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We shouldn’t have changed our argument from international law to regime change in a non-transparent way. It was an error for which we as a country paid a heavy price, and for which many people paid with their lives. I’d much rather move to a system where you get support up front and pay it back through a graduate tax.

Having told Mr Brown that he should go to Scotland during the crucial days (a decision that has since been criticised), he was summoned from Yorkshire to No 10 for a council of war. Though he will not say so, there is a sense of relief that his closest ties with Mr Brown are finally severed.
As he points out, the loyalty of his staff and ex-ministers does not fit with his divisive reputation. Once an economic adviser who backed Mr Brown to the hilt in refusing to join the euro, he has become a streetwise operator whose constituency, with the biggest BNP membership in the country, has taught him to confront Labour’s failures.

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