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We don’t use heat, especially between 131 and 170 degrees to make compost, because after all that would kill the worms.
Many businesses or individuals who are into vermicomposting will sift the compost, separating the worm castings from the worms, so that the castings can be sold as fertilizer. Our new compost pile that is about 50 feet long by 5 feet wide with a layer of straw and goat poop from mucking out the goat barn.
The red wigglers in last years compost pile making some beautiful dirt for our greenhouses! We are mostly market gardeners and sell our offerings at local markets; however, in addition to preserving our harvest for winter, we raise egg laying chickens, chickens for meat and dairy goats.
We on the farm eat culls each week because the culls are very tasty even though they might be blemished.

Producers using an in-vessel or static aerated pile system must maintain the composting materials at a temperature between 131°F and 170°F for 3 days. Producers using a windrow system must maintain the composting materials at a temperature between 131°F and 170°F for 15 days, during which time, the materials must be turned a minimum of five times. We think that the worms should get most of it because the chickens are free ranging (most of the time), the pigs are raised on pasture, we always plant a little extra that we hope to harvest for SOSA, and while the soil is providing all the food we feel strongly that we should give back to the soil what the worms make from the soils bounty.

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