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The BSNL EDDO modem is USB based, making it easy for Desktop computers as well as Laptops. BSNL EVDO recharge STV Rs 200, Kerela Circle – BSNL the state run PSU and India’s Largest telecommunication network provider has introduced new BSNL EVDO recharge STV of Rs 200 in which BSNL Evdo customers can get 2GB data value with validity of 30 days from the date of recharge.
This recharge STV is valid in Kerala circles from 25th June 2012 to 22-09-2012.   BSNL EVDO recharge STV Rs 200 recharge can be done at nearest dealer or BSNL franchise.
The BSNL EVDO recharge STV denomination will vary from state to state so please check with customer care at 1500 or 18001801503 or 9400024365for correct STV value valid for your BSNL Circle. Second  thing is i received the modem modem Micromax which is known for its cheapest cost and easy of use.But in my point there are lot of other Brand models modems are working far better than this like Transcend,Lexar which provides more speed and cheaper price.
Second Recommendation :You can buy other brands like Transcend,Lexar outside of BSNL and only get the EVDO plan from BSNL. Third Recommendation: Before buying the connection  make sure that the place where you are going to use is enabled with EVDO feature. Instead of you will purchase the modem or EVDO card you can also use the 3G or EVDO enabled mobile phones to use the EVDO connection plan.  I am sure this will be good alternative to EVDO Card. I hope this will helps to make better decision before buying the new connection.If you have any other questions in mind just share it here!
On rental of EVDO card = 1000 (security) + 500 (activation fee) + 200 (first month rental) = Rs.
As of August 2010, BSNL is also giving various EVDO tariff options under both prepaid and postpaid plans. When you get BSNL EVDO, you will be given a box which contains EVDO card, user manual and a CD for installing drivers in Windows systems. After you start the EVDO software, you need to configure phone number, user id and password (see the above section).
Update in August 2010 – Now unlimited EVDO is costlier and there are many limited bandwidth plans available at lower cost. If the signal strength at your area is weak, experiment positioning the card at different places.

Typically BSNL EVDO service doesn’t give you a public IP (As of August 2010, public IP is available for a monthly fee of Rs. The easiest way to share EVDO Internet connection between two machines is to use a proxy server. If you are having troubling connecting to EVDO network or accessing Internet, try the following steps. BSNL’s EVDO broadband is a good choice if you cannot get wired broadband service (for example if you are staying in a rented house).
I m very satisfied after reading your information n thanks a lot… well also wanna mention that this information is the best info available overall on net. I am using BSNL Evdo from sept 2010, its quite well in compare to others, before buying bsnl evdo it is better to check out your local evdo signal tower, if its in the radius of 3-4 km then it will be good option. Easy way to recharge this STV sitting at home is to simply send an SMS  type STV 200 and send it to 53733. I asked the officials and they told me that this will be the device which is now available with BSNL. Yet months before that BSNL has introduced 3G in the form of wireless EVDO broadband service (the advantages of being a public sector company!). It is a telecommunications standard for transmitting digital data through radio signals and hence is used for wireless Internet access.
If you already have a BSNL service (land line or a post paid mobile connection), you just need to fill out a form.
You will also be given a receipt for your payment along with details of your EVDO connection. You may have weak signal at your area or there may not be any EVDO coverage in your BSNL network antenna.
You just need to plug the EVDO card and then configure the dial up connection using phone number #777, your user name and password. According to some reports, each area is given about 60 public IPs and the first 60 to connect are given those.

If you have online banking account of SBI (State Bank of India), you can register your EVDO number in bill pay options. You need to confirm subscription by clicking on the link sent by feedburner to your email address.
It will open settings window and enter your details there (don’t forget to replace 11111111 with your number). Also if there are too many customers connecting to a specific BSNL network antenna, you will see slow access speed. After this registration you will receive EVDO bills in your SBI online banking account (internet banking account) and you can pay the bill by just a mouse click! Company and many sites says that there is no bandwidth limit, but in torrent and download manager i had noticed that in the starting of the month speed goes around 80-120 kbps, but after downloading 9-10 movies and personal downloading i have observed the download speed goes to 45-55 kbps , so i am sure there is bandwidth limit, and that is 512kbps after your beyond bandwidth limit.
But if there is no EVDO coverage is your area, the EVDO card switches to CDMA 1.0 based Internet access which gives speeds up to 128kbps.
BSNL EVDO broadband service is still in experimental stages and not many people are currently using it (people know it from friends and relatives). This typically doesn’t cause any issues, except in cases where the public IP is important. Another interesting aspect I noticed is that the Internet speed is not uniform, it varies a lot (see image – this shows downloading a large file).
This way you can configure any number of machines to use the same EVDO Internet connection.
This article will give you a complete picture of BSNL’s EVDO service, its features and a list of frequently asked questions(FAQ) on it. Since you are sharing the same IP with a lot of other EVDO users, you may not be able to download from Rapidshare (free service) at all!

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