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Tom Anderson from Florida State University in Tallahassee, Florida, USA took the initiative to organise for January 2010 a symposium about "Art Education for Social Justice".
The fifteenth anniversary of Kids' Guernica held at Florida State University celebrated over 200 peace murals by children from more than 40 countries. The goal is to build a bridge of peace and understanding, ultimately to save the world from further devastating warefare. The Government of Dominica is affiliated with the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) Juvenile Justice Reform Project, funded by USAID.  Under that project, a number of Draft Family Model Bills are receiving attention, one of which is the Child Justice Bill. In partnership with UNICEF, Dominica is receiving the assistance of a facilitator in the person of Mrs.
The workshop will examine the Juvenile Justice System and its various stages, the new paradigm necessary for the implementation of the OECS Child Justice legislation and reinforce the nexus with child protection issues. It targets probation, police officers(especially those who work with children), magistrates, police prosecutors, child protection officers and representatives from juvenile facilities and youth centered organizations. Does the workshop target those in Public Office who are alleged to have inappropriate contact with juveniles? I would hope those in public office whose duties involve working with children or youth would be included.

Diagnosed with a disability, learning impairment, or other special need that requires services or accommodations that have not been provided by your public school? A training program for Aboriginal justice workers aims to keep Aboriginal people out of the criminal justice system.
Legal Aid NSW is rolling out a community legal education program – Civil law – what’s that? The program responds to one of the key recommendations from the Civil and Family Law Needs of Aboriginal People in NSW – for Legal Aid NSW to train justice sector workers so they can identify their clients’ civil and family law issues when they present in the criminal justice system. Training has been delivered in metropolitan and regional areas, including Redfern, Parramatta, the South Coast and Far West.
Participants have said they feel ‘much more confident about helping a client with a civil law problem after the training’. We invite you to join our online forum and provide feedback regarding the content and ideas in the upcoming book as well as exchange current information concerning community projects, schools, art organizations, and research that strives to address social justice through the arts.
Artists, educators, and community activists and organizers gathered from around the world to share their stories of mural making as peace building. This Bill is centred on a rights based system which reflects measures to meet minimum standards in the four main supporting Juvenile Justice Instruments.

Jacqueline Sealy Burke, an Attorney, to conduct a four day workshop to be held from Tuesday, May3rd to Friday, May 6th 2016  at the Fort Young Hotel.
The original murals between students in Florida and Japan fifteen years ago were created to honor the 50th anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima. It is part of ensuring that Legal Aid NSW, and the justice system in general, meet the complex legal needs of many Aboriginal people. The Florida State University Museum of Fine Arts will host an exhibition of the murals through January 31st.
Certainly biology and physics and agriculture and chemistry give us wonderful practical tools, but it is the arts that provide the holistic quality of understanding necessary for social wholeness and cultural health, through the arts that we develop the sensibility, the unifying sense, the direction, in short the ability to use our tools.
Through the Kid's Guernica Peace Mural Project and initiatives like it, we want nothing less than to save the world through intercultural tolerance and understanding.

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