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Vermiculture composting (Vermicomposting) is the act of creating rich, organic humus for your garden or lawn by allowing red worms to help in the decomposition process.
Make sure these are all chopped or shredded really well as some of them take longer to decompose than leaf litter. Use a thermometer to monitor temperature in the bins until you get a feel for what external temperature is ideal for your particular set up.A  For our set up, the room temperature is kept at about 65aµ’ in the winter and 72aµ’ in the summer.
Mary Appelhof (deceased) writes in her book Worms Eat My Garbage about burying small amounts of leftover meat on the bone with no ill effects. If those don’t work, mince or puree citrus fruit and add about a tablespoon per 5 gallons compost, incorporate really well into the compost, and add a bit of water. While waiting for the worms to move to the bottom of the pile, hose down and scrub binsA  with a cleaning brush, taking special care to clean the vent holes.
Collapsed Veins in a Collapse Playground and Pizza Night 12 Uses for Lemons How Much Longer Can A Failing Empire Afford to Incarcerate So Many People & What That Might Mean for the Rest of Us? If you are purchasing worms for an indoor bin, ideally you want worms at all stages of the lifecycle: adults, juveniles as well as worm castings which contain the eggs. The worm supplier you buy from should offer a worm starter kit that includes bedding and castings. Indoor vermicomposting bins will turn out great fertilizer for house plants or limited outdoor areas that need a boost.
For most urban dwellers, the vermicomposting bin is the only compost method they have the materials for.
Backyard Ecosystem began as an expression of my determination to make a difference in our own backyard. The reason vermicomposting is becoming popular is because worms are very efficient eating machines. If you look online you will notice a bunch of different companies selling their own version of a worm bin, however If you look around your house you may be able to make one yourself for next to nothing. 6.)Place bedding at bottom of container with holes( I used a cocoa mix, cardboard clipping work fine as well.

If you get this far, keep adding your worm food daily and wait at least three months for your worms to their thing. An application of compost tea will add life to your soil with beneficial micro organisms that will fight disease and pests, as well as, boost your plants growth. Many assume that worm tea is simply made by collecting the liquid that drains out the bottom of a worm bin (if it has drainage, that is), but this isn’t really the case.In actuality that liquid is referred to as leachate, and definitely isn’t nearly as good as real worm compost tea. Hello, Kudos for this post Its such a easy way to get nice organic soil for your pnlats .
Vermicompost tea is useful as a prophylactic against pests and diseases, for pest repelling and as a foliar spray. If you still can not find your city in the list, please CLICK HERE to submit a request for inclusion of your city. The resulting castings enrich soil by improving texture, increasing nitrogen, trace minerals, and natural growth hormones from the worms themselves. They are often mistaken for and even found with Eisenia andrei whose coloring is more red, but is of about the same size.A  Both worms perform best at 77aµ’ Fahrenheit and will tolerate temperatures from 32-95aµ’ Fahrenheit, with moisture levels at about 80-85%.
Mix compost and food together really well in your 18 gallon rubber tub.A  Using a drill and paint mixer for this will speed up the mixing process. The best source is an active worm bin which is at the far end of the cycle and is almost completely castings and worms. Buying from suppliers who are selling adults only by the pound will result in a slower start to your bin. Kitchen scraps are almost purely greens and would be a disaster if they were the only ingredient for an outdoor pile. The “end” product, called castings, is full of beneficial microbes and nutrients, and makes a great plant fertilizer. Lay bricks on their side, this is to give the top container space to let the worm tea drip out. One you get a good batch of Humus, let me know and I will tell you how to seperate the worms from the humus so that you can add it to your garden or turn some into worm tea. The problem with leachate is that it can contain all sorts of compounds produced in partially composted or anaerobic waste materials – some of these can actually be phytotoxic – that is to say they can harm or kill plants.

A by-product of vermicomposting called vermiwash (which can be collected if there is a tap at the base of the vermicompost tank) also serves the same purpose. Corinna’s understanding, love and respect for livestock, gardening, worms, and natural flora and fauna began when she was a young girl living on a ranch in Wyoming.
You cannot just dig up some worms from the soil outside for your worm bin unless you live on a working ranch or dairy farm and have a large manure pile several months old to dig in. Buying adults only from a bait shop will work, but will put you weeks or even months behind while waiting for the next generation to come along.
So, vermicomposting is the practice of using worms to make compost simply by feeding them your food waste.
If you dilute the leachate with aged water and aerate it for 24 hours or so, it should be fine. It was a gr8 idea and i know even today my mom has this pit behind our backyard for vermiculture .
Vermicomposting is also known for our innovative product vermiacclerator, which is not manufactured by any other company.
These days the Fritz family are small business owners and novice homesteaders on 6 acres of land in the temperate rain forest of Washington state. You also have no idea what the bait shop worms have been exposed to in the way of pesticides and chemicals and in most cases the owner of the shop doesn’t know either.
The correct worms for vermicomposting are manure worms which are know as red wigglers in the fishing trade. The whole mix is wet down until damp as a wet sponge – damp to touch but you should not be able to wring water out of it.

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