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Everyday carry kits are continually evolving to meet the needs of their respective carriers, and now typically include an assortment of keychain tools, key organizers, front pocket wallets, and other EDC essentials. Building a respectable everyday carry ensemble takes time and money, but buying a quality EDC knife shouldn’t require half of your paycheck. While the best that Buck Knives has to offer arguably lies within their selection of fixed blade knives, their folding knives are definitely EDC-worthy. Opinel’s wooden-handled pocket knives have been around for nearly 120 years, and for good reason. While easily under $30, Kershawa€™s entry-level Brawler Knife lives up to the reputation set by it’s more expensive counterparts.
Boasting a rugged design and an aggressive AUS 6M steel, modified drop-point, partially serrated blade, the Ryan Model 7 Knife by CRKT costs less than a tank of gas. Unless you prefer to follow the crowd and spend $80 on a spyderco knife, the SOG Micron 2.0 Folding knife should have no problem satisfying your everyday carry cutting needs. Spydercoa€™s Grasshopper folding knife is just at home on your keychain as it is in your pocket thanks to a built-in lanyard hole, a super compact 2-inch stainless steel blade, and 5-inch overall length. Best Heritage Knife: The Barlow style goes back to 1600s England, and it was used by the likes of our first president, George Washington.
Best-Value Knife: The American-made Spitfire is specifically designed for the demands of EDC, with an ultra-easy one-handed blade hole opening and a convenient clip that can mount on either side of the handle. What's New, NowToday in Gear: July 26, 2016Running shorts that will protect your smartphone, a water-resistant briefcase, an incredibly rare Apple computer at auction and much more. More: Running GearExtra Safe for When You Go in the Drink3 Bags That Will Protect Your Camera and Keep It DryWhether you're headed to the mountain or the river, these three camera bags will keep your gear safe and sound. Bucket List Worthy AdventuresThe 10 Best Luxury Adventure LodgesExploring the outdoors doesn't have to mean roughin' it. The exterior dimensions of the knife when it is in the closed position.  We think slimmer is better, especially for pocket carry. Yes, carrying your EDC knife in a pouch on your belt is possible, but we’re not really into that look. The majority of the knife world is pretty much in general consensus that a non-serrated blade is best for everyday carry.  Some may disagree, as their everyday tasks may include cutting rope and such. Talking about the variety of different locking methods out there is a lot like trying to argue about which American muscle car is the best. Frame Lock (similar to the Liner Lock, except instead of the liner, the frame is the tensioned locking method). Some open fast (like the Thumb Stud), some open really fast (like the Emerson Wave), while others require two hands and time (Nail Nick). You want to find a knife maker with a solid warranty, as there are some truly amazing ones out there.
For $8000 it had better have a blade forged from the nails used to crucify Jesus on the holy cross, and with a handle hand carved from a Unicorn’s hard-on by Zeus himself!!! 1) In the photo accompanying the “Handle materials” section, are you quite sure the second knife from the left is G10? 4) This might be a bit much for an introduction to pocket knives, but I feel it would be prudent to at least mention that the blade’s geometry is at least as important as its material for determining its cutting ability. Also, in the steel section, I’d put in a short sentence or two debunking the widely-held belief that Damascus has the advantage over regular steel in any way other than looks. I feel like you should look at a bunch of different knives, and then cross every knife off of your list that doesn’t sit in your pocket with the point of the blade oriented upwards.
I completely agree, but a lot of manufacturers are starting to put holes on either end of the knife so that you’re able to switch the location easily. While it’s not for everyone, a fixed blade in a pocket sheath can be a viable option.
That seems to be an amazing introduction about the best folding knife or you can call them pocket knife too. That seems to be an amazing introduction about the Folding Knives or you can call them pocket knife too. About C Thomas Knives My mission is to make an original knife that looks good and performs great at a reasonable price. Sign up for free e-newsletters from BLADE today and get a free Collector Issue of BLADE magazine on the house! Dave Stark of Steel Addiction Knives said Tom Krein’s Alpha folders are among the hottest of custom EDC knives. On the custom side, Neil Ostroff of True North Knives and Dave Stark of Steel Addiction Knives shared their knowledge. For more on the latest knives, knife legislation, knifemaking instruction, knife trends, knifemakers, what knives to buy and where and much more, subscribe to BLADE® Magazine, the World’s No.
