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Swelling in the extremities is often caused by idiopathic edema or excess salt consumption. Swollen hands and feet are commonly caused by idiopathic edema, which is usually not serious. Sometimes women suffer from idiopathic edema during certain portions of their menstrual cycle. Swollen hands and feet from idiopathic edema can often be reduced by lying down for several hours and reducing the amount of salt in your diet. Other signs that swelling in your hands and feet may be serious are if it is coupled with a shortness of breath, unexplained weight gain or nausea. While frequent bouts of swelling in the hands and feet can be troubling, in most cases it is no cause for alarm.
Finally, (OK, this is icky and you might not want to do it but it won't harm you at all) stroke your lymph nodes. I am a 45 year old female with no hypertension or diabetes, but I have had pain in my right side and swelling on my face, and in feet and ankles for the last six months. I'm now finally back to eating better and determined to begin walking although it's painful. These are the following symptoms I struggle with badly: Swollen and burning hands and feet and face.
When the doc couldn't find any irregularities after weeks and months of testing, he recommended Prozac, as it was possibly “all in my head” and I was depressed because I had gained weight. Now, what I was eventually diagnosed with may not be the underlying issue that causes your health problems, but you might want to check it. Anyway, I hope this helps you in the further investigation of the causes for your health issues. My daughter had severe swelling in her hands and feet, skin rashes, loss of energy, severe weight gain and many other symptoms described on this site. At ages 21 to 24 I had chronic headaches, swelling in the feet, and tingling in the arms and legs. Undiagnosed swelling in the hands, feet, stomach (with severe pain), face and throat could possibly be a result of a very rare condition called Hereditary Angioedema. What do I do when I have swollen feet, ankles and toes and my doctor has no idea what is causing it?
I have been on anti-depression and anti-convulsion medications and seven days ago, I had a horrible allergic reaction to my Lamictal which made me break out all over my body with a red rash and hives. I walk around and shake my hands to make them "wake" again, but most of the time it doesn't help.
Please, if anyone ever had an allergic reaction from medication, please let me know that this is part of it and will go away. Also known as a hand contusion, a bruised hand can produce pain, swelling, and decreased mobility. In conjunction with anti-inflammatory medications and the application of ice, the health care provider may recommend occupational therapy services in cases where the bruised hand is causing extreme pain, immobility and loss of strength. Keeping the bruised hand elevated higher than the level of the heart can also help reduce swelling and pain. Until the bruised hand is completely healed, the health care provider might recommend that driving be avoided.
I have used bags of frozen peas before on areas that were likely to bruise, but they were just too cold to leave on my skin for more than a minute or so.
Hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) causes, symptoms, In primary hyperhidrosis, excessive sweating of the palms, soles, and axillae (armpits) often starts with the first social exposure of the day.. If your answer to any of these questions is YES, then a course of manual lymph drainage could go a long way toward solving your problem. In severe cases swollen legs may be an early sign of heart failure, kidney failure, or liver failure. Long days sitting at a desk, or difficulty walking are big contributors to leg dysfunction, swelling and hardening of the sub-tissue in the leg.
It's important to get a proper diagnosis first, so make sure your doctor knows about your concerns, and see if they have any recommendations prior to commencing a series of LDM sessions. Once you have the all clear, then it is safe and recommended that a course of Manual Lymph Drainage be performed to shift the excess fluid and get it moving. This is the fascinating thing about LDM; the fact that you will continue to gain benefits from it for several days afterwards.
Long term lymphedema can cause a condition known as fibrosis (an abnormal condition in which fibrous connective tissue spreads over or replaces normal smooth muscle or other normal organ tissue).

