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Edit: Carrying my expensive knife actually kept me from using a blade for my cutting needs. That Benchmade was given to me by a friend who was in the Army Reserves and carried that knife in Iraq. The G2 rides in this cheap Uncle Mikes holster cuz I can't really carry while working, I'm a cattle hoof trimmer, so this holster protects it well I'm the truck. One from each column (with the reload matching the carry gun, of course), money clip, cell phone, a ring of keys and a can of Copenhagen.
The little knives (from top to bottom) are a Benchmade Mel Perdue liner lock, a Browning lock blade, A SOG Twitch II, and a 2 Case Barlow with stag (not jigged bone) scales.

July 2016 EDC Purse DumpAround-the-house EDC since we moved into our new flat a couple days ago.
Bought 1 for visits to posted hospitals, because of needing something besides a pocket knife one time. A1 Inch Measuring Tape 4. Shadow Daburu Japanese Style Folding Knife in Ancient Bone – Surprisingly decent. This cross-continental move put us in a bit of an odd position from a prepping point of view.
Spending time cleaning my tech with the Hurricane (amazing tool & a great money saver in the long run).

10 Things You’ll Really MissIt can get tricky trying to figure out what you’ll be missing most when the shit really hits the fan.

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