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CFor those who want to live more sustainably, then vermicomposting, composting with worms,A is a good place to begin. Vermicomposting is particularly suitable for people who don’t have much room, such as apartment dwellers. Just tossing fruit and vegetable scraps around your garden is not an efficient way of adding nutrients.
The first stage of decomposition is done by bacteria, which can quickly multiply into huge numbers to break down organic matter with enzymes. Worms are the second stage in this process, They take in both the bacteria and broken down organic waste to accelerate the process. No matter which material you choose, the container requires holes for aeration, and bedding, such as newspaper, to control humidity. Because bacteria are the first stage of breaking down the organic material, the important thing is what you feed them, not the worms.
When all the material has been processed and broken down by the bacteria and worms, there are two things you can do with the rich compost you now have.
Use red wigglers (Eisenia foetida) rather than red earthworms (Lumbricus rubellus), as red earthworms can withstand freezing winters and possible become an invasive threat. Vermicomposting is an environmentally friendly way of reducing food scrap waste with the added boon of creating nutritious, rich compost for the garden. When vermiculture feeding, basically go “green.” Worms will eat most anything that you would put in a traditional compost bin such as coffee grounds, crushed eggshells, plant waste, and tea leaves. Worms will eat tomatoes, but do break down the seed or you will likely have some tomato sprouts in the bin. Be sure to chop larger pieces of fruit and vegetable into smaller pieces before vermiculture feeding. Depending on the size of your bin, feed the worms from once a week to every two days with about a cup of food. The best indicator of proper feeding is the condition of your worms and their increasing numbers. Vermicomposting is the process of composting using worms to digest the food waste, manures, or other organic inputs. The numerous benefits of vermicompost make it a terrific option for many commercial and industrial sites. Vermicompost fertilizer doesn’t only have increased nutrient levels that are readily available for the plant to use, but adds micro-organisms to the soil which it enriches and creates greater aeration properties.
As for plant growth, vermicompost helps speed up the growth cycle right from germination leading to increased yield. Economically speaking, vermicomposting is a very cost effective procedure meaning it can be efficiently mass-produced even in agricultural areas that are not as well established or don’t have advanced technology.
ProRganix is a small business based in Lexington, Kentucky which produces vermicompost fertilizer.
Dan personally believes in the need to reduce the levels of synthetic manufacturing processes in our daily lives. For more information on vermicomposting visit Cornell University to learn more about the science behind the process. From The Publishing OfficePowerHouse Hydroponics is an independent digital publication specializing in hydroponic technology and soilless growing methods. Letter From The EditorAs the editor of PowerHouse Growers Group (PHG), I strive to ensure that our content is timely, well-researched, and on the cutting edge of urban agriculture and sustainability. The reason vermicomposting is becoming popular is because worms are very efficient eating machines. If you look online you will notice a bunch of different companies selling their own version of a worm bin, however If you look around your house you may be able to make one yourself for next to nothing. 6.)Place bedding at bottom of container with holes( I used a cocoa mix, cardboard clipping work fine as well. If you get this far, keep adding your worm food daily and wait at least three months for your worms to their thing. An application of compost tea will add life to your soil with beneficial micro organisms that will fight disease and pests, as well as, boost your plants growth. Many assume that worm tea is simply made by collecting the liquid that drains out the bottom of a worm bin (if it has drainage, that is), but this isn’t really the case.In actuality that liquid is referred to as leachate, and definitely isn’t nearly as good as real worm compost tea. Hello, Kudos for this post Its such a easy way to get nice organic soil for your pnlats . If you’re interested in starting a vermicomposting system, please see my full post on How to Compost with Worms.
You will know when vermicompost is ready to be harvested in a multi-compartment worm bin after the worms have been eating in one full compartment and you have filled up the next compartment with scraps and bedding. Let the light shine into the bin that you’re ready to harvest for at least 15 minutes. When you’re finished harvesting and the compartment is empty, begin adding food scraps and bedding to that one, while the worms work away in the full compartment. A general rule of thumb to follow is to use 3 pounds of vermicompost per 100 square feet of garden space. Outside in the garden, place 1 to 4 inches of vermicompost on the surface level of the soil and work it in.