In stage three, a general feeling of being unwell and everything slowing down, means that you are less inclined to do anything, and this compounds the problem, as the saturated tissues become dense, hard and unable to function at normal levels. Pressure on muscles, tendons, ligaments and nerves can cause neuropathy (called peripheral neuropathy), and this can be further complicated by infections, chemotherapy or burns to the skin.
Look, I can't promise you anything up front, but the reason I put this article online was because of the many successes MLD is producing for the patients that are currently coming for treatment. Apart from the medical concerns detailed above, a sedentary lifestyle is the most often to blame. These numbers represent pressure at the pump stroke, and at the rest phase, of the heart cycle.
However, by now the blood pressure generated by the heartbeat has been dissipated and there is insufficient to create a proper return from the veins. Not all the water supplied to the cells gets back into the blood supply, and some of it moves into what are called the interstitial spaces between the cells and layers of the body. DISCLAIMER: This information is not presented by a medical practitioner and is for educational and informational purposes only.
The problem, however, is not limited to women and not necessarily to a particular time of the month. Some doctors treat idiopathic edema with ACE inhibitors or progesterone, but this does not consistently treat the condition. Swelling in the extremities can be a symptom of heart disease, or problems with the liver or kidneys. Any of these symptoms, combined with swelling of the hands and feet, are a signal that something potential serious may be going on in the body. By reducing salt consumption and resting during the day, much of the swelling can be alleviated. It may not be that, but from what you said, it should help with the symptoms and it's totally non-invasive.
The stockings, the sleep, the stroking-- none of it will hurt you, and you never know; it may help. I've been to two doctors who say it is systemic (yeah, tell me something I don't know) but they couldn't say much other than that.
First one will swell then the others and like the next day, my big toes do the same thing but it's one at a time.
Since then I have been sick with vomiting, fevers, profuse sweating and fatigue and joint pain.
While I do recognize that certain symptoms may be or have psychological reasons, this certainly was not the case, and I was not pregnant, so I promptly took my boob out and 'squeezed' and the breast milk sprayed into his direction, calmly saying, “And in whose head is this now?
I am now 41 and three years ago, it was accidentally discovered that I have genetic hypertriglyceridemia and a virus in my pancreas. I finally cleared up the rashes but now my feet, right leg and hands are swelling and have pain with it. As soon as the injury occurs, ice should be applied to the affected area, though ice should not be applied directly to the skin because tissue injury or an ice burn can occur.
To rule out broken bones or other severe damage, the health care provider might recommend an x-ray, MRI, or ultrasound of the hand.
Occupational therapy will help restore mobility and help promote circulation and blood flow, thereby, speeding the healing process.
When lying down, the hand should be propped up on pillows, which will elevate the limb and increase blood flow to the injury.
Proper driving requires the use of both hands on the steering wheel, and failure to drive in this manner might result in loss of control, contributing to an accident.
My hand is still bruised but the swelling is slowly going down, but it's still very painful.
In these conditions, there is too much fluid in the body and you should seek medical advice before attempting to deal with this yourself. You might be confronted with a diagnosis like: deep vein thrombosis (DVT), baker's cyst (popliteal cyst), inflammation, cellulitis, an allergic reaction, rheumatoid arthritis, or a host of other worse conditions that may need medical care.
There is no health risk associated with this swelling, so rest and reduction of salt seem to be the best treatment. In this case, a doctor will first determine that the swelling is not part of a greater health concern. Start at your knee and using both hands stroke the entire thigh (or as much of it as you can get).
I know that is extremely simplistic, but doctors will blame obesity on anything they can get away with (and a few that are criminal) so always seek a second opinion if you're getting nothing from your first doctor.

I also noticed that the veins that are usually slightly visible under my skin had become huge highways of blue a good eighth of an inch raised above my hand.
When all four go through this process I'll be OK for three weeks to a month and doctors just say it's the weather. The swelling lessened and eventually went away, until I tried walking the same distance and not making it all the way around before I started limping. The doctor took me off a new pill, thinking I was allergic and now have removed one of my blood pressure pills, amlodopine.
I have been drinking a water pill every morning for the last month and it has done nothing.
The swelling and inability to use the bathroom seems like it is related to internal swelling, which can be MS related.
Seems to me it is on your desk and very nearly on your face!” Not my proudest moment, but I am sure you can sympathize with my frustration!
Pancreatic issues are apparently very difficult to diagnose but in short, my health issues started with hormonal disturbances, subsequent endometriosis, and ended up affecting my pancreas, although I was told three years ago that I had contracted a virus in my pancreas but cannot imagine it was in me for 25 years! My husband has been diagnosed with this disease after two years of not knowing what was wrong with him. Occasionally, depending upon the nature of the injury, a bruised hand may be accompanied by a break in the skin. Furthermore, if the individual is taking prescription pain relievers for his injury, it might also be recommended that he avoid operating a motor vehicle. If not, he may recommend elastic stockings to help reduce the swelling and alleviate the discomfort. Your symptoms of black out, tingling, fatigue, swelling, and numbness are symptoms, and so are depression, headaches, irregular heartbeat (racing, or feeling like is slowing down), restless sleep and joint pain. I've been told that I might have fibromyalgia, or have a rare congenital back spinal cord among other injuries. I am going to a cardio specialist to address that because it took six years to reduce my blood pressure and I was told to stay on all three meds for that since my blood pressure was finally under control.
I have itchiness in my hands and feet and cheeks and also have pins and needles if I put pressure on a body part for not even like five minutes.
This is all endocrine system-related, and I am pretty sure that the food I was eating then (which was heavily processed irradiated meat injected with hormones, etc.) started the ball rolling.
They could occur throughout the day when I was at work and I had no idea how I got home, or even drove home, for that matter.
However, I have a pain in my lower stomach and have to take deep breaths when using the restroom. Even though a bruised hand is not considered a serious condition, it can result in persistent pain, especially if the nerves of the hand are injured. The warm paraffin wax helps decrease pain and stiffness, while helping to reduce muscle spasms and inflammation. When this occurs, the wound needs to be cleaned with mild soap and warm water, and monitored for signs of infections.
I accidentally overdosed on lithium four years ago, which they say didn't destroy my kidneys, but I don't believe them. The same foot has had prior injuries, and I’ve had a broken outer right fibula, with a screw placed in it. The rheumatologist, says the naturalist is a witch doctor and I should continue getting worse no matter my diet.
If the person notices redness, inflammation, pus drainage, or excessive bleeding, he needs to contact his health care provider.
If you look on the labels of the food you eat, you will see how much sodium is in each product you consume. When doctors know that you are taking these meds, they expect a higher reading on sodium so they do not take the test results as being high over medical problems. After all that, you need to do it all again, starting from the ankles and finishing at the ears. Drink more milk since vitamin D3 helps absorb sodium and calcium within the digestive tract, which helps remove and balance one's sodium level within the blood.

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