This Boker Plus Jim Wagner RBB Tactical EDC Fixed Blade features a black powder-coat finished curved blade made of 440C that ensures powerful and effective cutting, while the bolted aluminum handles provide proper grip. Theya€™re strong, lightweight, and only get better after you put a little wear and tear on them.
Ita€™s DLC coated steel blade is deployed using Kershawa€™s SpeedSafe assisted opening technology via a built-in flipper or thumb stud, while glass-filled, injection-molded handles reduce the knifea€™s overall weight without sacrificing strength. Tactical Folder Series Knives is the Order Knife—a compact, pocket-friendly tactical folder with a lightweight 420HC partially serrated blade, an integrated lock back mechanism for a solid lock during use, and a trapezoid-shaped thumb hole for quick blade deployment at any angle.

An overall length of 5 inches means its keychain friendly, while a 2.25 inch stainless steel blade and a hardcase black finish throughout rounds out the knifea€™s notable features. You may not be able to fend of an attacker with it, but for completing those everyday tasks, the Grasshopper is a clear winner for team Spyderco.
It opens packages, cuts rope or cord, carves food when needed and, heaven forbid, can help defend against an assailant. The Argus is a sculpted beauty with a curvaceous cold-forged aluminum handle, but it’s the Fire Safe mechanism that makes this beauty handy.
Its one- or two-blade setup is no nonsense, and the metal bolster and curved teardrop handle make for good balance and comfort. Buck chose strong and lightweight aluminum for the handle, and the blade uses standard Buck 420HC steel that’s corrosion-resistant and holds a sharp edge as well.
Ok, besides the cute barista, you can do better: start by grinding your own beans, then check back with Gear Patrol for other suggestions for stepping up to the big leagues. Titanium sure would be nice for its strength to weight ratio, but it doesn’t keep an edge like steel does.
As we noted above, if you’re using a knife in these situations you should likely upgrade to a work knife with a serrated edge, not an EDC pocket knife. Unconditional lifetime warranties are pretty easy to find in this product market, so it would almost be stupid not to make a purchase if the product didn’t have one. But EDC pocket knives can be like pocket jewelry, while still being entirely functional, let your taste and preference guide you.  A non-threatening look will allow your tool to be carried in an office or in a public space without upsetting your sensitive coworkers. He’s contributed to the lost art of manly moustaches, and earned a reputation for reviews that keep our core carry nuts learning. They’re not as ubiquitous, of course, as a humble liner lock, but still quite popular, convenient to use and very long-lasting. Please show some love to the more controversial kinds of folders, such as OTF and balisongs. It can save people a few bucks and make them not disregard excellent knives like Opinel, Victorinox and Laguiole simply because they’re not made of some trendy diamondillium. That’s unfortunate, as the width of the sheath keeps the knife handle oriented quite nicely in my pocket.
EDC knives—are models most of us carry every day in our pockets, on our belts or even around our necks. Ostroff and Stark agreed that fit-and-finish, performance, comfort in the hand and “buying the maker” had more influence than blade steel or price point. Both agreed that stonewashed, satin or bead-blasted finishes are more desirable than polished or coated ones.
While past trends have pointed to leaf-shaped, recurved and tanto blades, today’s hottest EDC knives tend to have more traditional blade profiles. The Clash features a stainless steel drop-point blade with a partial serration for tackling rope or webbing, a glass-filled nylon handle, a locking liner, and Kershaw’s excellent SpeedSafe assisted opening mechanism. An EDC knife should be slim enough to carry without being cumbersome, but still be accessible and functional. Fire Safe prevents the blade from accidentally deploying in your pocket, and it is paired with CRKT’s famous Outburst spring-loaded one-handed opening feature, so the knife is as quick on the draw as Wyatt Earp. Not only does it possess a sharp and stealthy black tactical blade, it also provides a high-quality, grippy G10 handle (that beats the old grivory in the 530). The thing is bloody gorgeous, with its textured Damascus finished blade and a dark ebony wood handle.
It’s made from a single piece of stainless steel, the assisted open is light and fast, and the strategically placed grips and cutouts make for easy cutting. The titanium handle has large cutout holes to lighten the load, and the slender 3.5-inch VG-10 blade retains a super-sharp edge. Combined with handsome black linen micarta and a curved, contrasting bolster, the FH9 also fits the gentleman’s aesthetic, sporting an old-world design and new-world materials.
In fact, a knife (or cutting blade) is the first ever tool made by humans, evidenced by stone versions that are over 2.5 million years old. Any longer and you’re in a different category of knife, any shorter and the knife is more or less useless.
