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Advanced Medical Inspection EquipmentsThe accurate diagnosis can be a powerful guarantee for the kidney disease treatment While the accurate dialysis needs the support from the advanced medical inspection equipments which achieve world-class level. Patients BlogIt is such a place where you can share your experience, see the international news about kidney disease and find the answers to the questions bothering.
Since 1986, Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital of China has been dedicated to providing the highest quality care to Kidney Disease patients all over the world.Learn more about Chinese hospitals. If Nephrotic Syndrome patients find ankle swelling and infrequent urination, they are eager to know the reason why these symptoms appear and how to cope with them naturally.
Nephrotic Syndrome is a problem in which excessive amounts of protein are found in the urine. Generally speaking, ankle swelling can be managed well through diuretics and reasonable diets like limiting salt, fluids and potassium. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is recommended to help Nephrotic Syndrome patients deal with infrequent urination, because it aims at repairing glomerular damage and recovering kidney function. As long as the damaged kidneys can become healthier and healthier, ankle swelling, infrequent urination and other symptoms of Nephrotic Syndrome will be relieved naturally and effectively. Send Home Our method Usage examples Index Contact StatisticsWe do not evaluate or guarantee the accuracy of any content in this site.
Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Edema is one of the common symptoms of nephrotic syndrome and the edema maybe spread on all parts of human body including foot, leg, hand, face, eye and others, which really influence the normal life of patients. With the protein leaking, the injured renal cells will be damaged further and edema also is bad for the blood pressure, so controlling the protein urine is very necessary for preventing the renal insufficient. The active substances in medicine has functions of expending blood vessels, promoting blood circulation and removing blood clots, so the blood can flow into kidney smoothly. When the kidney damage is stopped and injured parts are repaired, the protein urine can be cured, followed by the edema disappear and nephrotic syndrome also can be treated from root. Leave your problem to us,You will surely get the free medical advice from experts within 24 hours! Nephrotic Syndrome is a kind of immune related disease, which is difficult to treat by common treatments, like steroids.

Normally, most of patients would think that dialysis is a proper way that helps patients reduce high creatinine level. For an individual with edema, he needs to reduce fluid intake, as drinking too much water will increase kidney burden and worsen illness condition. For Nephrotic Syndrome patients, they experience edema symptom due to severe protein leakage.
If left uncontrolled, fluid retention may spread to lung, causing pulmonary edema which can cause shortness of breath. Specific symptoms of Nephrotic Syndrome include ankle swelling, feet swelling or face swelling.
If the frequent urination in Nephrotic Syndrome is caused by the reduced kidney function, then it will be a little difficult to deal with this issue.
Not like steroids, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is based on Chinese herbal medicines which come from the nature, so Nephrotic Syndrome patients do not need to worry about the side effects.
Be optimistic about your life, we will be here fighting against the disease together with you.
When the insufficient blood and oxygen condition is remitted, the kidney damage also can be blocked at some degree. Nephrotic Syndrome is one of the leading causes of kidney failure and in this kidney disorder, edema is the most visible symptom. Generally, patients can drink 500 milliliter more fluid than the volume of their urine output. Diuretic can be used to help our body discharge excess fluid, but the one thing that should be kept in mind and that is what kind of diuretic can be used should depend on patients’ potassium level. This natural treatment for Nephrotic Syndrome has been known by more and more foreign patients.
Now let us see hoe dose our Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy work on protecting your kidneys.
In addition, the medicine also can function on absorbing toxins in blood, then crash them, finally activate phagocyte to swollen these broken matters. Edema is also commonly called swelling or fluid retention and effective management of it helps to slow down illness condition and increase patients’ life expectancy.

Besides, for kidney failure patients, if they have started dialysis, they may need to follow different principles about fluid intake.
Therefore, controlling proteinuria is also an important part in treating edema associated with Nephrotic Syndrome.
For Nephrotic Syndrome patients, kidneys are damaged and can not function properly, which lead to large amounts of protein leak from urine and excess fluid stay in the body.
The reasons causing water retention include the loss of protein in the blood and decreased kidney function. In addition, for nephrotic syndrome patients with renal insufficient, the remaining kidney functions fail to excrete the extra water and sodium out of body, leading to retention and edema.
When the blood is pure, there is no ultra immune responses on kidneys, the kidney damage also can be stopped. Some of them can help to discharge excess potassium and some of them can protect potassium from being discharged out of the body. Therefore, improving kidney function is the key point for Nephrotic Syndrome patients to get edema treated effectively.
In addition to Nephrotic Syndrome, heart failure can also cause ankle swelling and a series of other symptoms like nausea, vomiting, loss of concentration and infrequent urination. At last, the medicine contains nutrition which is helpful for repairing the injured renal cells, restoring the kidney functions. Allow diet with low salt and high protein (egg, fish) Administer prescribed medications (prednisolone, lasix). Monitor blood counts (TLC, DLC) Prevent injury of edematous skin by providing skin care and changing position.

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