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This is the third installment in a three-part series on legislation that may emerge from a GOP-controlled Congress. If Republicans win control of Congress on Tuesday, their anti-government zeal may soon focus on an old target: the Department of Education. The last time the Republicans made a concerted effort to eliminate the Department of Education in 1995, they ran into a strong public backlash. Nevertheless, because there exists widespread support for eliminating the Department of Education in the Republican ranks, the issue could soon come to the forefront in a GOP-controlled Congress. Developed and implemented budgeting and invoicing process to improve cost management, tie customer credit lines to infrastructure usage, and establish more effective and consistent lines of communication between internal stakeholders.

Click here for part one on ending birthright citizenship and here for part two on privatizing Social Security. As recently as 1996, the Republican Party platform declared, “The Federal government has no constitutional authority to be involved in school curricula or to control jobs in the market place.
Polling conducted by Hart Research Associates found that 80 percent of respondents in June 1995 wanted the Department of Education to be maintained, while just 17% wanted it eliminated.
A comprehensive review of the voting records and statements of Republican incumbents and candidates finds that there are 111 GOPers who support shutting down the Department of Education. This is why we will abolish the Department of Education.” However, after multiple bills attempting to do so were stymied by sensible members of Congress, the Department appeared to have been spared.

Though a minority (35 percent) of sitting Republicans are on record supporting elimination, the anti-education bloc will undoubtedly swell in the next Congress due to the 36 new GOP candidates who favor shutting down the Department. Now, a new wave of Republicans (along with many old hardline conservatives) are trying to number its days once again.

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