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In the present days the lower right back pain is one of the most common of the discomforts and painful conditions experienced by most part of the population. Back pain is an annoying condition and it can cause heavy disruptions in your daily routine.
Abused Sacro- Illiac Joint– is one of the most used muscles in our body and due to the constant use and overuse this muscle gets abused often and leads to lower back pain as the symptom of a damaged Sacro – Illiac joint. Injured Quadratus Lumborum muscle– this is the muscle group that runs from your pelvis to rib cage.
A weakened Sacrum- Pelvis connection– The connection between the Sacrum and the Pelvis muscles is not provided with a disc for protection and hence when this is weakened due to injury or overuse it leads to severe lower right back pain. The lower right back pain in most of the cases is only a symptom of an underlying condition in your lower back area and hence the right approach to get relief from this pain is to find and cure the condition that has given rise to the symptoms. Do not leave this pain to remain for a long time and become a chronic pain condition that will drastically bring down the quality of your life. While low back pain is very common complaint, some people may particularly experience lower right back pain. Lower right back pain can be acute back pain, often felt as sharp, lightning or shooting type, while sometimes it can be dull aching pain in the entire region.
Pain in lower right back may be felt with a burning, stabbing sensation and can also be accompanied with numbness and tingling in lower limbs. The commonest cause of lower right back pain is injury or damage to the muscles and ligaments supporting the back and other joint related conditions.
Injury to bones, joints, spinal vertebrae, muscles, ligaments, soft tissues and blood vessels in the lower back region can cause lower right back pain. Protrusion or herniation of intervertebral disc, annular tears and bulging of discs are also another common cause of lower right back pain. Tensed muscles in the lower right back can cause pain with a feeling of weakness in the muscles and inability to move or lift objects. Joint conditions and aging related problems like lumbar spondylosis, various types of arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis affecting lower back and the sacroiliac joint on the right can also cause lower right back pain.
Poor posture, sitting for long hours, awkward movements, excessive use of lower back muscles causing overuse injuries or inappropriate ways of lifting weights, etc.
Sciatica and nerve related conditions causing nerve compression, particularly on the right side can cause right lower back pain which can extend into the right buttocks.
Lower right back pain can also be caused due to fracture of spinal cord, compression fractures of spine, occurring due to osteoporosis and any other injury to the spinal vertebrae.
Conditions of spine like spinal stenosis which is narrowing of the spinal canal, can cause lower right back pain. Congenital or acquired conditions, which affect the curvatures of spine like scoliosis, kyphosis, when the right side is involved, can cause lower right back pain, if the condition worsens. Renal problems like kidney stones, infection in the kidneys or urinary tract infections, other kidney disorders and urologic diseases.
In women, menstrual pain, menstrual irregularities, pregnancy related causes, or gynecological disorders like pelvic inflammatory conditions, uterine problems can cause lower right back pain. Other conditions affecting the joints, certain autoimmune disorders, some infections including pelvic infections, tumors and spread of cancers, etc. Lower right back pain can be presented with pain in the lower region of the back, during a particularly activity, bending, lifting weight or travelling. If lower back pain is severe and the person is unable to move, immediate medical care is needed.
Lower right back pain is managed with rest and immobilization for initial period with back support. Lower right back pain is a very specific pain that can be caused a variety of different ways. Most people are right handed, causing them to lift and carry with the right side of their body, explaining the isolated pain in the lower right back.
The most common reason people experience pain in the lower right part of the back is from a herniated disc.
Another common reason people experience pain in the lower right back is from a lumbar strain or, simply put, a muscle strain. A common theme among back pains is that proper stretching and exercise can prevent the majority of problems. First, the sciatic nerve runs from your lower back to your feet, and it’s the longest nerve in your body! Just like potential kidney issues, an appendicitis can also severely aggravate the lower right part of your back.
In general, lower right back pain is caused by any stress or strain on the muscles and ligaments of that region. Take some time to look around this site and become more well-informed, but also remember – seeing a doctor who specializes in your condition will provide incredible benefits.
I have lower back pain that runs down both legs and into my knees and sometimes into my feet. For the last week ive been having really bad pain on the right side of my lower back going Iinto my leg. To provide our readers with quality information regarding prevention, causes and treatments of lower right back pain and to present this information in a way that is easily understood. Lower right abdominal pain is pain in the region where an imaginary horizontal line is drawn below the lower right ribs till the right side of another imaginary longitudinal line along the umbilicus. Any problem, infection, injury, inflammation, twisting, wind retention, cancer or tumors in the above mentioned structures causes lower right abdomen pain. Appendicitis is a condition where the appendix gets inflamed and this is the most common cause for right lower abdomen pain.
Symptoms: Pain which is achy in nature and starts around the umbilicus and then moves to the lower right abdomen.

