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It has been estimated that organic resources available in the country alone can produce not less than 20 million tonnes of plant nutrients (NPK).
Under sub optimal moisture conditions the earthworms have a tendency to move downwards towards the bed of the tank. Wastes may be stacked into heaps or placed in bins, where they are treated like compost heaps-earthworm activity results in the production of large quantities of earthworm casts, which are widely sold as manure. Vermiculture, commonly known as worm composting, is the method of using earthworms in the production of manure.
It is good to have a vermiculture bin at home for providing plants with the necessary fertilizers. The materials used for the preparation of humus are a suitable container, newspaper shreds or peat moss, organic material, vegetables that are not composted, water, and earthworms.
The box selected for the worm composting system should have 3 mm holes, starting 4 inches from its bottom. An important thing to be remembered in the maintenance of the vermicast bins is to keep them in an elevated position. The procedure for the preparation of a worm compost system is simple to understand and easy to follow. We had been planning this trip for so long, and the West Coast felt so far away, but now we are finally here!
This ranch is a unique working farm in both its approach to education and in its physical setting.
It was a beautiful day to be giving tours, and we all received surprise visits from old friends. Vermicompost technology has promising potential to meet the organic manure requirement in both irrigated and rainfed areas.
When the moisture, temperature and organic matter are optimum, the size, weight and cocoon producing capacity of earthworm’s increases. The castings obtained from worms are rich in organic nutrients, and it is used both on a large scale in farming and on a small scale in home gardens.
The mixture containing earthworms and humus should be taken out of the container and spread on a piece of paper.
Following the process and guidelines can help obtain manure that is sustainable and a rich source of nutrients for your plants.
The ranch is perched on the coastal cliffs of the Pacific Ocean and shares borders with Muir Woods and the Golden Gate National Recreation Area.

We brought the bus into the heart of the festival and volunteered on Saturday night at one of the many food tents. Later in the week, the Sol Food crew worked in the Tenderloin District of San Francisco and helped out building new beds in the Tenderloin People’s Garden. We stayed with Theresa Loe, our good friend and PBS producer from “Growing a Greener World.” Through Theresa’s connections, we were able to visit every school in El Segundo! It has tremendous prospects in converting agro-wastes and city garbage into valuable agricultural input.
A few days before the harvest watering of the tank are discontinued to allow migration of worms towards the bottom of the bed. The excess worms can be retrieved and put in new tanks or sold or can be sun-dried to make vermin-protein. To be incorporated directly into the soil – earthworms are important contributors to the burial and decomposition of the waste materials. This process is practiced on a large scale in countries like Italy, Canada, Japan, the United States, and the Philippines. The material used as a lid for the container should be a canvas tarp, a burlap sack, or any other suitable item.
The Eisenia foetida, commonly known as 'Red Wiggler', is 4 inches long, has a red body, and a yellow tail. The twisting road and craggy coastline made for a beautiful drive (with some nerve-wracking turns)! This location makes the farm part of the National Park system and provides the public with an open space to explore the ocean, forest and farmland ecosystems. We enjoyed live music, farming workshops, great food and a night camping under the stars in the Full Belly Farm walnut grove. This was the most urban garden we have worked on, because it was literally in the middle of a bustling downtown center! On our first day, we visited an Engineering and Environmental Science class at the local high school.
Thus various economic uses can be obtained from organic wastes and garbage and prevent pollution. The compost is then transferred outside without disturbing the bed and heaped on a plain open surface.
It can also be done on a small scale using containers made of wood, rubber, metal, or plastic.

The shreds provide ventilation and act as a fibrous material necessary for the worms to survive.
On our trip down to San Francisco, we stopped in Redwood National Park and hiked amongst the ancient redwood trees.
While visiting Slide Ranch, we watched a chicken slaughter, milked goats, and prepped their garden for the winter. Rae, the farm manager, gave us a wonderful tour of their operation which includes raised pallet beds, a huge vermicomposting site, herb spirals, bees, a cobb oven, an outdoor kitchen and two large greenhouses. The Tenderloin People’s Garden is a thriving farm that provides free produce for residents of the area. From vermiculture, we get well decomposed worm casts, which can be used as manure for crops, vegetables, flowers, gardens, etc. On the top of the newspaper shreds, a little bit of water should be sprinkled and allowed to soak for a whole day.
The advantage of using the European Nightcrawlers is that they eat a lot and thus, produce fertilizers in the same proportion. The dried out humus should be separated from the earthworms as they move towards the moist area. During our visit to Urban Adamah, we harvested boxes of tomatoes, collards, mustard greens, beans and squash. On our second day in El Segundo, we visited the Eeementary school and gave tours to the entire school! In this process, earthworms also get multiplied and the excess worms can be converted into vermiprotein which can be utilised as feed for poultry, fish, etc. Excessive feeding leads to fattening of the worms, while a balanced diet helps in an increase in production. We had a wonderful time in El Segundo and were highly appreciative of Theresa’s hospitality.

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