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So far there have been 6 Stuff Packs released for Sims 4 and the latest was Romantic garden launched on February the 9th.
In a short trailer of about 15 seconds fans could see a dining symbol and a waiter taking orders.
The restaurant game pack has been speculated since February when a forum user posted some cryptic statements from Twitter. If the restaurant pack joins the Get to Work pack the Sims could even open their own restaurant!
The next Sims 4 DLC will be made available this spring and it will include a Restaurant Game Pack, followed by a Kids Stuff Pack soon after.
The next scene which refers to the Kids Pack features kids playing with toys in a room plus a green icon with children’s faces on it. The user who posted this SimGuruLindsay presented the teaser videos like this “I am really excited to share with you a new type of video today!

One of them – Town Life – suggests a more vibrant place for the Sims with town markets with fresh food, coffee shops and pop-up restaurants. Not even the Get together and Get to Work packs could offer more ample interactive options. This seasonal preview is something we will be presenting every few months to show you a look at the content to come in the next season for The Sims 4”. Not to mention that it’s a better place for marriage proposals, or other romantic activities. Bethesda has stated that Orsinium will be coming this Fall, and will include around 25 hours of new gaming content.Orsinium, our next #ESOTU DLC game pack, will be available in Fall 2015 with around 25 hours of new content.
The Thieves Guild and Dark Brotherhood will be two different game packs, and will both come in the first half of 2016.The Thieves Guild & Dark Brotherhood will be two separate #ESOTU DLC game packs, scheduled for release in the first half of 2016! The DLC pack, called Imperial City, has a new trailer and a release date, along with a host of new information.

The evil Molag Bal's forces have also taken up residence in the City, which is comprised of six Imperial Districts, the extensive Imperial Sewers network, and the White-Gold Tower at its center. There's the Game Pack that will include all of the new content, items, and good stuff, and there's the Base Game patch.
This base game patch will provide tweaks and changes for all players, regardless of if they purchase the Imperial City DLC or not. Are you happy to hear of Bethesda's long-term plans with Elder Scrolls Online? Will you be downloading the Imperial City DLC when it becomes available for your console?

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