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As the region slides further into summer, adult recreational athletes often flock to fields in Capitol Hill, Rockville, Arlington or just about any other patch of grass where a post-game trek to the bar isn’t far. It’s a sort of seasonal migration that plays out all across the country through a network of sports leagues large and small.
A trio of University of Virginia graduates in 2006, the company has developed Web properties to connect prospective players, and most recently, to help leagues streamline the process of getting a team off the ground. Co-founder Steve Parker said the company will soon close on an investment and now aims to expand its footprint. That’s when the founders, who are split between Vienna and New York City, began to craft a Web platform, called LeagueApps, that would allow organizers to manage player registration, fees, scheduling and other operational tasks in one hub. For some of the nation’s bigger leagues, such as the World Adult Kickball Association, or WAKA, that’s quite an undertaking. Parker said LeagueApps and Sportsvite seek to bridge those in-person meetings into the digital world.
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NEW YORK –- The Washington Post revealed on Thursday the existence of a secret National Security Agency program code-named PRISM, which reportedly allows the U.S.
That two news outlets would publish stories on a secret government program so close together is striking, and the timing suggests there was a race to get the news up first.
Gellman has won two Pulitzer Prizes with the Post, but readers haven’t seen his byline on the front page in some time. Please warn us if you consider Washington Post logo to be incorrect, obsolete or having wrong description. All logos available here are the property of their owners and presented under the fair use policy. LeagueApps aims to be the behind-the-screen shop that keeps the field, and beer mugs, full.
It currently collects a portion of player registration fees, but plans to form a network for national advertisers to reach local audiences.
Eventually our goal is we’re going to have this aggregated hyper-local audience across the country totally focused on recreational sports,” he said.

Since 1998, WAKA has grown from a group of friends in the District to thousands of players across 35 states. Many sports leagues have moved to online platforms that they’ve put together or acquire through other software providers, such as Blue Sombrero or e7sports, to name two. The Guardian's Glenn Greenwald, who broke the Verizon story, shared a byline on the PRISM story with Washington bureau chief Ewen MacAskill.
He left the paper in 2010 for Time magazine, where he continues to write on a non-exclusive basis.
Gellman described his co-author as having done "really tough, ballsy, documentary film work” on surveillance issues in the past.
From creating an account, to setting up payments, and launching a program, we’ll show you how much LeagueApps can offer you.

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