There are a wide array of steels to choose from out there, all slightly varying from one another depending on the element content. A simple sharp blade should be all you need for an EDC pocket knife, allowing you to make clean precise cuts.
A few of these methods make the form factor considerably larger, which isn’t ideal in our opinion (like the Spyderco Round Hole), here is a site where you can start your research.
Though some knives under $20 may not have these awesome warranties, it wouldn’t be an inexpensive replacement fee if anything were to happen. Depending on your bank account, you might not be too upset if you lose a $25 knife, but maybe you’re in the $15 club.
It’s not terribly different to draw the knife than it is drawing a folder clipped to your pocket. Also, like Slaador said, including the Axis lock in that section would probably be a good idea.
An EDC blade is a tool, not a weapon, and a fixed blade is a better tool than a folder when it comes to hard use.

An EDC knife is suited to such mundane tasks as opening a piece of mail or cutting an apple or, in a pinch, to cutting a seatbelt in an emergency situation. Christensen said his customers have a slight inclination for black coated blades over other finishes, while Kunkler indicated his clients prefer satin finishes to everything else. As to a plain or serrated blade, it is a matter of personal preference, though plain edges seem the most popular for all concerned.
Russell has updated the Barlow with a modern Zulu spear point for strength and piercing capability, along with an elongated finger-pull slot for easy blade deployment. Powder technology on the stainless steel blade makes everything pop in stunning concentric waves, and no knife has the same blade pattern. It also has a secure open and close mechanism with thanks to its patented blade retention lock. The framelock is subtle and functional, as is the blade flipper that deploys with a touch of effort from your index finger. And just so you know they have style in mind, Buck lets you choose from three different colors: gray, green and orange. Never has cutting the crust off your sandwiches in the company lunchroom looked more distinguished. Have a ruler handy if you’re looking to pick up a knife online, as the product photos can sometimes be a bit misleading for accurate scale. Compare weights of different models and then research the construction or reviews to make sure it can stand up to some daily abuse. Each type of steel has its own benefits and downfalls including corrosion resistance, strength, edge retention, cost, and more. We’ve found that the Thumb Stud and the Nail Nick seem to be reliable methods of blade opening, while keeping the profile slim for in-pocket carry. Though they’ll be pretty heartbroken, others may find the risk of carrying a $300+ pocket knife is a risk which is balanced out by its benefits. I’d even go so far as to caution people against buying those as their first folder, as OTFs are rather short-lived, balisongs might bite, and both are flimsy and dangerous if bought on the cheap. Again, I recognize it’s not for everyone, but it can be a classy and elegant solution if you do it right. The only place I can practice throwing is in my flat and the small size of that knife is perfect for me. Perhaps it can best be said that the hottest EDC knives combine classic designs and profiles with modern materials.
It also comes with a lock back, instead of the traditional non-locking Barlow slip joint, giving this knife added security.
The incredibly slim coffin-style handle stays low-key in your pocket, and the patented Axis lock system lets you deploy and fold one-handed. And Opinel’s unique collar lock rotates with a twist of the fingers for easy folding.
Drop it inside a suit pocket or along the pocket seam of your dress slacks, and no one will be the wiser.
The purpose is to effectively perform everyday tasks in which a sharp blade is necessary; opening packages or envelopes, cutting strings or tags, and other small chores.
For example, while 30+ layer Damascus steel is great-looking and highly desirable for pocket blades, it is very expensive due to its complex manufacturing. Generally speaking, the more you spend, the higher quality you’ll get, as the knife market is extremely cut-throat (bad pun) and competitive in the pricing. It’s slightly more difficult to put back in the sheath, but with a little bit of practice and caution, it can be done with one hand. I was hesitant at first, and it did take some getting used to, but I don’t see myself ever going back to a folder. The ambidextrous thumb studs let you use either hand, and the centrally located pocket clip means you can also switch sides without remounting the clip. This knife is limited to 500 units, so you’d best get your hands on this very collectible EDC.
There are endless possibilities and they will become apparent once you have convenient access to one. Today’s society immediately connects the idea of a knife with a threatening weapon rather than a tool. Some are more discreet than others, while others leave a considerable amount of the knife visible. In our opinion, sub-$100 blades are our preference (though it is fun to drool over the pricey ones) and we’ve found plenty of nice selections that range from $10 up to $95, our spending comfort zone.
In-pocket carry is great for stealthily carrying in a public setting, except you may have to dig around in your pockets for it.

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