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If you manage this site and have a question about why the site is not available, please contact us directly. Ed Norton at an all-girls table at New York City’s La Esquina (a John Mayer and Jennifer Aniston fave). Nelly Furtado tearing into pulled pork nachos and ribs with a gal pal at NYC’s Southern Hospitality. Jeremy Piven, chain smoking and chatting up Mickey Rourke at Cinema Society and Grey Goose’s screening of The Wrestler. Artist and actor Dennis Hopper enjoyed a lower-profile dinner than his neighboring table of Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony at Luau in Beverly Hills. Lovebirds Joshua Jackson and Diane Kruger spending an afternoon browsing the Union Square Holiday Market in New York.

I'm into 80s movies like Rocky IV, video games like Double Dribble, and completely ignoring everything past the year 2000. He was definitely good in Keeping the Faith (and directed the movie) I just don’t think it compares to these roles. As soon as I saw the title I started thinking of which roles that could be considered his best and you got every one of ’em.
I’m glad someone mentioned Death To Smoochy, otherwise i would have felt a little silly saying it. Also catching the critically-acclaimed flick: star Marisa Tomei, Naomi Campbell, Brooke Shields, Chris Noth, Zac Posen and Matt Dillon.
Having received two Academy Award nominations in his first six film roles, Norton has reason to believe that stardom can actually detract from an actor’s ability to act, since the more the audience knows about an actor, the harder it is for them to suspend their disbelief.

His way of portraying the personal conflict his character goes through as a priest who falls in love with a stunningly beautiful woman is something to be reminded in the galery of his best performances.
I thought his performance in it was wonderful, also really different to anything else I’ve seen him in.

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