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The commonalities between jam bands like the Grateful Dead and EDM artists are what result in cult like followings of fans that line up at the gates to melt their faces off and download anything they can find. The Grateful Dead are notorious for their religiously dedicated group of fans dubbed "Dead Heads" that have surrounded the iconic, original jam band since the 1960s and followed the band across the country to see their extended jams performed live.
Over the past decade, we have all witnessed the explosion of EDM into the mainstream with fans that travel to and from all corners of the world to dance all night long at some of the most extravagant music festivals in history. The fans of both jam bands and EDM artists exhibit the same type of devotion and just can't seem to get enough. As long as you make great music, it is more important to spread that music to as many ears as possible to truly build a real fan base organically that is as passionate about your music as you are. They've mastered how to truly nurture a growing fanbase, paying attention to their most loyal fans first over begging new fans to hear them, and letting their music spread naturally by providing it to the masses.
Note: There is a great book called, Marketing Lessons from the Grateful Dead by David Meerman Scott that has deeper insight into the business practices of the Grateful Dead. With that many people crammed into Miami’s Bayfront Park, and with the addition of heavy drug use, safety and security have become a big concern for Miami officials and attendees of Ultra.
This year, a security guard was left with a broken leg and in critical condition after she was trampled by the crowd when a barrier was compromised.
In addition to the lack of security, Ultra disrupts the local residents that live in condos nearby the festival. It seems as though the solution here is stricter crowd control laws with harsher punishments if Ultra does not comply.

Craig Gillespie directed this true story about "the most daring rescue mission in the history of the U.S. Welcome one and all to festival season – a time of dancing, exploring the unknown, getting lost, getting found, spending too much money, not seeing everything you wanted to, discovering this producer, and gaining respect for another. Ensure you plan, but not too much.  Make sure you know when your favourite artists play and what time you want to get there. There will come a time, at a festival when you have to choose between going with all your friends to one set, or going only with one friend or maybe alone to a set you really want to see. Make sure to check out the merch tents!  I’ve found some really cool clothing items at festivals because they’re mostly locally owned or up-and-coming clothing and accessory lines that don’t have shop space. The most important aspect of the festival though, is something that you have to do on your own. Once again, these are simply our recommendations, our non-guide to having the most fun possible. They didn't focus on restricting the access to their music to protect their potential revenues.
The festival had been inspected and officials were told to add more security personnel and fences, but did not comply.
With the amount of attendance from non natives of Miami, Ultra draws in over $79 million from tourism revenue that would be completely missed out on if Ultra Miami was to relocate. Make sure your friends show up to the pre- on time, because a late pre-party means a late departure and then you’re going to miss Nicole Moudaber and everyone will laugh at you.  But seriously, get to the festival at a decent hour.

I know you’re going to be tempted to just stay in one spot – trust me, I understand the allure in that (I’m looking at you, Echo Beach scene kids), but that’s not what you paid for.
The festival spans three days and brings in over 160,000 people yearly to the heart of downtown Miami. With 22 arrests on the first day alone, Ultra netted over 76 arrests over the three day event. And it’s not just during the actual 2 weeks of the festival that residents have to relocate.
Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to BeyondTheDrop with appropriate and specific direction to the original content. Everyone will tell you about the importance of staying hydrated, having a buddy, knowing your limits, and preparing for the weather – you guys are smart, you know that.
It depends on how much you like the artist and if the hottie in the snapback is feeling you or not. So, move around a bit and I swear you’ll discover at least one new artist and meet some cool and different people.
Every two hours meet up at the same spot and regroup so you can make sure everyone is safe and figure out your next plans…like after parties.

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