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I am an undergraduate (or any other) student & want to pursue career in Analytics, what should I do? While the subject itself is wide, I’ll provide an overview of various things which can be done and focus on specific sub-topics through additional posts later on. Before I delve into the ways of building an Analytics career, let me quickly cover why to build a career in Analytics first.
According to Harvard Business Review (October 2012 edition), job of a data scientist is the sexiest job of 21st century. I understand Analytics will become big, but I don’t know how do I start a career in Business Analytics?
There are limited structured & well laid out path which you can follow to enter the field.
While the first factor will improve with time and I had written an article mentioning second point here, this post aims to address the third point. I plan to post an article on how to prepare for interviews for Analytics jobs in coming weeks. For people with work experience, various leading academic institutes run certification courses.
For freshers, there are certification courses run by SAS training institute, Jigsaw Academy (Online), ADSA, Analytics Training Institute. While these are specific paths for starting a career in Analytics, there are smaller steps you can take to increase your awareness. Continue reading on the subject: Keep reading about the subject through various blogs and communities. Attend Industry forums: There are various industry forums, meet and conferences which you can attend to gain understanding of the subject.
Go through training material available on the web: Google provides basic training for Google Analytics free. If there are any other resources which you have found useful to learn more on the subject, please add them in comments below.
I have done my big data and analytics and optimization but my basic qualification is BA in literature. I’m again one of an experienced fresher for this Analytic Industry and decided to step-in with no two ways. 1) Assuming you have no prior experience in Analytics, you would almost need to start afresh. 2) If you hate Maths, I would ask you to seriously re-consider a career shift to Analytics.
Believe, in Analytics maths here means just numbers, numbers and numbers and not equations, Derivations, solving, expansion, algebra and trigonometry?? You may not need some of the derivations directly, but understanding them will provide you deeper understanding. Further please suggest that keeping analytics industry in mind what kind of hobby one should develop parallely which could be relevant in having more command towrds this industry and impressive from interview point of view as well. Your hobby should be based on your interest rather than something which is impressive from interview point of view.
I am market research professional worked in procurement space for 3 years.Now, that I wanted a profile shift to analytics, I have started online professional and training certifications in tools such as SAS,advanced excel and SQL.
I don’t think past experience would be of any hindrance in getting an entry level jobs. Specifically, in your case, since you do not have a PG or quant background, it might become difficult to get into the shortlists. The career development is an important factor for both the employee and the company where he’s working.
To identify the potential is necessary, on the one hand, the employee to know himself very well. It is also useful that the employee to know very well the company to which it belongs and the activity where that company is operating.
During the development process, both the company and the employee must establish realistic and clear objectives. The company can develop the employee by involving him more in the work he is normally doing or in related activities. The development of the employee can be done in steps, when in the company are opportunities for promotion, or matrix, for flat companies, where there are not so many opportunities for advancement. Fall is a great time to really self-assess, either by taking self-assessment quizzes or working with a career coach. Most people get turned off or scared of networking, or simply, don’t even know how to do it! Your roster of personal contacts is one of the most powerful tools you currently have, and a great place to begin the networking process. A sure-fire way to improve your employability is to gain additional training or certification. 5. And finally, if there is nothing that has excited you after working with a coach or self-assessment, and you have that entrepreneurial itch, consider becoming YOUR OWN BOSS and starting your own business.
Or, if can’t make your passion your paycheque, did you thrive in a previous or current position and would be willing to go out and do this on your own?

