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To see our content at its best we recommend upgrading if you wish to continue using IE or using another browser such as Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome. April 28 marks the third anniversary since Ed Balls became an unwitting internet phenomenon by accidentally tweeting his own name. The 28th of April 2016 doesn’t just mark the birthdate of Olympic hero Sir Bradley Wiggins, nor is it just the Barbadian’s National Hero’s Day… For today marks the anniversary of one of the most bizarre internet meme’s of all time, Ed Balls Day.
For some reason, of which nobody is quite sure, this hilarious guff by the Labour politician has gone down in internet history as one of the biggest online balls-ups of all time.Did he think he was entering a username or password? Because of the incident, Ed Balls has become the victim of many internet meme’s over the past few years mocking his mistake annually, every 28th of April on what people now call Ed Balls Day. So the question remains, why and how has Ed Balls Day become such a big deal to the internet community?
I think secretly the younger internet community rascals enjoy watching an older generation fail to understand aspects of new technology. Sign up to join our database to recieve the week's hottest deals, amazing competitions and fantastic offers exclusive only to our customers. TWITTER users are celebrating Ed Balls Day in memory of the Labour politician's infamous tweet five years ago.
Cash-Strapped Brits Rather Pawn Valuables Than BorrowAdam Snape26 Jul 2016Would you Adam and Eve it? A national celebration of Ed Balls has broken out on Twitter to commemorate the fifth anniversary of the politician’s first tweet.

On this day five years ago Balls famously started a Twitter account by simply posting his own name, which was subsequently re-tweeted almost 70,000 times. The highest concentration of tweets is coming from Greater London, while Manchester and West Yorkshire are 2nd and 3rd.
He has contributed articles to The Sunday Telegraph, BBC News and writes for The Big Issue on a weekly basis. Jack read History at the University of Wales, Bangor and has a Masters in Journalism from the University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Like the serpent of the Ouroboros that is forever eating its own tail, the Twitter craze that is Ed Balls has come full circle with two tweets by the shadow chancellor and his cabinet colleague wife Yvette Cooper.
At 4:20pm, the exact time of the original tweet in 2011, Twitter users took to the micro-blogging site to repeat his two-word musing.
Former deputy prime minister John Prescott has earlier kicked off the tributes to the now infamous Ed Balls tweet, by changing his profile picture to a mug shot of the Labour MP for Morley and Outwood and updating his status with those two immortal words – Ed Balls. The joke dates back two years ago, when Mr Balls was apparently doing some Twitter research. You might have noticed a strange hashtag at the trending charts on Twitter today, at least in the UK. Well, it is five years to the day since British politician and ex-shadow chancellor Ed Balls either accidentally or intentionally just tweeted his own name for everyone to see.

It became a bit of a viral hit back on 28 April 2011 and since then, the same day each year, thousands commemorate it in amusing fashion. Memes, gifs, funny tweets galore, Ed Balls Day is celebrated online on 28 April every year. The former Labour MP and chairman of Norwich City FC is yet to post something himself to mark the special occasion.
Ed Balls made one of the most infamous internet blunders of all time when he accidently tweeted his own name. Maybe he was searching for mentions of himself, either way the mistake went, like most things on twitter, viral within minutes. It’s been suggested that the reason such a meme has surrounded the tiny mistake, is because it’s everything the British people love, a politicians attempt to connect with a modern audience and failing badly. When mobile phones came out, we all laugh when our Nan tried making calls on the TV remote and with the birth of social media, we all cringed if we caught our parents typing #yolo to their friend on Facebook! I leave you with the news the Shadow Chancellor once required a helping economic hand from Rachel Johnson during his journalist days.

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