Infection in the bladder or any part of the urinary tract can extend to kidneys resulting in kidney infection causing pain and inflammation. Cysts are the fluid filled sacs on the ovary's surface which can grow larger and cause pain and discomfort, especially if they get twisted. Symptoms: Pain in the lower abdomen, which can be dull and achy in nature, pain in the pelvis which radiates towards the thigh and lower back.
Symptoms: Severe pain on the lower right abdomen (can be misdiagnosed as appendicitis), missed period, vaginal bleeding and other symptoms of pregnancy.
Treatment: If the ectopic pregnancy is detected in early stages, then methotrexate injection is given to halt the growth of the cells and disintegrate the remaining cells.
Symptoms: Patient is not able to pass stools easily and often passes hard stools a couple of times a week.
Investigations: Barium enema x-ray, defecography, sigmoidoscopy, colonoscopy, anorectal manometry, colorectal transit study or marker study. Some women with endometriosis experience no symptoms, while others suffer from lower abdominal pain. Pain in the lower right abdomen for a child under two years of age could indicate a serious condition called intusscuception.
A diagram showing ulcerative colitis and other colon problems that could cause abdomen pain. A diagram of the female reproductive system, including the ovaries, which can cause abdominal pain.
You will be forced to feel deprived of necessary energy and power even to do the most common of the daily tasks. When it is injured due to overstretching or unusual bending of your body, or due to swift abnormal twisting of the hip region this muscle gets injured and leads to a nagging and intense lower right back pain. When you have this type of pain do not hesitate to go to your Doctor and find the real reason and get the right type of treatment to prevent it becoming chronic and leave you paralyzed with  intense pain.
So, take immediate steps to find out the source and reason for the pain and take corrective actions and make your lower right back pain a thing of past within a short time. Please  'LIKE'  Daily Health and Wellness Tips  on FACEBOOK to stay up to date with new posts and gain the INSIDES on Self-Improvement, Wisdom, Holistic Health  and a HAPPIER YOU! Pain can last for a short span, which is acute lower right back pain or it can even last for a long time making it chronic back pain. These discs are protective cushions in between the spinal vertebrae, which if protrude from their original position, cause severe and sudden pain in lower right back. It is often associated with nerve compression symptoms like burning sensation, numbness and tingling and sometimes weakness. Some gastrointestinal conditions affecting the right side like appendicitis, disorders of the colon, etc. Back pain can be associated with radiating pain from the lower back to buttocks, back of thighs and legs. Lower right back pain, if accompanied with weakness of lower limbs, loss of control of bowel and bladder, it can be a medical emergency. Men often carry over-sized wallets in their right back pocket which causes poor posture when sitting.
Some studies have shown that sleeping positions can lead to lower back pain on the ride side. Without getting technical, a herniated disc occurs when the disc at the base of your back becomes “outta whack!” Sudden movement, compression, disease, or other misuse may have caused the disc to slip.  When the disc is out of its normal position – it hurts! Simply put, the “Quadratus Lumborum” is the muscle that allows you to move your spine from side to side. We’ll call it “QL,” and it works with several other muscles to provide you great posture (among other things). So, be sure to move your Quadratus Lumborum around and safely stretch your other muscles as well.
A kidney infection and kidney stones can cause these organs, on your right side, to swell and become inflamed. I had been going to the physio regularly a couple of months back and found some relief but it never lasted long, if anything I feel the pain had gradually gotten worse. We will look at some of the common causes with symptoms, investigations and treatment for pain in the lower right abdomen. Other symptoms are: Feeling of fullness or heaviness in the abdomen, nausea, vomiting and pressure sensation on the rectum or bladder. Symptoms other than abdominal pain are: Bloating, straining, rectal pressure and pain when defecating. Though significant conditions in their own rights, it is not too often that the pain is due to something like herniated disc, sacroiliac joint dysfunction or quadratus lumborum trigger points. It includes the spine, lumbar and lower spinal vertebrae, areas on the right side of the spine and the hip region which is rested when seating. Lower right back pain can sometimes make a person feel weak and unable to stand, bend or continue with the activity.
Lower right back pain may be followed with a history of falling, sudden jerking movements, lifting of heavy weights, accidents or sport injuries. This commonly occurs while bending or lifting heavy objects or sometimes occurs due to gradual wear and tear. It is important that you consult with a doctor or medical professional before starting, ending, or changing any medical routine. Those of us who travel, pull, carry or haul our belongings over our right shoulder, causing additional strain.
In short, any number of activities or habits could have caused this pain in your lower right side of your back. This is what we need to figure in order to treat the pain and prevent it from occurring again.
More specifically, this disc could be affecting a nerve connected to the lower right side of the back.

