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Critical Thinking is the ability to take the information you have obtained through observation, reading, hearing and experiences and then evaluating it via analysis, questioning, understanding, synthesizing and rationalizing and therefore coming up with a model of well informed thought or idea about how things might fit together or work. In simple terms, it is the process of breaking down what you know and information you have, and then evaluating and critically analyzing it in order to make an informed decision without bias.
Unfortunately, many undergrads do not have critical thinking skills and need multiple opportunities to practice and master their abilities. If used correctly, an online discussion can allow students to take their ideas to the next level with reflection, collaboration, and peer tutoring. Faculty can create effective online discussions by asking the right questions that focus on analyzing, synthesizing, and evaluating (higher level cognitive domain).
Have the students answer the questions by a set date, and then require replies from their peers three days later. Teaching critical thinking though an online discussion is an important step towards advancing teaching and learning. Critical thinking is the ability to see the world as it is – not the way others present it to us, or perhaps the way we would like it to be. And that’s why leading-practice organizations actively measure and develop their employees critical thinking skills – from the front line to the C-Suite.
Topic: Brannon continues from yesterday’s program and reveals from Romans 1 [22, 25, 26, 28,and 32] why he believes that God has turned America over and that the lack of good presidential candidates is part of national judgment. In a section joyously titled “Latin 10101,” the class reviews a small number of arguments made by speakers which, as listeners, they need to be weary. Fear mongering is where those in power create myths concerning an issue, extravagating the importance or simply making the problem up, because they believe that their public (peons  or congregations) cannot differentiate truth from fiction or the true extent of the purported severity (lack thereof). The comments in the beginning of this column are a glaring example of the use of fear of religious retribution to control the masses.
Most scholars agree that the Book of Revelation was written centuries after the death of Jesus. Constantine, as the story goes, only accepted Christianity after he claimed to have seen a Christian Cross in the sky just before a great battle and victory. If our government used such extreme threats to control our citizens, we would be up in arms, in some cases literally.
I left Judaism because of the religion’s explicit demand to stop thinking critically, to stop asking “Why,” and only accept the answers from the Rabbis and Cantors. For me, most if not all skeptics and Humanists, and for all atheists, “Blind faith” is simply not an acceptable proposition. David is the winner of the Missouri Press Foundation's "Best Columnist" in 2013 (First Place) and 2014 (Second Place). Scheduled Appearances, Lectures and TrainingDavid is now scheduling speaking and interview engagements for 2016 and welcomes your inquiries. The simplest answer states that “critical thinking is the examining of reasons for thinking particular thoughts.”  Of course, that’s no little thing. As you go through the introduction, you will see that there are a number of steps or techniques that are applied consistently when you are thinking critically.

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It is reasonable to say that life is complicated enough without always having to think about everything that happens around us. When we look at the characteristics and behaviours that critical thinking supports, we can see a list of characteristics that many people consider admirable and valuable.
The above characteristics are admirable and have value because any person who applied them consistently would probably deal well with the ups and downs of living.
Obviously, these are not the characteristics we are looking for in a valued employee, good friend or partner. Perhaps one of the best reasons for learning how to think more critically is because critical thinkers are in demand by employers.  People who can think critically tend to behave differently from those who choose not to or can’t. According to the Cal Poly University Learning Objectives (ULOs), our graduating students need to have this skill. Faculty must model expected behavior and monitor discussions to encourage the students to go beyond their current knowledge by asking for clarification or elaboration. Make sure to inform the students that their replies must have a number of sentences, reference materials, no texting, and use proper capitalization. If you would like to learn more about using the discussion board, please feel free to contact Tonia Malone or Luanne Fose in the CTL for an appointment.
I’m just surprised at the patience of our Lord in not hammering our country sooner with severe judgment.
Over a five-hour two-day period, they will know “everything there is to know” about persuasion, argument and, most importantly, critical thinking. Buckminster Fuller’s Operating Manual for the Spaceship Earth, and Carl Sagan’s A Demon Haunted World.
Some are not really Latin, like the “Straw Man” and “Begging the Question” arguments, but most are, like Non-Sequitur (without or out of sequence) and Post Hoc Ergo Propter Hoc (What came after was caused by what came before). Part of the inspiration may have come from the Roman Emperor Constantine in his attempt to control the populous though the use of the new religion and declaring Jewish law invalid, contrary to Jesus’ words in the Sermon on the Mount. Often, living can get so complicated that it is almost impossible to sort out what decisions to make or even whether I want to make any. We have all heard the old saying “action speaks louder than words.”  Most people want to see the proof of something before they make a decision. The characteristics and behaviours we display on a daily basis are usually a result of how we think. These characteristics are often thought of as negative personality traits and people who display them consistently (as we all may from time to time) are often viewed as stubborn, opinionated, self–centered, or even selfish.
Employers have identified these differences and are looking for people who display the characteristics and behaviours that come from thinking well. The student can provide examples, reasons, evidence, assumptions, implications, and consequences related to the question(s).
Our country, as a whole, minus the remnant of true believing Christians, deserves worse than Sodom and Gomorrah got.

Some of my material comes straight from the textbooks I have used over three decades of teaching this course, including the theories of Maslow, Monroe and others to contend with. Many times, especially in politics and religion, the problem statement is simply non-existent or exceptionally minor, but almost always emotionally explosive. We abhor threats of violence to control the populous of any kind and have voiced this moral judgment within our Constitution. What I had taken on “faith” became myths, not unlike what those of the Abrahamic faiths call the religions of Rome, Greece and the Nords.
The use of threats of a damned life after death is not only not an acceptable proposition, but one that is beyond the scope of critical thinking. To look at this point of view from another slant, we could look at some of the characteristics and behaviours that are usually associated with someone who rarely thinks critically. What we are suggesting is that these characteristics probably result in behaviours that do not promote growth, open-mindedness, consideration and most of all well reasoned thinking. More than ever before, employers are looking for people who can reason well – problem solve, make decisions and judgements based on gathering facts and good reasons. It is coming, and Revelation says it’s [sic] TRIBULATION and the wrath of God and The Lamb! This leads to a solution that is 1) irrelevant to the populus, 2) contrary to the societal norms, 3) degrading or discriminating a minority group(s), and 4) usually a waste of time, money and an insult to the faithful (political or religious). An examination of Christian nation theories and proofs" was released on December 15, 2011 as a paperback and eBook.
What we are suggesting most strongly, is that people who don’t rely on critical thinking on a regular basis will have difficulty dealing with life’s ups and downs; in particular competing for independence and self-reliance.
Mercifully, Jesus Christ in Revelation 3:10 promises that the true believing Christians who believe on Him and His Word, will be spared that wrath. They would tend to look for the truth in the opinions of others and encourage others to state and defend their positions. It seems fair to suggest that we all want to be self-reliant – solid reasoning skills and sound decision making will be required and valued by others. These employers consistently say that they are looking for people who are reliable, conscientious, can “think on their feet”, pay attention, learn from their mistakes, communicate effectively, and make work a priority in their lives. While these are just some of the characteristics that I would expect to see displayed in people and trusted friends, they would be a good starting point. It is because of these questions and thousands of others like them that I need to be sure that I am well prepared to make the best decisions possible, most of the time. How I think will affect how I behave: others will judge how I behave and how others judge my behaviours will impact my life.

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