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Ideal for military and law enforcement personnel, or just law abiding citizens who may find themselves in harm's way, the Hold Out series provide the comfort and peace of mind that comes from carrying a high performance folder but in an astoundingly lightweight and easy to carry package.
Incredibly thin and flat, with an ambidextrous pocket clip designed for deep carry, even the largest of the Hold Out series is easily concealed in a pocket, clipped into a waistband or tucked into a boot. We believe that the Hold Out may well represent the future of multi-functional, high performance every day carry knives. Bu urunun fiyat? alarm fiyat?n?za ya da alt?na dustugu anda otomatik olarak bir email alacaks?n?z. Eger 15 gun icinde urun alarm fiyat?n?n alt?na dusmezse alarm?n suresi doldugundan sonraki fiyat degisikliklerinden haberdar olamazs?n?z. Eger bu urunu sat?n ald?ysan?z ya da kulland?ysan?z diger musterilerimizi bilgilendirmek icin urunun performans? ya da ozellikleri ile ilgili yorumlar?n?z? yazabilirsiniz. Sitemizde yay?na al?nmakta olan tum urun yorumlar?, siz degerli musterilerimizin urun secimlerini daha sagl?kl? sekilde yapabilmelerini kolaylast?rmak amac?yla ekibimiz taraf?ndan dikkatle incelenmekte olup, asag?daki kriterlere uygunsa yay?nlanmaktad?r. 5 kelimeden k?sa yaz?lm?s yorumlar, hakaret veya argo iceren yorumlar, fiyat bilgisi verilen, markalar? kiyaslayan, tedarik ile ilgili sorunlar?n belirtildigi, soru sorulan, link bilgisi verilen yorumlar onaylanmamaktad?r. Bu kriterlerin d?s?nda kalan tum yorumlar k?sa sureli bir degerlendirme surecinin ard?ndan yay?nlanmaktad?r.

Their beautiful, minimalist design is a wonder of functionality; while deceptively simple in appearance, they represent a huge array of design breakthroughs and a staggering amount of performance!
Continuously curved from the heel to the needle-sharp tip, the blade cuts and shears through tough and fibrous material with ease and makes short work of tasks that would challenge many of the folding knives on the market today. The blade and handle geometry and the positioning of the TRI-AD lock in the Hold Outs came together perfectly. Ornek olarak alarm suresi olarak 15 gun secerek urunu listenize eklerseniz bugunden gecerli olarak 15 gun icinde urunun fiyat? alarm fiyat? veya alt?na duserse an?nda size bir email gonderilecektir. Modeli internetten ve videolardan inceledim Inceligi klipsinin saglam ve s?k? yap?s? beni cezbetti. Yorumlar?n?zda urune ait eksi ya da art? ozellikleri, kullan?m esnas?nda yasad?g?n?z sorunlar? yazabilir, urun hakk?ndaki memnuniyetinizi ya da memnuniyetsizliginizi dile getirebilirsiniz.
Bu sebeple yorumlar?n degerlendirilip yay?nlanma suresi, gelen yorumlar?n yogunluguna ve gelis s?ralamas?na gore degiskenlik gosterebilir. Working together to create a knife whose strength versus weight ratio stunned even our own research and development team! The grip enhancing G-10 and handle holes further aid traction in a wide range of grips, working equally well tip up, down in an "ice pick" grip or even held like a push dagger!

Now Cold Steel is proud to offer you our latest interpretation of this timeless knife in the form of an updated Tactical folder we call the Hold Out. And it glides effortlessly through even the most puncture resistant materials while remaining remarkably resistant to breakage.
Adding to their value and wicked effectiveness, each knife has been precisely and beautifully hollow ground before being honed by hand to a razor edge that will fling hairs from your arm like magic.
Close Close United States Canada Mexico United Kingdom Spain Australia Hong Kong Taiwan Singapore Visit our global site Close Get $5 in Free CASHBACK with your first order! For discreet carry and immediate access, the Hold Outs are supplied with polished stainless steel pocket clips and thumb studs on the blade. This arrangement allows a wide variety of carry options as well as lightning quick, one-handed deployment.

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