Additionally, you are most at risk to get a herniated or slipped disc from “strenuousness at work,” according to a March 2013 study shared by the National Institutes of Health. The same causes of a herniated disc (sudden movement, compression, or other misuse) can cause a lumbar strain. Kidney inflammation is obviously uncomfortable, and to compensate, many people improperly adjust their posture. Considering most people are right-handed, lifting, pushing, and pulling with your right hand can create pain on the lower right back. I was diagnosed by a doctor back in jan with a kidney infection who then put me on really strong antibiotics. It comes and goes worse of a morning and night and yet doesn’t hurt when I stretch or exercise!
Other symptoms include: Nausea, vomiting low-grade fever, loss of appetite and constipation or diarrhea.
For large stones, treatment comprises of extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy (SWL), which breaks the stones into tiny pieces so it can pass via urine. If it gets implanted in right ovary or tube, then it causes severe lower right abdominal pain.
After testing and evaluation, treatment can be started after cause of the pain is identified. Back pain can be a result of musculoskeletal conditions or may be related to internal organs. Injury or damage to a nerve in the lower back can cause sharp, severe lower right back pain. This website contains articles and videos that deal with the prevention, causes and treatments of this unique condition. Research suggests physical activity rarely causes a herniated disc, instead, physical fitness can prevent and heal a herniated disc and your lower right back pain. If the sciatic nerves are compressed, it will naturally be uncomfortable and can lead to pain in your legs, pain in your thighs, and of course, pain on the right side of your lower back. If you have reason to believe this is the cause of any pain or discomfort, seek medical attention immediately! I questioned this with a 2nd doc who then told me I didn’t have a kidney infection but as there was blood in my urine there may be some infection but too many blood tests to get done to test for all, said it may be a UTI, very helpful I know.
Surgical procedures such as percutaneous nephrolithotomy can be done to remove larger stones. Of course, there are some instances in which lower right back pain can be due to a problematic condition.
In most joint and muscle conditions, physical therapy may be required and gradual recovery of activities may be advised.
If you believe you have a herniated disc, please review these herniated disc exercises with your doctor. Because of their location (just inside the hip), an injured sacroiliac joint has been known to cause lower right back pain. Often times sciatica causes pain to run from the lower right or left side of your back through your legs. For example, it could be a symptom of spinal stenosis, a kidney infection or even cancer in the worst scenario.Significance in SideThough it might not seem like there is much of a big deal, there are some actual differences between feeling pain on the left side of the back and feeling pain in the lower right back side—to a degree. More severe lumbar strains can cause debilitating levels of pain and require extensive physical therapy and treatment. Other symptoms accompanying lower right abdominal pain include: Nausea, vomiting, constipation, tenderness, diarrhea, gas, bloating, loss of appetite and fever. For example, a kidney infection can just as easily affect the left as it does the right.However, a pain only on the right side can be due to any number of conditions.
Back is crazy sore today, no painkillers, anti inflammatories, creams, heat packs, stretches are relieving it. For instance, the majority of the world uses their right hand as dominant, and the more activities done with the right side, the more likely injury can occur on that right side.Kidneys and Back PainExperiencing pain in the lower right back is often due to a tear in the tissue of the lumbar region, but it is possible to develop a problem like kidney stones, which require much more prompt treatment.
The number one symptom of an issue like this is a sharp pain in the lower right back that is not usually relieved with massage.
Of course, the kidneys are on both sides of the spine, so it is possible to experience the pain on the left side as well.Lumbar StrainIt is also possible to experience pain on the lower back right side due to pulling the muscles or the ligaments within the right side of the lower back. Even the most microscopic tissue tears can force muscles to spasm or to become inflamed from the tears, both of which can create pain that radiating to the leg in some cases.This kind of injury can occur when vigorously playing a sport or when improperly trying to lift a heavy object. If undergoing strengthening exercise does not help relieve the strained muscle, it is wise to make a call to a doctor or a chiropractor.
Treatment is simple enough, however.First, avoid repeating the activity that started the pain, and avoid resting in bed for longer than 48 hours.
Do not favor the right side over the left even if the pain is on the right; this causes the muscles to balance improperly, which lead to additional injury later on in the future.
These discs serve to offer flexibility to the back and to offer a cushioning between the vertebrae. Sometimes, the disc can compress and break, causing the gel-like fluid from the inside to squeeze out and cause a spinal nerve to become irritated and cause pain in the lower right back.SciaticaSciatica is another condition that appears to create a significant amount of lower right back pain. Because these sciatic nerves start from the lower back and toward the legs, it is common to experience pain after a herniated disc pushing the fluid to the sciatic nerve. This is especially true if the patient experiences other symptoms of the condition that gradually progress further and further prior to the age of 40. Some of these symptoms include rashes, pain in the lower back and joints, significant stiffness in the morning, irritated eyes, difficult digestion and unusual discharge from the urethra.There is also a concern if experiencing symptoms that equally spread to both legs, including a tingling or numbness that is exacerbated by lifting objects.

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