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Serwis Kotaku podaje, ze dodatek do Destiny o nazwie The Taken King bedzie do pobrania 15 wrzesnia. Widac, ze Bungie mocno wspiera swoja produkcje, co zreszta zapowiadala w momencie premiery. A number of Destiny players recently encountered a glitch on the map that locked him out of every mission, including the Tower, but also revealed every mission in the game, including some that are locked for two upcoming DLC expansions.
Each of the expansions, as summed up on NeoGAF, appears to be adding four or five new missions, two strikes, and one raid. Bungie has released a statement regarding the leak, confirming that the DLC has been sketched out and placeholders are present to mark where the new missions are likely to be.
Along with the recent details regarding the Destiny beta, Bungie also took the oportunity to reveal the title's collector's editions and DLC. In comparision to the Limited Edition, the Ghost Edition will feature the same content plus a few additions.
Regarding the title's two expansions, these will be dubbed 'The Dark Below' and 'House of Wolves'. Both expansions will deliver new story missions, cooperative mission and multiplayer maps, along with new weapons, gear and armour. A new Destiny gameplay video appears to offer the world's first look at one of several new areas planned for inclusion in Destiny's "Dark Below" DLC later this year. Kotaku’s sources have stated that the Rise of Iron DLC will be larger than both the House of Wolves and The Taken King expansions, with an all-new Fallen-themed raid for players to sink their teeth (and bullets) into. For players that have long since abandoned the space shooter for other games, this could very well be the major content update Bungie needs to draw them back when it lands in September. On ne vous le cache pas, Destiny cree un engouement assez important et genere une impatience hors du commun aupres de certains joueurs, ne vous inquietez pas c’est pour bientot ! Destiny is set to receive an expansion dubbed Rise of Iron, according to a Reddit leak that features its marketing materials. The DLC will purportedly be showcased in June during the E3 event and is set to land on gaming systems in September. Kotaku reports that the leaks were confirmed by two separate insiders familiar with Bungie's developments.

Bungie demonstrated that the scale and scope of additional Destiny content can vary greatly between expansions, so take this information with a grain of salt. In the leaked poster, we see Iron Banner captain Lord Saladin menacingly holding an axe or hammer and some wolves. Until the next title in the series gets released, fans of the online-only first-person shooter video game will get some content during this fall in form of Rise of Iron. We look forward to hearing additional details about Rise of Iron at E3 in June, and we will make sure to keep you posted. Caly projekt gry przewidziany jest na wiele lat, zatem pewnie tego rodzaju dodatkow bedzie jeszcze kilka.
Codziennie publikujemy najswiezsze informacje z branzy, recenzje, zapowiedzi, a takze testy sprzetow dla gracza.
The post emphasizes, though, that neither of the expansions are finished, and so some of these might change between now and when the first expansion, The Dark Below, comes out in December. There will be two collector's editions at launch, while two DLC expansions will be released shortly after the game's launch. The Limited will include the following: Limited edition SteelBook Case and Game Disc, a Guardian Folio, Collector’s Edition Digital Content Pack, and the Destiny Expansion Pass.
These include a Ghost replica, a Letter of Introduction, and Golden Age Relics such as a photo, Patch, Stickers, and two Chrome slides of the Traveler. While not much was revealed regarding the second expansion, Bungie stated that 'The Dark Below' will take players to explore the beneath the surface of the Moon, where players will be able to find an ancient tomb along with a dark god who has risen an evil army in the depths of the Hellmouth. In addition, PlayStation players will also receive timed-exclusive content when purchasing either expansions.
Destiny’s monthly PvP Iron Banner event is rife with wolf symbolism, and the presence of Lord Saladin - head of the Iron Banner - standing slap bang in the middle of it pretty much confirms it. He’s still hopelessly addicted, so feel free to shoot him in the head in the Crucible this weekend. Dans les profondeurs de la Lune, les fans decouvriront une antique tombe qui a ete ouverte, liberant un dieu obscur qui a leve une armee malefique dans les confins du Gouffre des Enfers, le repaire de la race ennemie la Ruche. Although the details are still scarce, there is a strong chance that the raid will go with the Fallen theme, and the source underlines that it might be bigger than the previously released DLC packs.

So far, it is hard to say how the expansion connects to Destiny's regular Iron Banner PVP event. Previous rumors stated that House of Wolves will go live in April, but the company is apparently focusing on a sequel to the main game. Ponadto Kotaku dodaje, ze Titan ma otrzymac atak mlotem bojowym, Hunter dostanie grawitacyjny luk, a Warlock powalczy z uzyciem elektrycznosci.
The Guardian Folio includes an Arms & Armament Field Guide, Golden Age postcards, and an antique Star Chart, while the Collector’s Edition Digital Content Pack will come with a unique Ghost casing, and exclusive player Emblem and a exclusive player ship variant. The Ghost replica features motion-activated lights and voice recordings from Peter Dinklage, voice of the Ghost character, the player's personal companion in the game. The wall around the Last City was crafted by the Iron Lords, and the Iron Wolves joined in to defend the City from the Fallen. Could this mean they're looking to cast a black woman as the starship captain for the new CBS All Access series? This weekend’s leak appears to include content from a Strike mission called “The Hypogeum” and is believed to be one of several areas that will be made accessible when The Dark Below is released this December.Sadly, the majority of se7ensins’ video shows the player traveling to the glitched Destiny content and relatively little time on the newly-revealed content itself. Convinced that Bungie stripped a bunch of content out of Destiny before shipping it to stores last month?
Think the conspiracy theories about the game are getting a bit farfetched?Let us know in the comments section! The latest Nintendo NX report states that the upcoming console will be a handheld device for on-the-go gaming that can connect to your television. Get details on both of the crowd-based game modes Telltale designed for its latest episodic adventure.

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