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A schoolgirl was left with a badly swollen face after suffering a terrifying allergic reaction to her sunglasses on holiday.Laura Mussona€™s head, eyes and nose ballooned in size, leaving her features so distorted that even her parents didna€™t recognise her. After seeking urgent medical treatment in Spain, the distraught teenager's parents booked their daughter on the next flight back to the UK for further hospital treatment.Now she wants to warn other holidaymakers about the perils of buying and wearing cheap sunglasses. Laura Musson, who said she ended up looking like a character from Avatar, pictured after the swelling had gone downAfter a day by the pool wearing her new shades, which she had purchased from a High Street shop, Laura felt her forehead was starting to burn.
The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Face swelling is the accumulation of fluids in the tissues around the face and further affects the upper arms and the neck. Face swelling can be remedied by simple methods at home by applying cold compress over the swollen region in order to dull the pain and inflammation. Take medications such as antihistamine or anti-allergy because your swelling might be due to allergic reaction from food or airborne allergen, insect sting or allergic rhinitis.
Ask your doctor if there are any health conditions or infections that cause facial swelling. If the face swelling does subside or only grows worse, you will need to seek medical attention.
There are various reasons that face swelling may occur, and most of them require some sort of medical treatment to fix the issue. Some diseases can result in swelling in the face, even when it does not seem like the face should be affected by the medical condition at all. Most allergic reactions are accompanied by swelling in the face, and some even cause the entire inside of the mouth to swell.
Some people only find out that they are allergic to certain medications when their face swells up after taking the drugs. I am having some teeth problems, but cannot afford a dentist, and my mother was a dental assistant for years - first for an oral surgeon, then for a general dentist, so I know that swelling caused by dental problems usually comes with pain. Women experience a lot of physical as well as psychological changes at the time of pregnancy. Swelling of face can also take place due to the accumulation of the fluid in the facial area. Consumption of salt or salty foods needs to be averted when one is dealing with swollen face. The human face is roughly symmetrical meaning that the vertical half on one side closely matches the other side.
Ask a Doctor Online Now!The orientation of the jaw (mandible) in relation to the cranium may also contribute to the shape of the face. Although it is known that the face is symmetrical, there is one side that is slightly larger then the other.
Sometimes, however, the enlargement of one side of the face reaches a point where it is clearly evident and even if it does not cause any other symptoms, it can cause psychological stress.  One sided facial swelling may occur with a growth in the bone or soft tissue, accumulation of fluid, muscle enlargement, skull bone and particularly jaw displacement compared to the other side of the face.
When there is one sided facial swelling, it simply means that the tissue on the enlarged side is affected.
It is important to consider several factors when evaluating the cause of facial swelling which may provide a better indication of the cause.
The most common cause for facial swelling that tends to occur very rapidly and is usually just temporary is an injury to face. Parotitis which is an inflammation of the parotid gland most commonly caused by an infection like mumps. Eye and eyelid infections like conjunctivitis, keratitis, stye (hordeolum) and blepharitis.
Ask a Doctor Online Now!There are a number of allergic reactions that can cause one sided facial swelling.
Allergies to various substances that may be used in facial creams, cosmetics, implants for cheek augmentation and sometimes dental materials. The facial muscles, like the large masseter muscle, gives the cheeks definition and problems with these muscles can alter the shape and size of the face. Atrophy (shrinking) of the muscle on one side as may be seen with partial or complete muscle paralysis (like in Bell’s palsy). Hypertrophy (enlargement) of the muscle on one side with clenching on one side or chewing only on one side. Sometimes facial spasms associated with certain nerve and muscle diseases can cause a facial distortion.
Less frequently, a tumor or the blood vessels or nerves may also be responsible for the one sided swelling. Most of the other causes a systemic, meaning that it affects the entire body or several systems of the body simultaneously.
I just woke up to the right side of my face swollen, from just under my eye next to my nose down through the hollow of my cheek to under my ear and edge of my jaw. Hi Everyone, Over the last two weeks the left side of my face (next to my nose) has swollen from the edge of my mouth to my eye, my doctor told me to give up salt and if it isn’t gone in two weeks he will refer me to an ENT.
