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I think it’s pretty common knowledge that more people do not carry a knife everyday than people do. The argument today against carrying a watch is that our cell phones all have the time on them now.
There are a lot of other categories that I could cover–people carry firearms, keychain tools, pens, and whatever else imaginable. With games being focused more towards fighting each other online, it's important to preserve some sort of courtesy.
I've been playing games my entire life from a young kid who persevered playing through Rockman on his father's family computer; to recent shooters like Call of Duty and Battlefield to the very competitive DOTA 2 and Starcraft 2.
I was exposed to the eSports phenomenon way back when I was in high school, 10 years ago I'd look back at the Starcraft:Brood War scene of South Korea.
Fast forward to the year 2013 and it is now considered to be a part of eSport's "invisible etiquette".
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We use knives for all sorts of tasks, opening mail and packages, food prep, self defense, general cutting tasks, etc… Pocket knives can go from simple (reference a Victorinox Cadet) to a full custom Titanium Framelock Flipper, only limiting factor is your budget.
If the light is on steady, then Drive the vehicle with caution, but get it seen to as soon as possible. EDC means Everyday Carry, simply the things that you usually carry around with you to get through even the most challenging day. Sometimes, when I want to be absolutely sure not to drop the keys, I use a standard carabiner to clip the keys unto my belt. A courtesy towards your opponent, and continues to be the integral part of eSport's growth as a community and as a legit sport. I grew up on fighting games and was lucky enough to start playing Street Fighter 2 the first month it had hit arcades. Before I ever started carrying knives and flashlights I still had a wallet, phone, and keys that were my EDC.
There are many options for you out there from small keychain production lights to full titanium handmade flashlights.

I admit, it’s not the most beautiful case in the world, but it sure keeps my 4S protected.
As long as the competitors disperse the bitter taste of defeat after a hard fought match, admitting their loss in the process. I searched YouTube looking for a tear down video of a new handgun that I had purchased, and came across this EDC video.
Actually, the first week I used it I dropped my phone from about waist level right into the asphalt. We see true sportsmen emerge through the lights regardless of race, social status or gender.

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