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About Latest Posts Jen Marshall DuncanJen Marshall Duncan has been in an interracial relationship for almost 20 years. An epic adventure story set in France where animals work ancient magic to save the future and nothing is as it appears. SummaryFifth grade students will explore, through an interdisciplinary approach, multicultural people in the United States. Students will read stories from this webpage and write one of their own, about some of the hardships in living multicultural lives.
Have a Native American speaker from one of these organizations come and speak to the class about their organization and their insights into Native American life.
This part of the unit will allow students to explore and create art forms of different cultures and representing their own exressions and insights.
For the final aspect of the project, students will write an portrait poem that will have students look at themselves and their interests.
Fear of Disrespect- At times teachers can feel that they do not know the correct things to say or do.
Start small: “Your father doesn’t like peas, but you do—and that’s okay!”  Expand your discussion to talk about what is unique about your family, your heritage, your culture. It is important for kids to see themselves, both in media and in their toys; but it is also important for them to see other cultures.
Visiting other cultures is the most effective way for children to learn about those cultures. I realize from reading how easy it is for me to do this on a daily basis because I live in NYC. They will explore their own backgrounds, learn about some struggles groups have had here in the US, listen to a speaker and present a culture, learn about famous multicultural individuals, perform culture through visual and performing arts activities, and finally create a "Portrait Poem."RationaleThese activities will hopefully help students become aware of the influences of culture on their lives and in life all around us. Understand that theme refers to the meaning or moral of a selection and recognize themes (whether implied or stated directly) in sample works. Students will think of questions to ask the speaker and will engage the speaker and be very good responsive listeners.

Participate in improvisational activities to explore complex ideas and universal themes in literature and life. These comprise of a culmination of their backgrounds, beliefs and cultures, and how it becomes meaningful for them, and validates their experience as worthy members of all the communities we belong to. Ask your child to think about what makes her unique and then help her to feel good about her differences.  Kids who are belittled at home often turn out to be bullies at school. Help your child feel good about where he comes from, but remember to acknowledge that not all families are the same—and that is okay. Explain what a stereotype is and reinforce the idea that while people are people, everyone is also unique.
If your family has the means to travel abroad, take advantage of that life-changing opportunity!
I hope to encourage them to start thinking critically about racial and ethnic inequalities, as well as see positive projections of race and ethnicitiy. Students will then practice telling a group what they know about their cultures, or their engagement with American cultures, including traditions and holidays and beliefs, and will do internet research to provide supplemental evidence and collect the information using this worksheet.
Students will be adding words that fit the category using this sample sheet as a model, then will re-write the poem in their best handwriting. Parents and Children's View of Racism- I understand that when some people are set in their ways it is hard to get them to change. What you do and say around your child, even before they attend school, will impact their behavioral choices throughout their lifetime. Choose some holidays to learn about by researching on the Internet or at your local library and then plan a celebration! They will then do an oral presentation to the class about one of the aspects of their culture they would like to share. The poems will be posted on the bulletin boards outside of the classroom.As a debriefing include:What activity did you like the most?
Although I also feel that educating the parent while educatng the child can make a world of difference.

If you want your child to respect people’s differences, you need to model how to do that—in both your words and actions. Kids sometimes ask very direct questions: Mommy, why is that girl wearing clothes in the swimming pool? If it is not possible to go abroad, look for overnight or daytrips in your area that offer your children the opportunity to see a slice of life that is different from their own. Provide details and transitional expressions that link one paragraph to another in a clear line of thought. Multicultural EducationI view multicultural education as a way to help children understand the differences of others. Eating junk food in front of your children teaches them it is okay to eat junk food—even if you tell them it’s bad to do so.
For example, if you live in an urban community, visit a rural farming town, and vice versa. We should learn about our own and each other’s histories and cultures to also learn about where we come from and how our stories influence where we are at today.
As a way of educating children and making them aware and understand that all people may not be the same, by helping them embrace others cultures by exposing them to those differences to make them more sensitive of them. Similarly, criticizing someone’s difference within earshot of your child teaches them it is okay to do so. Why can’t I understand what that lady is saying?  Take the time to answer each question truthfully and respectfully. As a class, discuss some of the reasons why our families came here and why other people come here.

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