Hi, when I woke up in the morning my left side of the face got swollen especially near my cheeks,there is no pain in that region,sometimes I have light head ache. About 3 weeks ago, I woke up and the inside of my right cheek was swollen, (visibly swollen) on the cheek and art of my gums. My left side of my face tends to swell at night, my cheeks and under my eye are affected and when this occurs I get twitches or spasms under the eye and a slight drowsy feel on my left side. Hi i have a small but very sore lump on my right cheek and my eye area has also swelled up and it is all very red and sore, could you please help?

Doctors said she - and her friend, who was also wearing a pair of similar glasses - had both suffered severe allergic reactions and confirmed plastic in the sunglasses was the most likely cause.
It was the next day that horrified Laura noticed her head and eyes were starting to swell.A  a€?I didna€™t know what was happening. When you sleep, raise your head by using extra pillows as this will help reduce the swelling of the face.
Couple this with decongestant if you think that the swelling of your face has something to do with the inflammation of the sinuses. If there is too much salt in the food, this may cause an increase in the fluid retention of the body. You may likewise opt for anti-inflammatory pills which could also lessen the pain on the face. Doctors will ask you questions in order for them to determine what cause the facial swelling. Some disorders can result in swelling of the face, such as sinusitis, kidney disease, and malnutrition, though an eye stye, conjunctivitis, and a tooth abscess can also contribute to facial swelling. For example, kidney disease may cause this issue, as a malfunctioning kidney can fill the body with fluids, though this is usually also accompanied by swollen hands and feet.
These symptoms often also come with difficulty breathing due to the swollen mouth, a skin rash, and a fever. Some of the most common types of medication that can cause this reaction include steroids, penicillin, aspirin, and corticosteroids like prednisone.
The swelling has not happened since I lost my job two days ago, so the stress factor seems null and void.
In fact, pregnancy can cause a lot of unwanted side effects and one such side effect is swollen face. Severe and long lasting swelling can cause severe pain in the facial area for which medical consultation is necessary. Water helps to keep the individual suffering from swollen face refreshed and also aids in hydrating the eyes.
Salt has been recognized to cause bloating and swelling of the face and hence needs to be evaded. Most of these scenarios are considered to be abnormal and facial asymmetry in these instances needs to be investigated further to identify the cause and corrected. This is often referred to as soft tissue swelling, although it may involve the bone to some degree as well.
Apart from the tissue, each side of its face has its own blood, nerve and lymphatic supply.
Is the one sides facial swelling affecting speech, breathing, eating or chewing, sense of taste or smell, size of the eyes or eyelid movement? Is the facial swelling isolated to the cheek or extending upwards to the forehead or downwards to the neck?
This may be isolated to the superficial layers like the skin and subcutaneous fat, or involve deeper tissue such as the muscle and even extend into the bone.
The swelling is usually over and around the eye but may extend onto the cheek and up to forehead in severe cases. The most important and severe is anaphylaxis (anaphylactic reactions) which can be life threatening without immediate medical attention. As you can see from the article above there are many possible causes of facial swelling on one side.
I have had many eye infections before and it doesn’t seem to be one any ideas as to what’s happening?
There are a number of different conditionsthat could cause the symptoms you are experiencing.
I have problems with the left side of my face swelling along with the left side of my neck being swollen and tight. As you mention, there are quite a few factors that may have played a role in this swelling.
If you think that the inflammation of your sinuses is caused by virus, fungi or bacteria, consult a medical professional for further instructions about medications, whether this means starting on a new one, or making changes or stopping some intake of certain drugs. Excessive retention of fluid in the body may lead to swelling on different body parts, including the face. Emergency measures may be applied if the face swelling is due to respiratory distress or burns. This is also often a symptom of an allergic reaction, at which point it is typically accompanied by a rash, difficulty breathing, and even swelling inside the mouth. Malnutrition can also lead to body and face swelling, though it seems counterintuitive since most people assume the body should become thinner with starvation. Some of the most common allergens include bees, pollen, and insect bites, and pet allergies.
Additionally, asthma medication, anticonvulsants, certain diuretics, and glucosteroids can also cause facial swelling in those who are allergic to it.
