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Samsung has unveiled the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge smartphones at Mobile World Congress. The manufacturer took the wraps off the devices in front of a packed auditorium of some 2,000 people at the Centre de Convencions International de Barcelona.
They will go on sale from April 10 and initially be available in 20 countries, although Samsung did not specify which. They are cased in metal and have 5.1-inch quad HD Super AMOLED screens made from toughened Corning Gorilla Glass 4. Both have 16 megapixel rear and five megapixel front cameras, with F1.9 lenses that Samsung says provide the most superior image quality on a smartphone. To deliver this, Samsung has partnered with both Visa and Mastercard, as well as American Express, Bank of America, Citi, JPMorgan Chase, and U.S.
Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Up Close: Winning EvolutionNews by Luke Jones on Tuesday February 23, 2016. Last year Samsung introduced the double edge screen concept for the first time, while the Galaxy S line as a whole went through a radical overhaul, ushering a sexy metal build for the first time. Ergonomically it works well, the device is should be big with a 5.5-inch screen, but the Galaxy S7 Edge is actually quite small and feels fantastic in the hand. Last year's Galaxy S6 Edge lost the water and scratch proofing found on the Galaxy S5, but Samsung has reintroduced it with this model, with a rating of IP68.
Other subtle changes include the home button (which doubles as the fingerprint scanner) is flatter than it was last year, while the camera lens doesn't protrude quite so much. Sadly, the edge curved screen is still something of a novelty, a design idea more than an actual feature rich addition.
We will have to wait for a full review to say whether new upgrades to the TouchWiz interface meet our desires, but first impressions are solid.
While we described the Edge screens of the Galaxy Edge S7 as novel earlier, Samsung has tried its best to eek some more functionality out of those small curved strips. After ditching Qualcomm entirely last year in the wake of the Snapdragon 810 overheating problem, Samsung has returned to a two iteration model for its flagship devices.
Benchmarks are currently pushing in favor of the Snapdragon 820 as the superior silicon, but then benchmarks are not everything, so we will wait for a full review to test day to day performance. 32GB of native storage is also a standard these days, but Samsung has won back a lot of people by reintroducing micro SD card support, so you can now expand the storage memory. Samsung has developed into one of the premier mobile camera providers, but then again this is a hugely competitive field at the moment and most companies are thriving in this department.
Of course, megapixels are not everything, as Apple has been proving for years, and Samsung seems to be aiming for the less is more approach too. We can argue that those already rocking the Galaxy S6 Edge, and especially the S6 Edge +, have very little reason to upgrade. MobileBurn focuses on mobile phone reviews, providing in depth articles reviewing additional mobile devices including tablet & smartphone reviews. Le Samsung Galaxy Note Edge avait deja impressionne les utilisateurs avec son ecran biseaute, et la question se posait concernant le constructeur sud-coreen et si ce dernier allait retenter cette experience. MeilleurMobile vous donne l’occasion de choisir le smartphone qui vous a le plus marque durant ce Mobile World Congress 2015 a Barcelone. Et tres franchement il ne faudrait certainement pas s’etonner si le prochain iPhone 7 ressemble curieusement au Galaxy S6 Edge!!! Et la on pourra se dire a coup sur… Mais bon sang!!!… Qui copie qui en definitif ? The Mobile Edge Mini Messenger has quickly risen to become a favorite of many consumers, due to providiing an elegant solution for those who prefer to carry around smaller sized laptops, notebooks, and ultrabooks (under 13.3”).

