want to add a resistor to the circuit in order to extend the battery life.
If you make your own edge-lit cards, we’d love to see pictures in the Evil Mad Science Auxiliary! The vector snowflake drawing is one of the examples (I believe) included with our Snowflake application. In the article, it says that it is best to use 3 mm LEDs, but I was wondering if I could use 5 mm ones and would it still get the same effect? Yes, you can use 5 mm LEDs, but they are thicker, and don’t fit as clearly into a thin card.
Do you think that there would be a visible difference using a clear lens or a diffused lens?
LEDs with clear lenses, which are designed to project light (as opposed to being designed for direct viewing), are definitely a better choice for this project.
Any thoughts or suggestions for getting decent curves without going to the expense of building or buying a CNC-type machine?
I got some PETG from McMaster-Carr (arrived 22 hours after I ordered it!), but also ordered acrylic to see what the difference was.

If you’re looking for a special, custom made Edge Lit Sign you are in the right place and will soon be talking to an experienced MegaLED engineer who will help you through the best options. MegaLED have specialised in the design, development, manufacture of cutting edge lit signs and associated LED Edge Lighting Display Hardware since 2003. ABLADE our complete range of plug-in and power acrylic edge lit signs, typically sold with 1,2 or 4 light injector profiles.
Brite-FIX initially designed for interior designers Filer & Cox for a prestigious 5star UK hotel and our 1st ever edge lighting system from 2002, BriteFix is now a special order glass panel lighting system used to illuminate and fix glass sign panels to the wall.
Brite-Fix is ideal for interior signage applications, 5star illuminated hotel interior door signs, illuminated reception signage, retail directory signage, casino signs etc. Power-Blade specialist high-power edge light system used to LED illuminate largest glass sheet sizes, such as floor to ceiling directory signs.
Pro-Blade a double sided projection sign, developed recently for a customer now in final phases of design standardisation (as a new product range).
If one of our solutions does not fit your requirements and your volumes permit, then MegaLED can help with the design and supply a variety of LED Modules. Our products and experience in edge lighting allows sign makers to achieve best results in edge lighting signs.
MegaLED are very proud to have gone from strength to strength designing, engineering and producing absolutely brilliant, elegant and stunning HIGH IMPACT Blade Signs featuring specialist, high impact panel decorations. MegaLED can also help design edge lit exit signs that are much more stylish than the usual products available. It is the right thickness for use with a 3 mm LED, and not so thick as to be unreasonable for a card.
Not that we’ve stopped liking hobby knives, but pushpins do work well and might be more suitable for kids who want to do this project. When we released SymmetriSketch this summer, we also updated our Vector Snowflake Application, which is a great way to create a card design.

Next you’ll need to tape over the edges of the plastic with electrical tape to prevent light leaks. The scratched side of the plastic should be against the black paper, and the smooth side toward the viewer. When the bright LED is pointed at the edge of the plastic, it travels through cleanly but lights up the areas that we’ve scratched. A piece of freezer paper can be folded so that the slick side goes between the lead of the LED and the side of the battery.
I’m really interested in the snowflake you did on the first post for Edge-Lit holiday cards as well.
Im asking this because the only 3 mm LEDs on the EvilMadScience store are the blue and white ones and I would like to change the colors up but it seems like the only option is to go with the 5 mm ones. Brighter is better, of course– it just means a more efficient LED, and easier to see. Our edge lit signs are completely decorated, ready to install edge lit displays which will make your company and brand logos look stunningly illuminated.
Overall sign panel depths from 20mm with 8mm glass panels.Power consumption is from just 2W per sign. MegaLED’s flat light system is an ABLADE product feature, indeed most ABlade signs are just 12mm thin.
I downloaded the snowflake application on my classroom laptops and the kids created flakes after a math lesson on rotational symmetry. Then we made the cards, had a lesson on electric circuits, and finally put the cards together.

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