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As a person gets on in years, he or she is more likely to have a gathering of edema fluid in their lower legs when they stand or sit too long. Today's post is the fourth in a series that shares information from a recent H2U seminar lead by Naveen Setty, MD. Medical Center of McKinney has been routinely recognized for its expert team of surgeons and medical specialists.
This also happens to be common with age and so does not always mean the person will need medical treatment. They may also see a tightness and swelling the shoes and socks are removed at the end of the day.

At anytime when lying down, place a knee wedge pillow under the legs to lift them above your heart. Frequent use can increase the size of the cyst so your doctor may prescribe a brace to limit movement. However, due of the effects of gravity, the fluid more commonly appears as painless swelling in the lower legs.
If it is continues to cause discomfort or affects hand movement, your doctor may try to aspirate the cyst with an needle. It is important to note that the cyst can return 50% of the time and some cysts do not respond to this treatment at all.

However, it is always recommended to have a cyst like this evaluated to be sure the swelling is not due to an injury or another cause.

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