The Mobile Edge Mini Messenger Bag is constructed using the highly durable 1680D Ballistic Nylon. At the front flap area,you will find a small, yet effective section for quick access to one’s ID, and an additional mesh pocket.
A U shaped section on the front of the bag reveals a unique pocket for your MP3 Player with a pass through hole for your cable. A side mesh pocket is also available, for storing a water bottle, though a bit annoyingly, doesn’t suit your average sized water bottles but smaller ones instead. The thick padding of the Mobile Edge Mini Messenger Bag is quite remarkable, but adds a little more weight to the overall bag. An adjustable shoulder strap is used for carrying this model, which is perfectly fine, but we would personally love an additional carry handle in the future. Verdict: Overall, this model, especially at its current price range is a recommended purchase, providing a great solution for the modern need of carrying tablets and smaller laptops without a hefty, uncomfortable bag. From a security perspective, both are built on the upgraded Samsung KNOX software, which offers protection from malicious attacks. Samsung Pay will launch on the two devices and will enable people to pay for items at point of sale terminals in stores. Samsung was never going to produce something as fresh with the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge, and so it proves with the two flagships revealed at MWC.
It was unlikely that Samsung would change too much with the Galaxy S7 Edge then, and that is the case. Samsung has also done a good job keeping the premium look and feel, the metal side frame sandwiched in glass is sumptuous and the company is so much better since it looked to premium materials. Samsung is avoiding saying this is actually water resistant, but with that rating you should be able to submerge the handset with no problem. One of the biggest casualties of Samsung's design overhaul last year was the omission of a removable battery, and that has not changed with the Galaxy S7 Edge. So, the company did not have to change too much in terms of quality, although the Galaxy S7 Edge does get a size bump to 5.5-inch.
Sure, you can do stuff with the edges, such as see basic notifications, but ultimately the curve is simply too small for any real deep functionality.
We think Samsung's TouchWiz UI is the single worst thing about the company's devices and we wish the Samsung would ditch it or just improve it vastly. Samsung has admittedly done a great job in toning down its UI, making TouchWiz simpler, and just more elegant. Not everyone will need to use the curved edges, so then they serve only as a nice aesthetic touch, but for those who do want to use them, they are useful enough in giving notification and letting you reach contacts easily. That means the United States variant of the Galaxy S7 Edge will get Qualcomm's quad core Snapdragon 820 chipset and other regions will get the handset that packs Samsung?s own Exynos CPU. As for RAM, the Galaxy S7 Edge comes with the now standard 4GB that is found in most flagship smartphones at the moment.
However, the Galaxy S7 Edge certainly doesn't fall behind the pack, even though the company has decreased the megapixel amount to a 12MP lens. The company did not need to do anything other than improve on what it already had, in terms of design, hardware, and features. In that respect, Samsung may pay for updating the S6 Edge so quickly into its life, but that does not detract from the fact that the Galaxy S7 Edge is a stunning smartphone. Luke studied creative writing at degree level before carving out a reputation as a freelance tech writer. Our specialty is our in-depth, hands-on tablet & mobile phone reviews, though we also try to keep our readers abreast of the most important mobile device news and product launches in the industry.
Mais, quelques jours avant le Mobile World Congress, il apparaissait evident que le Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge allait etre presente pendant la conference de presse de la firme sud-coreenne.

Le Wiko Highway Pure 4G occupe pour le moment la premiere place, devant le Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge et le HTC One M9.
Most importantly, it caters to the ever growing need for a protective, yet small, lightweight and space efficient solution for tablets. The main compartment opens up to reveal two padded sections with extremely soft Nylex Lining. Meaning it’s still lightweight, could be lighter.On the other hand, knowing your important items are truly safe is a crucial factor.
Remember that it’s not an alternative for a super sized bag and you’ll be more than happy with your purchase. There are five colours: black, white, gold, blue (Galaxy S6 only) and green (Galaxy S6 edge only). Sure, fresh innovation may be missing from these handsets, but instead Samsung has set about perfecting devices that were already among the very best on the market anyway. The S7 Edge is almost identical to its earlier sibling, but up close there are some very minor changes such as a slightly curved body heading into the edges, making for a more comfortable hold.
Luckily the company has sort of made up for it with a huge 3600mAh battery, but we would still prefer a removable juicer.
It is still a Super AMOLED panel with 2560 x 1440 Quad HD resolution, and is typically bright, as we have come to expect from Samsung. That will irk some who will cite Sammy's admittedly upward curve in the quality of its software in recent years.
The UI is nowhere near as obtrusive as it used to be, so hopefully the famous lag found on Samsung flagships is now gone for good. The S7 Edge still stands out as an aesthetic masterpiece, while it keeps pace with its numerous rivals in terms of everything else. He settled here at MobileBurn, where he reviews devices and contributes to the news, as well as overseeing the site's content and direction.
La reception du smartphone a l’ecran biseaute de Samsung fut au-dela des esperances de Samsung puisque le Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge fut carrement elu meilleur nouveau smartphone du Mobile World Congress 2015 par GSM Association. Before we move on to reviewing all the practical aspects of this model, it’s hard not to point out that it simply looks awesome, a sleek, clean design that most of the Alienware and Mobile Edge products tend to share.
The back area is designed to accommodate laptops up to 13.3” in size, or of course, tablets, PDA’s, and Portable DVDs. Pas une surprise quand on voit les capacites techniques du Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, car avec son processeur Exynos 7420 a huit coeurs et ses 3 Go de memoire, il fait partie des smartphones les plus performants sur le marche. The opposing side on the other hand contains an even larger mesh pocket which is see through, and ideal for storing cables and other accessories.
Ajoutons a cela, une autonomie accrue par-rapport aux versions precedentes avec une batterie de 2600 mAh. Below that are tight velcro tabbed pockets that are a perfect fit for storing one’s cellphone, and other important items.
Meme constat concernant la resolution de son ecran 5 pouces, puisque celle-ci affiche 2560 x 1440 pixels. Disponible a la commande des le 26 mars en 32 Go et en 64 Go, le Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge devrait attirer un tres grand nombre d’utilisateurs.

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