Vermicompost can be added to the surface of the soil surrounding established plants and watered right in. A handful of vermicompost can be placed into the bottom of each planting hole when planting seedlings, and into furrows when planting seeds. If you’re starting seeds indoors, incorporate vermicompost into your starting mix! Use 1 part vermicompost to 3 parts soil mix.
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As I mentioned in a previous post, How to Grow an Indoor Garden, I have experimented with growing greens indoors in the winter using my DIY Grow Light System. This Vermicomposting giveaway is sponsored by Eartheasy, your online store for sustainable living. Vermicomposting is a great way to turn kitchen scraps and yard waste into nutrient rich fertilizer. Store your kitchen scraps in the handy stainless steel compost keeper and feed them to your composting worms each week. This website uses affiliate links, which means that I may receive a commission if you make a purchase using these links. The material on this website is provided for informational purposes only and is not medical advice.
Their entire purpose in life, besidesA producing more worms, is to decompose organic matter.
You need a way to help decompose these scraps first so that their nutrients are readily available in a usable form for your garden. They digest the organic matter and add more bacteria to the mix, helping to speed this process up further. This often means the container is waterlogged, soA you will need to drain off the excess moisture.A Add some dry material, and stir up the mixture to aerate it well.
You can either hand pick the worms and egg cases out of your compost, or place one bin on top of a newly prepared bin, shine a light on the top bin to drive the worms down, and they should go into the new bin. Onions and garlic will eventually be broken down by worms, but the odor in the interim may be more than you can handle!
You may want to keep a journal regarding how quickly your worms consume certain things so you can adjust timings, amounts, and varieties. Proper care and feeding of the worms will reward you with rich soil for your garden, a smaller garbage can and a hand in reducing the amount of waste in our landfills.
Locations such as Ground Zero Memorial Project and the Museum of Modern Art in New York City, Centennial Park in Atlanta, Huntsville International Airport, the Clinton Presidential Library in Little Rock AR, and the Georgia World Congress Center have all used vermicompost at their sites. Vermicompost-fertilized soil also has greater water retention capabilities meaning lower water consumption in your garden. Soil that has been fertilized with vermicompost is enriched by increased microbial activity which delivers greater levels of plant hormones and strengthens root structure. Vermicomposting also reduces the amount of waste going to landfills lowering greenhouse gas emissions generated by landfills. Dan Storm, the owner of the company has been vermicomposting since he was five years old when his Cherokee grandfather taught him. He’s on a mission to provide gardeners with the most natural option available to them while preserving the state of the surrounding environment. The “end” product, called castings, is full of beneficial microbes and nutrients, and makes a great plant fertilizer.
Lay bricks on their side, this is to give the top container space to let the worm tea drip out. One you get a good batch of Humus, let me know and I will tell you how to seperate the worms from the humus so that you can add it to your garden or turn some into worm tea. The problem with leachate is that it can contain all sorts of compounds produced in partially composted or anaerobic waste materials – some of these can actually be phytotoxic – that is to say they can harm or kill plants. It’s one of the most nutritious and sustainable fertilizers you can use in your garden. If you have a working worm bin and you’re thinking about how to use the vermicompost you’ll soon have, check out my tips below!
It normally takes the worms as long to eat one whole compartment of scraps as it does for you to fill up the compartment next to it. This will help coax any stray worms down to the bottom of the bin. Next, gently scrape back a few inches of vermicompost with a garden trowel or claw. If you’re going to store your vermicompost for a period of time, 5 gallon buckets with lids or sand bags work great. They’ll move back over when they run out of food, and you can harvest more vermicompost!
It’s fascinating to see the worms working away in the bin, and it’s satisfying to see the end result, which is my garden thriving! Creating meals with organic, non-GMO foods for the health of her family is a passion of hers, as well as taking steps to live a greener, healthier lifestyle. This website is a guide to help you make informed decisions, but should never replace medical advice from licensed professionals. I miss digging in the dirt once the ground freezes, and the garden is covered in a blanket of snow.
