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Eddy's newest scam is a carnival, and to attract customers, he and Edd are playing some of the games.
Edd and Eddy quickly dart down to the playground only to find that Ed has totally destroyed it.
Edzilla then proceeds to take Nazz back to his lair, cover her in chewed-up Chunky Puffs, and stick her to the wall alongside the other kids. Edd: [entering the room and holding a hand mirror, then seeing the mess of his garage] "I'm back!
The Strength Testing booth changes position between shots when Edd is unimpressed at seeing Eddy fail to demonstrate the Whak-an-Ed booth. When Eddy tells Edd about Ed attacking him, he has both his shoes on, but when Edd tells Eddy that Ed is prone to overstimulation, Eddy's right shoe is gone.
The swing set that Ed crumples into the shape of a chicken is initially facing right, but in the next shot it faces left. When Kevin, Nazz, and Rolf went to Kevin's house, his door was shown opening outward, but when Edzilla took Kevin, the door opened inward. When Kevin is taken by Edzilla, his hat falls off his head, but when he is shown stuck to the wall later in the episode, his hat is on his head again.
Edzilla later appears in the video game Ed, Edd n Eddy - The Mis-Edventures as a playable character in the first bonus level.
This episode also marks the clubhouse's final appearance as it is destroyed by Ed during his monstrous rampage. Likewise this episode is an obvious parody of the Alien franchise, most noticeably when Ed kidnaps his victims and sticks them to a wall. When Edzilla sticks Nazz to the wall, right above her is Gertrude, the chicken Edd used to distract Edzilla. Notice that when Edd and Eddy look at the playground, the swingset is crumbled in the shape of a chicken. After Eddy has pranked both his friends, he marches up to them, bragging about how he is the king of pranks.
Eddy: [gleefully watching the fumes percolate through the stink bomb] "My brother showed me how to make it, before he went away. When Sarah yells "Mommy!" and falls through the trap door, there is no Prank Master card to be seen. Nazz only makes a small cameo appearance in this episode; she is seen with the other kids laughing at the Eds for falling for their pranks, but she was never seen being pranked. The shot where Edd and Eddy give Ed a wedgie is the design of the CD cover for Ed, Edd n Eddy - The Mis-Edventures. This is the second episode where Kevin never uses the word "dork" or anything with the word "dork" in it. When the Eds were making the El Mongo Stink Bomb at Eddy's garage, there's a calendar on the wall similar to the ape calendar Eddy came across in the trash from "Quick Shot Ed." However the calendar seen in this episode was not in color.
Didn't we win an Emmy for that episode?" --Eddy This article has been featured on the Main Page.
In this episode, Ed wants to become a monster, so Edd and Eddy try to grant this wish by putting him in a monster costume as they believe it will attract costumers. Eddy gets angry when he plays the "Whak-an-Ed" game, however, because Ed keeps moving around and making it impossible to hit him.
The final touch is the head; as soon as this is on, Edd goes inside to get a mirror so that Ed can look at himself, leaving Eddy alone with the "monster".
He tries to reprimand Eddy for not keeping better control of Ed, but Eddy complains about Ed's unstoppability.
Edzilla advances, but suddenly Edd steps forward and, much to Kevin's amazement, proceeds to give Edzilla a verbal thrashing. Edd is uneasy, but Eddy assures his friend that all will be well, as he always keeps a couple months of supplies under his bed.
But in order to attract a crowd, one must demonstrate the use of these archaic arcade games."Eddy: "Is that what you're trying to do?
Hiding underneath your bed isn't going to save us from harm's way once the children eventually flake themselves off of Ed's wall!"Eddy: "Relax, will ya?

