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Buried is a brand new Zombies experience included in Black Ops 2‘s third and upcoming DLC, Vengeance.
Along with an updated theme and all new gameplay, the classic, fan-favorite Ray Gun, introduced all the way back in the original Zombies mode from World at War, is getting a bit of a make-over.
Zombies Design Lead at Treyarch, Jimmy Zielinski, recently talked about the new Ray Gun, what it does, and what inspired its redesign. Zielinski explains that “It’s a re-imagining of the original Ray Gun with new functionality.
He added that “The original Ray Gun would shoot a projectile and make an impact at that place and explode. Along with the Ray Gun Mark II, Black Ops 2: Vengeance DLC will come packed with Buried, a brand new, western-themed Zombies experience, as well as four brand new multiplayer maps. Grief feels too big its feels more like a team survival than competative team vs team mode (if that makes any sense). Black Ops 2’s upcoming Vengeance map pack is many things: a tonic to the game’s tired map rotation, an enabler for frontier-meets-undead fantasies, and the vehicle to return the Ray Gun, implausible firearm and veteran of two other Call of Dutys.
The new Ray Gun appears to be an automatic weapon that emits globules of plasma, reducing zombies to dust in a couple of shots. Samsung Galaxy S8 Release Date, News & Update: Triple Camera System, Gesture Biometrics, Charging Pads & More! A recent patch from Treyarch to their hit shooter Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 brought players a lot more than they had bargained for - in addition to a few standard fixes, the patch also brought in the new weapon that won't hit the game until July 2 at earliest, the Vengeance DLC's Ray Gun Mark II.
Treyarch was fairly quick to remove the gun from the game, but not before a few players were able to get their hands on it, and upload how the gun played on YouTube.

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Call of Duty Black Ops II has received confirmation for the release of upcoming DLC on July 2. This content will arrive on Xbox 360 first, which is of course due to the deal made between Activision and Microsoft. The Vengeance DLC will ship at 1200 Microsoft points or free for Season Pass holders on July 2. AuthorAdnan RiazGraduate from the University of York and currently working as a freelance journalist, Adnan loves literally anything to do with films, music, television and video games. The Mark II is actually a laser beam, or bolt, that does a triple burst and fires down range through walls or zombies.
My friends aren’t really into zombies, so they constantly get stuck somewhere and I have to explain how to get out of their.
Unwilling to be sidelined by the lure of the Old West, the Ray Gun took advantage of yesterday’s console patch to take players for a quick spin around the existing zombie maps. PlayStation 3 and PC users will receive the content, however a release date is yet to be confirmed for this. For the online Call of Duty fan base there will be the inclusion of 4 new maps for multiplayer. All of the content located here, or other related channels are copyright of VGU.TV and their owners. If the wall’s not too thick like cement, it’s going to pass through – and effectively hit – as many zombies as you have lined up.

Start on a freeway littered by abandoned cars, you have to work your way to an off ramp and make your way to a town. It was promptly pinned down by Treyarch and packed back into its box, but not before everyone and their SCAR-H-toting mums got a good look at it. In addition to the new maps, there's also a new zombie adventure, called Buried, which will feature the new Ray Gun Mark II.
Cove, Rush, Detour and Uplink (which is a remake of the popular Call of Duty Black Ops map, Summit) are the maps that have been confirmed. Once in the town you can do combat from rooftops, through store windows, out in the streets and alleyways…Imagine no stupid bus or lava. Doesn't look like this will feature big name talent like Uprising had with Palminteri and Liotta.
The developers have also confirmed a new weapon to be included in this mode, which will be the Ray Gun Mark II. The Ray Gun Mark II is an upgrade of the fan favorite weapon, the Ray Gun and will be able to fire through hordes of zombies.
Pricing should work the same as past DLC packs - 1200 MS Points for the Xbox 360, and $14.99 for PlayStation 3 and PC via Steam, and free for Season Pass holders. Crappy map designs and gameplay that resembles a chicken, methed out, with its head cut off and frantically shooting an smg.

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