One of the problems with gardening in the middle of winter is access to good-quality compost to feed the plants. A worm bin can be set up in your basement, a closet, or even under your kitchen sink to provide you with a continuous supply. The Worm Factory 360 is the ultimate worm bin for vermicomposting and tucks easily into a corner of your back porch or even the kitchen! The worms start composting the scraps immediately and in a few short months you will have enough worm castings to harvest and fertilize your garden.

I have a number of things I have planted in them : Potatoes, onions, beets, chard and assorted cabbage and brassicas. I have always wanted to extend the growing season with cold frames, but have never done so. Please feel free to link to or Pin any of these posts (with credit and a link back), but do not copy, take images, or content from this site without my permission.
There are thousands of different types of worms, but only a handful are suitable for vermicomposting. You can either purchase plastic kits for this purpose or make your own out of different types of material. Put some of the compost into a fine mesh bag, and put into a container of water to soak for several days.
Citrus pulp or any highly acidic fruit added to the worm bin in large quantities can kill off your worms, so be aware and only add small amounts or just add the citrus peels without the pulp.
A fertilizing product that has been around for many years but has never really gained mass consumer traction is vermicompost-produced products. Vermicompost can be used in soil remediation projects, can help prevent erosion, and can support in making non-arable land arable.
Additionally, vermicompost products can also help improve the plants resistance to disease. His process, while similar to other vermicomposting companies is unique as it isn’t a manure input based product.
So, vermicomposting is the practice of using worms to make compost simply by feeding them your food waste. If you dilute the leachate with aged water and aerate it for 24 hours or so, it should be fine. It was a gr8 idea and i know even today my mom has this pit behind our backyard for vermiculture . I’ve been so excited about how easy and fun vermicomposting is, and how much it has helped my garden grow, that I’ve been wanting to spread the word to everyone! Let it sit for another 15 minutes, just to make sure to give the worms enough time to burrow down. It’s a fine-tuned system that works well as long as you consistently add scraps to the bin. Either animals or birds will find the scraps, or they will remain in a frozen state until spring. The nutritious vermicompost can be mixed directly into the soil or made into a compost tea to feed your plants. You’ll no longer have to buy bags of compost at the store or worry about your standard compost bin freezing outside in the winter. It is recommended that you consult your medical care provider prior taking or relying upon any herbal product, especially women who are pregnant or nursing, and persons with known medical conditions.
Meat and dairy are “don’ts,” as they tend to smell quite rancid before they break down completely. Rotate the areas of feeding in the bin to ensure all worms are getting fed and tuck the food 3 to 4 inches under the bedding to thwart those pesky flies. Lately there has been more and more interest in this type of fertilizer and it’s become readily available to end-user gardeners.
The tea can be used to water plants indoors our out, even spraying it onto leaves as a gentle but powerful fertilizer.
Vermicomposting is the easiest way to make compost at home and this giveaway is the perfect way to get started! When the giveaway ends, the randomly chosen winner will be contacted by email and have 24 hours to respond.
This is a great way for both you and your kids to learn aboutA sustainable living and howA nature works. For the most part it’s incredibly natural, organic, and cost-effective – and the additional benefits are abundant.
The natural digestive process of the worms actually increases the nutrient content in the compost as compared traditional composts.
Now, ProRganix is producing 200 tons per week of hormone-free, GMO-free and synthetic fertilizer free vermicompost. It will be nice to have a jump on the next season once the sunlight increases and the weather warms.
The resulting fertilizer product that Dan is selling now to wholesalers is a 100% pure vermicompost.
I enjoy nurturing the seedlings, so they grow healthy to produce abundantly and provide us with nutritious food to eat.
Vermicompost (the product of vermicomposting) can be used as a fertilizer or soil conditioner to stimulate plant growth both on small and large farming scales. The production process itself is zero-waste, self-watering, and totally natural and organic which comes with Dan’s own personal quality control assurance.
Consumers can even create their own vermicompost at home to feed to their plants, with the right guidance. As for the fertilizer product, ProRganix promotes superior seed growth for better economic return and healthier food growth for safer consumption.

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