I have been to doctors and they have put me on 50mg of prednisone a day for four days then down to 25mg for four days, and regular antihistamines, but nothing has worked as yet. I thought at first it was an allergic reaction to blackberries, as I went through a phase where I could not get enough of them.
When there is a marked difference between one side of the face compared to the other then it is known as asymmetry. Most people will know which side of their face is slightly larger than the other but it is not noticeable to even  close friends and family without careful scrutiny.

Some of these causes can be potentially life threatening, like a malignant tumor, whereas in other cases it may be uncomfortable but will not lead to severe medical complications. In most instances the inflammation is a result of an injury to the face but the inflammation can also arise with infections and allergies. Therefore a condition that affects these structures on one side will lead to swelling only on that side. The blood vessels become leaky allowing excess amounts of fluid from the bloodstream to enter into the tissue spaces.
It may be caused by viruses or bacteria which are the most common pathogens, or fungi and other types of parasites. Nevertheless it is worth considering these conditions as a possible cause of one sided facial swelling. Both sides of the face are not symmetrical but usually one side is not significantly larger than the other. I’ve seen the doctor, they said it might be because previously i always chew only one side and the muscle getting bigger. Swelling means that there is fluid accumulation but this is usually not a common cause of an enlarged cheek that persists for so long. If the stye does not die out, seek medical attention from a specialist and they will recommend you to undergo some outpatient surgical procedures to drain out and clean the infection if there are some; or prescribe some antibiotic cream to be applied.
Finally, some drugs can cause face swelling, including commonly used medications like aspirin, penicillin, prednisone, and the substance inside asthma inhalers. Additionally, some smaller issues can affect the entire face, such as a tooth abscess, which can make the cheeks become inflamed and puffy. Hay fever, contact dermatitis, and allergic rhinitis can all cause facial swelling, making it important to avoid contact with the allergen in question and get medical treatment quickly. Fortunately, it is usually possible for doctors to treat this symptom so that the swelling goes down quickly, though it may lead to difficulty breathing or death if not treated quickly. The size and shape of the face of determined by a number of factors, mainly genetics, body weight, general health and age.
If the condition is systemic, or  generalized, then both sides may be swollen simultaneously. I get itchy on my cheek and sometimes a slight red rash that no one can even notice except me.
However, there are other conditions that could cause this and the only way to know the exact cause is to have it assessed by your doctor.
I don’t have the money to see a doctor, what should I do to make the swelling go down ASAP? If it just started up then it could be swelling due to some problem which needs to be treated.
One of the more likely cause is an abnormal enlargment of the cheek muscles only on one side. This could be related to an infection but there is no way of saying for sure through an online platform. Ultimately the swelling is a symptom of one or more of these conditions and when each condition has resolved then the swelling should subside. My frienda€™s head was swelling too.a€™ But not realising the glasses were to blame, Laura and her friend kept wearing them because they were so ashamed of the way they looked. Both sinusitis and eye infections, such as a stye or conjunctivitis, can also cause the area around the eyes to become swollen, sometimes making the whole face look puffy. It not only helps to reduce swollen face but also make the face appear more refreshed than before. If a blood vessel is ruptured due to trauma, there may be an accumulation of blood in the tissue. If it has been around for a long period of time then it could be due to an enlargement of the masseter muscle rather than fat.
Hopefully you have seen a doctor by now and started with the relevant treatment that was prescribed. However, as you also mention you do clench your teeth which can also lead to abnormal enlargement of the masseter muscle.
When that night her friend complained her throat was swelling, panicking Laura called an ambulance. Then, most recently, it swelled all of a sudden on the way home from work in the car for no apparent reason other than having heard stressful news from my son. If ice is not available, frozen peas or any kind of frozen food can be used as a substitute. I also see a dermatologist because I still have a cyst under my eye he gave me medication said if it gets infected he would give me a cortisone shot. But by next morning, with her face now twice ita€™s usual size, Laura found a local doctor to inject her with an anti-inflammatory for 50 Euros.
You should follow up with your doctor and possibly also consult with a specialist like a maxillofacial specialist. I sent mum and dad a picture and they didna€™t recognise me.a€™ Soon it was so bad Laura could barely see out of her eyes.

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