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Forum Post It was a special test run to let players test out the new Survival game mode that would replace Raid missions. The Lotus is leading a group of Tenno called Alpha Team, to raid hidden valuable supply caches elsewhere in the sector and needs your help to provide support by distracting enemies. As your enemies advance they will attempt to cut off life support to the sector by draining the ship’s oxygen supply by the second. Your objective is to activate oxygen capsules to maintain the sector’s oxygen levels for as long as possible. After each successful raid of a supply cache by Alpha Team, the Lotus will distribute wealth in the form of mods, resources, credits and other valuable items. Your score at the end of the mission is the seconds you lasted, and your final score of the event is based on your highest time limit survived on one game. Failure because of dying instead of running out of oxygen does not give you the rewards (i.e. The speed at which oxygen drains is not affected by the amount of team members or the amount of movement. The amount of Lotus oxygen drops you get seems to be limited to three to five (please notify if you got more).
The survival mode is also a good way to farm up some extra resources, as well as mods and experience.
When you run out of oxygen the "mission complete" screen will come up, but enemies will still attack you, and may end up with you dying and the screen going black. At Infested survival, you will only face light enemies, but after about ten minutes you will start seeing Toxic Ancients, then after a few more minutes you'll get Ancient Healers and eventually you'll start getting Disruptors too.
At Corpus survival, you will only face Crewmen at the start, until the 2nd minute where normal MOAs will join the Corpus. Two person team can (assuming you have good weapons, mod loadouts, and team compatibility) Can survive the challenge for over 20 mins. Another tip is to stand in the middle of the main room, and let the enemy come to you, With a Nova using Molecular Prime, you should get a nice amount of kills. It is highly recommended to stick together, allowing for easier revival and oxygen collection.

For the Infested, staying on boxes will allow for easier survival, but bring along a Rhino to stomp and collect resources. Only use the life support drops when you are below 20% oxygen, saving them till later waves can buy you more time.
Picking up a Green Oxygen drop with anything more than 98% oxygen level overall is a waste since each drop gives you 3% back up to a max of 100%. Both Energy Siphon and Rejuvenation are good aura mods (you will be facing numerous Toxic Ancients).
Having Mag Pull the enemies while having other teammates shoot her with Torid is an effective tactic, and will guarantee a kill rate faster than Nova's Molecular Prime, specifically because of the open-wide nature of the map. Having Frost with a Snow Globe can increase the survive time of your teammates by giving them a protective defense position to shoot from. Corpus Tech's heads and parts of their bodies seem to be bugged, as shots to their head and other areas will cause your shots to pass through as if it's now there, so shoot their legs instead. Having Vauban can help hold enemies in place, allowing it to be very easy to get headshots. Do not use any of the life support drops until below 20% oxygen, as corpus have less armor then the other factions thus more drops in the beginning, so save them. Due to the fact Grineer weapons are hitscan, Frost is a must on this level, or Nyx with her Chaos ability, to help the team avoid damage. Armor ignoring weapons such as the Flux Rifle are a must as with Armor Piercing mods, as they do extra damage against Grineer.
Staying in a corridor with Frost's Snow Globe will give you survivability and you can loot easily since everything is gathered at the corridor's entrance.
If you're in a solo mode or 2 man team, another survival tip would be to shoot lancers(ranged enemies) and leave sawman (melee) alone, the system should have a limited low spawn rate at the start, following that would be to kill off 4 to 5 sawman at a time to get Green Oxygen packs or respawn new enemies or you could just kill them all off if you think you're skilled enough.
Top clan of each category have been marked with the color of the statue they will receive: Golden. The Survival Badge is a commemorative holographic badge awarded to players who participated in the Survival Weekend Event. If oxygen levels expire before the first supply cache is raided-or all players die, the mission fails.

Fight your way through three tiers of enemies to obtain rewards, survive even longer to earn Leaderboard status. More information on the Equilibrium mod and individual award tier requirements will be revealed on Friday. Do NOT use a revive but instead wait until you are taken to the normal mission complete screen after a minute or two. Then around five-minute mark, Shield Ospreys will start appearing, and a couple minutes later, Fusion MOAs will appear as well. Four person team is highly effective and can survive easily for over 35 minutes granted you have basic communication. Enemies will be harder to kill, spawn less quickly and the drops will be much more spread out. Note that infested can jump onto the majority of boxes and ledges so it only limits the enemies that attack you, not prevent you from being attacked. The use of Infested Impedance is not recommended (you want the enemies to reach you as fast as possible, you need the oxygen drops). It is advised that players that can avoid or block damage collect oxygen pickups to further extend your teammates lives.
Note that Grineer Napalm blast's burning damage can still reach inside the globe, although dealing only moderate damage. Anyone who stayed in a single survival match for at least 5 minutes during the event was awarded this badge upon the event's completion. Enemies also carry personal oxygen supplies that drop as you eliminate them and will help replenish the sector’s oxygen level.

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