I will be returning to the workforce next year when my son goes to Kindergarten and I have to admit, I am scared as hell as to what I want to do. Goodness, even though I feel a bit embarrassed at admitting that it sure feels good to get it out there!!! We are one of the first in the nation to offer the National Career Development Association’s (NCDA) nationally certified Global Career Development Facilitator (GCDF) course.  This 120 hour course is open to individuals or can be customized to groups. A career at Venelec Electromech Industries Pvt Ltd means an opportunity for ample learning and growth. The diversity and challenges of location, language and culture blends seamlessly into a common work ethos, which hinges on fostering excellence, recognizing and rewarding entrepreneurship.
Venelec offers not just a job but also a satisfying career; not just a place of work but a work-place of the future. Our company relationship with its employees is changing from the patriarchal to the practical, but the bond continues to be nourished with compassion and care. In order to make sure these queries are addressed in best possible manner, I thought it’s best to write an article on this and provide a starting platform for everyone. With more and more data being available in digital form, need for smarter, faster, data based decisions is only going to increase.
These would be companies which have Analytics in their DNA and use it for their day to day decisions. So if you have a 2 – 6 month break, give a try to becoming an intern in these companies.
Getting these certification courses can increase your chances of getting hired in some of the best companies. SAS Forum (held annually) is one of the places to meet some of the best people in industry.
They provide you a flavor of the work before you take a plunge and the employer gets to assess you without significant investments. Please subscribe to our email distribution list, which will ensure all the articles are delivered to your email address on the day they are published. You should aim to get your foot in industry rather than pushing for higher salary or bigger role at this stage.
You will live in ocean full of numbers and would need to make sense and stories out of bunch of numbers in unstructured problems. I would like to spend more time on this which could improve my knowledge further for the industry.
I want to ask one more question that which academic backgound are preferable to break into analytics companies? I often hear from boutique analytics firm recruiters that they hire people only with sound hands-on experience in tools rather than with certifications? Recruitment policies vary from company to company and there is a preference for people with hands on experience. Thus, the employee can access the status it has in view, by recognizing of its merits, the membership to a specific team of professionals and getting the desired salary. On the other hand, the company must make an objective assessment of talents, interests, style of work, performances achieved at the time by the employee. Also, it can facilitate him the participation in training or coaching programs, seminars, conferences and specialized workshops. It is possible that the employee to not wish to develop his managerial skills and then he will be motivated by new and different tasks.
If you’re truly unhappy in your current situation, make the firm commitment to yourself that you will make changes and take action. Once you’ve evaluated your life, your current situation and have figured out more of what you want, it’s time to set some goals. Commit to reconnecting with those in your existing networks like friends, old friends, family, old work colleagues, peers, etc… See if any of these people are connected to your field of choice. Join local organizations like your local Chamber of Commerce, local networking groups in your area.
I discussed recently on national TV to have your CV in a PDF link, so that you may even reach out to someone on Twitter, Facebook, Linked in, Workopolis, Monster, WowJobs, etc… and send them your CV easily. If you have searched to no avail, consider approaching the HR department in your current company and see if an alternative career path is available within the company. If you truly have the passion, the talent and the drive, 2013 may be the year you become an entrepreneur. I may come off sounding like a third grader with this next question but it is truly one that I have a hard time with. I used to work in the real estate business but it was definitely NOT something that I loved and I dread the thought of returning to it.
The fact that you know something has to change, and have identified that, is great and positive.
Specialized curriculums for workforce professionals, educators, mental health counselors and psychologists. It has been our constant endeavour to ensure that each employee integrates synergically with the main stream.
The richness of this relationship, fashioned by a tradition of benevolence and empathy, represents a workplace culture that goes way beyond work.

While this approach is better from long term perspective, it takes time and investment (especially if there is no structured training in the companies). With all these I have completely shattered my professional carrier path just for the sake of earning and now I earn jus NUTS if i do a market correction towards my salary. In the meanwhile, you can learn about the subject matter on Coursera (for free) or Jigsaw Academy (for a fee). How assured I can be to get a job if I just complete certificate courses in analytics and seek an entry – level job in analytics companies? Having said that, there is a lot of recruitment happening in industry, which can present some good opportunities.
In the last part, if you are asking about Analytics as a field, it is expected to be one of the sectors which will see highest growth in next 5 years. So, the company has the opportunity to motivate and retain that employee through the efficient exploiting of the potential that it has identified in that person. This will avoid the situations with negative impact on the employee’s motivation and his subsequent evolution.
Subsequently, the company will make regular assessments of the progress made by the employee. The company can improve the current role to the employee or it may facilitate the lateral movement within the same department or in other departments.
I say to my mentees, “get over it!” You’re not going to network or grow your contact database by sitting behind a desk all day. BNI is a great organization to join, as it is based upon a built-in referral program, where everyone shares referrals. Today it’s become more necessary than ever to stay on top of technology, industry trends, and customer requirements to keep you relevant in ANY company. In the mirror. Yes, your interview technique will have a major influence on the success of your job-search.
After speaking with a couple friends, I realize I am not the only one with the issue but none were thrilled to admit it. I would not advise you to give up job security or a steady paycheck at the moment if you are relying on it to live. We also provide individual career counseling to help you understand your full potential and expand your career options. Our commitment to our people is reflected in the sense of belonging and pride every employee feels towards the company and the passion and commitment they bring to their work.
During this period he has lead teams of various sizes and has worked on various tools like SAS, SPSS, Qlikview, R, Python, Adobe Insight (Omniture) and Matlab. A good way to take a shift is to look out for companies which have expertise in market research analysis as well as advanced analytics. Women, if you are currently in a job you dislike, fall is a great time to start plotting your move. In upgrading your skills, obviously keep them relevant and consistent with your interests and career goals. Take the time to research the company prior to interviewing, and try to anticipate questions they would ask. Although my current position is comfortable,I am itching to have my own blogging business, as you do. If that is the case, you will have to moonlight until you are revenue baring in your business.
I also am in the process of trying to make smart decisions regarding my ultimate dream- to make a difference at a different level- a whole new platform- television.
If this is your career choice, I tell my coaching clients, first consider making your passion your paycheck.
You are my inspiration, and I want to go out into the world of blogging and writing so bad I can hardly stand it! Fall is like one great giant haircut- the shedding of dead ends and making room for new and healthy hair to grow. I am balancing the blog, brand relationships, coaching, speaking engagements and motherhood.
I am also a wife and a mom to two babies, and I cannot afford to lose my income at the moment.
I truly love blogging but I do it in a lighthearted way and cannot see touching enough people to make it more than a hobby. Look at people like Martha Stewart and Richard Branson who made their passion their paycheck. But when you can finally hand in your resignation, and your new business is revenue baring, there’s no more rewarding feeling.

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