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What does it look like to really live a full life – one that enriches and satisfies, that provides happiness and enables achievement?
Does living fully look the same to an accountant in Shanghai as it does to an architect in New Delhi or a street artist in São Paulo?
Early in this quest we’re seeing preliminary trends, like the role health plays in a full life in Shanghai and the importance of family in New York. This global quest is at the heart of what our company does—finding answers that have helped people live healthier, better lives for more than 125 years. As we collect unique stories from people around the world, we will share their thoughts and the trends that we see emerging, providing a resource for people to explore our differences and similarities, our barriers and motivators.
One thing you have to do right now is to add Electric Daisy Carnival London to your bucket list, it is one of those events that you just can’t miss. EDC London is located at the Olympic Park, one year after London 2012 happened in the exact same place, you can now go to many events and EDC was the first one of its kind.
If you stay in Stafford then you can walk to EDC festival as well as Westfield shopping centre, one of the biggest ones in Europe and something out of this world, shopping at Westfield makes you feel like you are suddenly in Japan with all the shops with specific decorations and huge touch screens the size of buildings, anything you want, you can find there, the food, the clothes, a manicure and all in great style. If  you are a Rock Fan then drop by Camden Town for food, music and of course shopping for the most alternative clothes you can ever find! Now I have given you a bit of London for all tastes, now just take note on the following, if you are flying to London then I recommend you fly to Heathrow airport while the underground is still opened (so anytime until midnight) because you can just jump on the underground that takes you to central London. Now get ready, pack your bags and experience the best music dance festival of your life, and remember to bring the glow paint with you!
Insomniac has officially announced the return of its signature Halloween festival, Escape: Psycho Circus. The purchase would give Live Nation, America’s largest concert promoter, a bigger stake in the EDM market. Join our list to get updates, breaking news, and the best EDC deals you should not pass up. When I arrived on the island in the mid-1970s, it was common practice, particularly with the older generation, to go for a nightly boat ride after dinner specifically to dump the day’s garbage. Grenell Islander, Gwen Smith, often wrote in her Thousand Island Sun Column about the unhealthy state of the river in the sixties: fish lying on their sides barely able to breathe, no minnows, no eel flies.
But while the condition of our water has improved and Lake Erie is back from the dead, there are new threats to our beloved river. Bieber’s now-ubiquitous vocals are used to full effect here, complementing the build ups and puncturing the drops nicely. And we will work with global experts and thought leaders with wide-ranging expertise, who will offer commentary and advice to inspire others and spark a larger conversation around health, fulfillment, and human potential. The vibe, the people, the place, the glow paint, location and the surroundings bring a feeling of bliss mixed with excitement by being part of one of the best festivals I had to pleasure to go to.

This was the first EDC in London for a one day event but with the intention to be prolonged for a weekender like EDC Las Vegas. So So good, it?s hard to explain the atmosphere in that place, the public was so excited to be part of such an event, specially in London. The festival looked really good, the daises, the decoration, the food and accessibility was great and not to mention how easy it is to get to this event.
And take note, even though London is known for being expensive, you can find some of the most affordable shoes and clothes in London, amazing stores at affordable prices.
If you are a Drum n Bass fan then go to Fabric Live in central London, the only club in London with a 24 hour license. If you fly to Luton, get the train to central London and then the underground to your destination, you would be surprised how big the underground map is and how far it can take you.
In 2012, Live Nation bought out fellow LA-based dance music promoter HARD Events and the similar U.K. It was a copy of a flyer, which was posted in the Community House and Grenell Island Store. She wrote in the late 1960s how people were afraid of getting fined for dumping their garbage on Tidd Island or dumping it elsewhere in the river and how disappointed the gulls seemed. This landmark environmental law protects and maintains the integrity of our nation’s waterways—including the St. In my view the river has degraded one way or another, continuously since about the mid 1960's. She had already proven herself to be an artist to watch heading into the new year, but the 29 year-old up-and-comer may have just closed out this year with what should prove to be her biggest smash yet. This highly-anticipated release from Alison Wonderland delivers exactly what fans hoped for and more, and only serves to further highlight the huge potential that the DJ and producer has already proven herself to be capable of. In today’s hyperconnected world that is pulling us together in so many ways, how do our cultural differences, life experiences and personalities influence what it means to live a full life? The one thing that is becoming apparent is just how personal it gets when we talk to people about life. Since London 2012 Olympic games happened that Stafford, the area of London where the games happened and where EDC is held, has become a central point for London visitors, because of the Olympic Village where all the athletes used to stay during the games which became a living complex for many Londoners or visitors, many new hotels for all styles and wallets are available in Stafford at the Olympic Village. It is one of the greatest stylish night outs you can have and some great alternative clubs for those who don?t appreciate the commercial music, but if you do then go to Oxford Circus at night, here you can find some of the best clubs in town and amazing shops with all the proper English spirit. Since you are coming to London for EDC then you can?t miss going to Ministry of Sound at Elephant And Castle underground station, I used to live across the road from there and no matter what night of the week, you can find great djs and guaranteed good music. I have seen some of the best shows of my life there, I mean if this kind of music is your thing then you can’t leave London without going there.
If you fly to any other airport like Gatwick or Standsted then book the express trains in advance.
It was a shocking reminder of how drastically our attitudes toward the environment have changed in the past 50 years. Send Save The River your favorite photos from the summer (or winter) and a caption explaining why a clean St.

I've been working at Save The River for 14 years and while it's true some progress has been made, it's also true there is a lot more work to be done. Once you arrive in London get a weekend pass with you Oyster card (Travel Card for London Transport services) because it comes out much cheaper then on credit and you can buy this online or at any station.
After experiencing a few EDCs, we believe we have found the best formula to help you fully enjoy your experience without paying an arm and a leg. Industries on the shores of the Great Lakes dumped even more frightful things into the world’s largest fresh water system.
But mostly I don't see us caring.We are to eventually become the Mississippi, Missouri, Ohio, and the like. When I was in junior high, Lake Erie was pronounced “dead.” It was believed that the shallowest of the Great Lakes was so polluted that it was beyond repair. In 1978, Save the River was founded becoming the leading environmental advocate working to protect and preserve the Upper St.
It’s not just the water we swim, boat, and fish in…this is the water that we shower with, use to cook our pasta and make ice cubes to shake up a pitcher of MacDacs. Likely even many others, in USA and Canada have trouble meeting already out-of-date standards. The vast drainage basin of the Great Lakes is principally in Canada, Minnesota, Michigan, say, and a swath around the southern border. Is VERY large and mostly to the north, so not so overpopulated and thus slowing the, what seems now (to me), inevitable. Some, perhaps, "You can't go home"; I have been a citizen of the St Lawrence many seasons, as I said. Conduct the test annually at the same relative location; ensure day (date) and weather conditions match. Water clarity varied- between Sugar Island and Axeman Island in the Lake Fleet Group (using the above method), from as little as twelve feet over the period to as much as thirty two feet- the latter reading after the advent of zebra mussels.We used to have the water tested for ecoli in Gananoque. We on Axeman are well off shore (almost three miles from the Canadian mainland) yet we had the blue green 'stinging' algae last summer. It refused to dissipate after drifting along perhaps twenty yards (which with my swimming alongside took 30 minutes of watching and breast stroking next to a bobble that wouldn't dissolve). If and where they weren't, one could see what the cause was directly- a waste pipe, industrial dumping, etc.Thank you for initiating something on this.

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