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Quite possibly the only anti-zombie weapon that can also be used for recreational activities. Four weeks after a mysterious, incurable virus spreads throughout the America, a handful of survivors try to find free zone without infection . The Zombie fans of the world are placed in 2 camps when it comes to the best way to destroy a Zombie.
Depending on where you live this could possibly be the most common weapon around, that in itself is a major plus, It means you have spare parts and ammo. If the Ruger is light weight weapon for pin point accuracy the mini gun is on the opposite side of the scale. Few sounds can be as satisfying as the “thwack” of a ZOMBIE SLUGGER making contact with a zombie skull. During the zombie apocalypse the importance of maintaining high moral cannot be underestimated.
The bullet penetrated the bear’s skull than made short order of its brains by ricocheting inside the skull.

The m4 carbine is the primary assault rifle used by the American Military, law enforcement and para militray living in the south. Its modular design makes for easy repairs and the popularity of this rifle has resulted in a massive selection of weapon addons, from grenade launchers to advanced night optics.
The Benelli shogun will very much help you with this plan; A favorite mainly for its ease of use, availability of ammo and its modular assembly making repairs and modifications easy. Of course with a weapon like this head shots are paramount, the zombie would most likely be able to absorb the entire 10 round clip if they those rounds are hitting its body.
With a gun like this you don’t worry about one shot one kill you aim the barrel at the correct height of the horde and MOW THEM DOWN.
It has proven itself both in law enforcement and in military uses to be the shotgun to use against the bad guys. The future of Anti Zombie weapons is the furniture themselves, the fusion between interior design and modern zombie warfare has finally come. This is the mostly widely used assault rifle in history with over 100million built since its invention in 1944 by Mikhail Kalashnikov.

The trick with the ruger is the bullet only has enough power to enter the skull after which it will ricochet inside the skull causing MASSIVE damage to the undead brain… putting the zombie down for good.
This concept picture provided by angelpie34 on flikr via WH.AT shows you a glimpse of future zombie weaponry. Unless it is mounted or your Jesse the body you’re not going to be packing this beast around. It’s the combination of power, reliability and its proven track record against the living that places the AK-47on the list.

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