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A new peer-reviewed study published in the International Journal of Angiology shows that Pycnogenol, which is the standardized extract of French maritime pine tree bark, may significantly improve the appearance, swelling and discomfort of varicose veins and spider vein clusters that are caused by pregnancy. The women in the Pycnogenol group experienced multiple effects over six months after beginning treatment four to eight weeks after giving birth, including a significant reduction in the number of varicose veins, a significant decrease in visible clusters of spider veins, plus significant reductions in leg cramps, minor pains and discomfort involved with prolonged standing, swelling, and reduced the overall instance in requests for additional treatment, compared to the women in the control group.
Approximately 30 per cent of women who are post-pregnancy experience enlarged veins, and if left untreated could lead to a chronic vein condition, blood clots and ulcers.
Pycnogenol is available in over 700 dietary supplements and multi-vitamins around the world.
Anatomically, the cornea is the transparent film that covers the iris, the pupil, and the anterior chamber. Corneal stroma – this is also known as substantia propria, which is a thick and transparent middle layer that contains collagen fibers and widely distributed keratocytes. Corneal endothelium – this layer is composed of simple squamous or low cuboidal monolayer and are responsible for regulating the fluid level and the exchange of solutes between the aqueous and corneal stromal compartments. Corneal ulcers then occur when the outer corneal surface develops a sore or an opening usually brought about by an infection. Bacterial infection as a cause of corneal ulcer is common in individuals who wear contact lenses. In Bell’s palsy, it damages the facial nerve or the cranial nerve 7, which is responsible for the closure of the eyelids. The edges of the contact lens have the tendency to scrape the corneal surface and start the ulcerations, facilitating the entry of bacteria. Since there are contact lenses that can be worn for extended periods, dirt particles can be trapped beneath the lenses and can rub the cornea.

Wearing contact lenses for an extended period can cause blockage of the normal flow of oxygen to the corneal surfaces. Foremost, if the corneal ulcer is caused by the contact lenses word for an extended period, then the ophthalmologist would usually remove the contact lens. If the ophthalmologist suspects that the ulcer is caused by bacterial infection, he or she would not recommend putting a patch on the eye as patching will create a dark environment that promotes growth of bacteria.
If the cause of the ulceration is due to bacterial infection, antibiotic eye drops will be prescribed by the physician to control the infection.
In most severe cases wherein the ulcers do not respond to any medication and pose more serious complications, the next choice of treatment is corneal transplant. If one feels and sees signs and symptoms of corneal irritation and one is wearing a contact lens, it is recommended to remove the contact lens right away. To limit the spread of infection, always make sure that your hands are washed and dried properly. TED hose or anti-embolism stockings are special compression stockings for both men and women. The TED hose and TED anti-embolism stocking are the same item, but these names are used interchangeably. Many people intend to buy TED hose anti-embolism stockings to get rid of their edema, but then they see an expensive price and refuse to get them. Participants wore compression stockings, which is the recommended treatment for varicose and spider veins. This structure, together with the lens and the anterior chamber, are responsible in refracting light.

This layer is composed mainly of type IV collagen fibers and is a thin acellular layer that serves as the basement membrane.
Without the normal production of tears or water in the eyes, there would not be enough germ-fighting protection that tears can provide. Since the facial nerve is affected, there wouldn’t be enough innervations to the muscles that close the eyes.
There are contact lenses that can be worn for several days without removing them at night; this type of contact lenses put people at higher risk for damaging the cornea. The frequency of using an eye drop would also depend on the severity and the size of the ulcer. The cornea consists of unmyelinated nerve endings that are sensitive to various stimuli such as touch, changes in temperature, and chemicals.
If the eyelids are open, the cornea is subject to the cold air in the environment that easily dries the eye.
The reason why it is transparent is because it has no blood vessels; it receives nutrition though from the nutrients from the tear fluid in the outside and the aqueous humor through the inside surface as well as from the neurotrophins coming from the nerve fibers that innervate the cornea. Sometimes the best place to look for TED hose or anti-embolism stockings is in the insert that comes with the newspaper or the Parade magazine with the Sunday newspaper.

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