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However, in thinking about it further, I realized there are other parallels worth drawing between Boxee and Moxi. While I predicted significant Moxi HD DVR price cuts after Arris’ acquisition of Digeo, I expected to see them come as the new parent company retreated from retail. Ben Drawbaugh (EngadgetHD) and I agree that Arris still needs to tighten up the Moxi UI and we’d both like to see ATSC OTA tuning, but $1000 (no monthly fees) for three rooms of ad-free Moxi-controlled digital cable is a reasonable deal.
Additionally, TiVo’s multi-room viewing (MRV) copying has got to go as the cable-cos are locking down their television programming with a CCI byte value designed to limit the number of digital copies. Lastly, by going with an access point over a simple wireless adapter, TiVo would be able to eek out better network performance using an Ethernet connection rather than USB — due to their current hardware design. As some of you may recall, I recently moved across the Potomac from Maryland into Virginia. As I see some inconsistencies in how the CCI Byte is being applied by Cox, I reached out to both TiVo and the cable industry (NCTA) for some backdoor assistance. A better implementation for TiVo’s MRV, and what we see with Windows Media Center and Moxi in the retail space, is an extender model in which shows are streamed to another node in the home rather than copied to another device.
Two months after meeting with Digeo at CES, I’ve yet to receive a Moxi HD DVR ($800) loaner.
Regarding the advertising, for many of us, one of TiVo’s initial value props was the ability to bypass commercials.
Both companies introduced revolutionary products that got a lot of people jazzed about a new paradigm for watching TV. But as the GigaOM folks point out, it’s always a challenge to meet the demands of a conservative content industry while still appealing to early-adopter consumers. Whichever path(es) they pursue, I hope TiVo also considers streaming content not just DVR to DVR, but DVR to extender. Especially in light of TiVo multi-room viewing being dead to me – given their current technical implementation.

And the solution just isn’t fast enough to copy HD content from one TiVo to another for real-time progressive download playback. Additionally, access points should allow customers to effectively extend the range of their wireless infrastructure by building out a TiVo mesh network.
In addition to picking up a new stand for our plasma, we also inherited a new cable provider.
Pretty much anything beyond basic cable, think OTAs, can be recorded onto a TiVo but is prohibited from being transferred beyond that one unit. Similar to what Verizon (FiOS TV) and AT&T (U-Verse) have also implemented within their whole-home DVR initiatives. The first model is headed to DISH Network as the DISH VIP 922 and now Echo has unveiled digital cable-enabled tru2way SlingLoaded hardware. Slingbox Solo, Pro, and Pro-HD models will be the only units capable of running the upcoming iPhone client.
In fact, three months after initial retail availability, there hasn’t been a single review. As far as the total cost of ownership (TCO), Moxi has put together a chart illustrating that Moxi is less expensive over a four year period.
Additionally, the Moxi Mate extenders will overcome their biggest limitation later this fall when they’ll begin receiving streamed live television (on top of the existing DVR recordings). It’s more economical and less disruptive to replace my DVR than it is to replace my home.
So, I assume one goal of this product is to improve the situation by pushing video faster over 802.11n. Pairs (or more) of pre-configured wireless access points (aka bridges), can also easily communicate with themselves, requiring minimal user intervention as seen with Vudu and Sonos. We’ve seen all sorts of blogosphere copy protection flareups and Alex over at TiVo Blog provided an even-handed description of the situation earlier this year.

End users get to watch what they’ve paid for, and the content owners need not worry about piracy. A Moxi-TiVo comparison is quite natural given TiVo’s status as the incumbent and really the only other retail cable DVR competitor.
Most of the good stuff, such as external photos and the user manual, are held back under a short term confidentiality request, so we find ourselves with more questions than answers. I’d like to see a pair of these going for about $100, with additional units running say $60.
I’ve mostly come to terms with that multi-hour CableCARD install ($30 per set) and general, ongoing switched digital video (SDV) tuning adapter flakiness in making the transition from Comcast to Cox Communications. Basically, cable providers have the ability to selectively flag digital content to restrict DVR copying. While Echo could conceivably head direct to retail, I suspect they’re looking for a cable partner to get the SlingLoaded HD DVR out the door. Having said that, they’ve launched an upgrade program that knocks $50 off the price of new hardware. For now, you may want to review my CES briefings with Digeo and check out this initial pic of the multistream CableCARD review unit. I assume Sling wants or needs folks on more capable platforms as they move to H.264 encoding and with Clip+Sling still waiting in the wings.

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