However, Rolf suddenly appears on the wall coated in Chunky Puffs right before Nazz is placed on the wall. In this episode, Eddy decides to prank all the other kids after he easily pranks Ed and Edd, but he and his friends soon find out that the kids of the Cul-de-Sac are being terrorized and pranked by the infamous "Prank Master." The Eds soon become terrified that they may be the next victims on his list. He then suggests that he'll be able to prank every single kid in the cul-de-sac before sunset.
While walking down the lane, however, they run into Jonny, who is diaper-clad and hanging from a tree. They're also in an outside-facing ring in order to make sure nothing and nobody can creep up on them.
The other times it is mentioned are in the video game, Ed, Edd n Eddy - The Mis-Edventures and the online game Cul-de-Sac Smash 2: Wheels of Fury. After getting the costume on him, Ed believes that he really is a monster and inevitably creates utter mayhem throughout the Cul-de-Sac. As they wait for Edd to return, Ed's vision slowly turns red and his breathing becomes heavier as he imagines life as a monster. Edd is in the middle of worrying about Ed's overactive imagination when screams split the air.
While Edd wants them to just ignore the monster, Rolf is still in the throes of panic, and he tries to throw Nazz down as a sacrifice. Being a monster, Edzilla isn't moved by pretty human speeches, however, and he roars, up until Sarah suddenly tears his mask off. What's with you?"Ed: [off-screen in the background after his vision starts slowly turning red] "I AM A MONSTER! Eddy manages to firstly dismantle the trap and prank Ed, and then rig Ed's trap so that Ed is pranked again. The Eds laugh at this sight until Plank falls from the tree, with a familiar card tacked to his face. As they run, they encounter several other victims of the Prank Master, including Jimmy, Sarah, and Kevin.
The other three goats he had could have been borrowed, though, as this is the only episode in which he owns more than one goat. However, in the former game, it is a lot smaller, so small that Eddy can hold it up and throw it and in the latter, the stink bomb is not shown but rather used as Eddy's special attack.
His short attention span is naturally drawn to a backdrop involving a monster, and ignoring Eddy he bursts out of the game and runs up to the backdrop. Soon enough, he screams that he is a monster and attacks Eddy before bursting out of the garage.
Edd quickly yells for them to stop, and says that the only thing to do is for one of them to give him a good talking-to. Luckily, Edd has pulled a bush over to cover him and Eddy, and Edzilla is unable to see them. Ed then continues to pretend to be other fictitious creatures, such as "Tissue Head" and "Bed Buddy", along the way causing destruction and annoying his friends.
Trying to find a place to hide, they dive into the sandbox, only for Prank Master cards to rain down on them.
However, the creators of these shows were sneaky little devils and managed to slip in a slew of inappropriate references without you realizing it.
Thrusting his head through the monster part of it, he makes loud noises and claims to be a monster.
Edd and Eddy then exit the playground just in time to see Ed's tail slithering into the construction site.
They then run up to Kevin's house, where he pounds on the door and screams about how the monster is after him. Soon, though, Sarah notices Jimmy stuck to the wall, and works hard at getting her friend off. When the phone rings, Eddy does as Edd requests and goes to answer it, but senses a trap when he reads three sticky notes on the phone inviting him to pick it up.
Strange goings-on are afoot, however, as when Rolf steps into his shed for a minute, he is swiftly tossed out in a butter churn barrel.

The Eds are all fearful, but Eddy tries to disguise his fear by pointing out anyone could prank Jonny.
Penises, drugs, BODILY FLUIDS — you name it, and there’s probably a corresponding cartoon innuendo. Eddy is initially angry about Ed wrecking the backdrop, but Edd suggests that a "monster" would lure customers to the scam.
Inside the house, Kevin has barricaded the front door, and is unsympathetic, saying that it's every man for himself now. The second nudge is harder than the first, and the sweet rolls down the sidewalk to the curb, straight into the path of Sarah and Jimmy.
It seems as though things will go off without a hitch when the bomb catches on the garage door and becomes stuck.
Eddy, still needing to satiate his greed for thrills, says that he has to see the looks on their faces and heads around back. Edd is perfectly willing to do this, but Eddy finally hits upon a way to score some money off of this venture: the kids come down at the price of fifty cents a pop. When he insinuates that the call is for Edd, Edd is surprised and accidentally causes a chemical explosion.
They sit down to eat, not noticing an odd, tentacle-like thing on the ground moving towards them.
It's lucky for him that he does, as within a minute, Ed shoves a tentacle through Kevin's front door and grabs the unlucky sucker.
Whack me!"Eddy: [unable to whack Ed] "Hold still, Lumpy, so I can hit ya!"Edd: [sarcastically after witnessing Eddy fail at the "Whak-An-Ed" game] "Bravo! This isn't all for Edd, though; Eddy comes in and tells him that there's a girl on the phone for him.
Seeing this, Eddy realizes that the jawbreaker wasn't a fake at all, and they've lost their chance at one of the sweets.
The bomb explodes while stuck, sending atrocious fumes across the cul-de-sac and perhaps through the whole of Peach Creek. While Jonny is happily absorbed in the cereal, the tail starts to circle itself around him a couple of times.
In the backyard, Eddy is furiously trying to open windows, all of which are locked, when Edd calmly walks over to the door and opens it. When he tries to blame it on the other Eds, however, Ed points out that Eddy was the one who thought it was a trap.
Edzilla then proceeds to rumble out of the wreckage, dragging behind him the screaming body of Nazz.
By far the worst hit are the Eds, however, who were right next to the bomb when it went off. In retaliation, Ed wedgies Eddy, and both Edd and Eddy join in by giving Ed a pants wedgie.
Dazed by the stink, they stumble outside and collapse on Eddy's lawn, victims of their own prank.
The Eds are all cheered up by this bout of wedgies, but soon their attention is drawn to the laughter of another group. Seconds after this, Nazz worriedly calls to Kevin and Rolf, fearful because she's just found Plank–without a Jonny. This group is the kids, who reveal that there never was a Prank Master and that they all faked being pranked.
Eddy is sickened by this, and angrily declares that he'll get the kids back as they walk off, leaving the Eds alone.

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