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In an interview with DigitalSpy at Reading Festival in England, Flume expressed his disdain for the drug culture and says that he’s trying to distance himself from the EDM world. During the backstage interview Harley Streten, professionally known as Flume, said that he prefers playing to rock crowds over EDM festivals. When asked why he felt so disconnected from the EDM world, Streten claimed it was because he felt the fans of electronic music aren’t really fans of the music, rather just fans of the party. He goes on to say that no festival can really cater to his sound, comparing himself to Disclosure, and this is where I feel that he might be showing how much the fame has gotten to his head.
I am a huge Flume fan, his music is amazing, but is it unique enough that he can claim no festival can cater to his sound?

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Since their tour with Hardwell, AQUA revamped their production, pushing further the boundaries of lighting and visuals to create a show unlike any other. They’re setting an entire new standard of the concert experience that will simply blow away all your expectations, immersing you in a waterfall of euphoria! I'm a big Toolroom fan, and love my favs like Deadmau5, Axwell Ingrosso, Kendrick Lamar, and Dirty South.

Whether we realize it or not, the visuals hook us into the show, whisking us away from our current setting into a magical, euphoric experience. For this remix, they went into the deep and turned Crooker’s track into a deep house track that will get you dancing and vibing hard!

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