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Vermicomposting is a method of breaking down garbage into fertile garden soil with the help of worms.
For more information, the classic how-to book on the topic is “Worms Eat My Garbage” by the “worm woman,” Mary Appelhof.
Since we started a more serious vegetable garden this year, I’ve been a bit obsessed with building our soil, and I wasn’t happy with how things we put on our compost pile basically sat and rotted, while attracting pests. I also didn’t know that composting food was so environmentally friendly, but a new study shows that it truly is. Most of this trashed food goes straight to landfills, where it releases huge quantities of methane, a potent greenhouse gas, into the atmosphere.
The analysis, commissioned by the manufacturer of InSinkErator food disposal systems and performed by independent research group PE International, looked at 12 common ways that municipalities deal with food waste and compared their environmental impacts, including global warming potential (GWP), energy use, and likely effects on soil, water, and air quality. The study takes into account the cradle-to-grave life cycle of associated equipment (trash cans and bags, garbage disposals, etc.) but does not appear to consider water use — an apparent oversight, considering that garbage disposals require running water before, during, and after use. Although several water-treatment options require more energy than landfills, garbage disposals come out looking quite good compared with landfills in terms of GWP and direct effects on soil, water, and air quality. However, composting — not the backyard scrap pile, but centrally located “advanced” composting — and waste-to-energy had minuscule energy and GWP impacts compared with most wastewater treatment options.
Based on this study’s findings, a garbage disposal is not necessarily the most environmentally friendly way to deal with wasted food, even as InSinkErator often argues for its benefits. Fortunately, a growing number of people have more choices than landfill or garbage disposal. Tristan Roberts is Editorial Director at BuildingGreen, Inc., in Brattleboro, Vermont, which publishes information on green building solutions. The enormous quantity of plant waste produced from greenhouse tomato crops is an environmental problem that should be solved by recycling that waste into valuable organic products through low-cost technologies, such as vermicomposting. ReferencesAira M, Monroy F, Dominguez J (2006) Changes in microbial biomass and microbial activity of pig slurry after the transit through the gut of the earthworm Eudrilus eugeniae (Kinberg, 1867).
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We spent some time explaining why it’s important to compost your food scraps instead of throwing them in the garbage. If you would like us to come to your classroom with a vermicompost bin, please contact us and we will set it up! About UsPV Waste Solutions can provide you with a disposal solution to help you tackle what’s important - getting the job done! Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Keywords— Cotton farming, vermicomposting, worm castings, alumina refinery residue, soil amendment.
The cotton industry is a major contributor to the economic wealth of some countries, including Australia (de Garis, 2013). Kennedy, 2006), thereby making either spreading CGT untreated on soil or using it as a feed source less attractive. Research has also been conducted on the use of ARR to beneficiate compost and the composting degradation process.
This author has reported on the use of a modified form of ARR in both composting and agriculture. The laboratory tests were conducted to study the effects of MARR addition on worm castings.
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The Springfield Fire Department is proud to announce that Captain Heith Aldridge has graduated from the National Fire Academy's (NFA) prestigious Executive Fire Officer Program (EFOP). The side-by-side burn that was postponed due to high winds will take place Thursday at 2 p.m. The side-by-side burn is the first of its kind, highlighting the dangers or hoarding to occupants and first responders. The 2015 Annual Report captures the sites, stats and news from a very busy year in the Fire Department. A burn demonstration will be the highlight of the daylong event which aims to educate attendees about the benefits of residential sprinklers.
Learn about residential fire sprinklers at the Missouri Home Fire Sprinkler Summit from 8 a.m. The victim from the fire at the Forest Hills Apartments in the 2900 block of East University Street this morning has been identified as 24-year-old Timothy L.
The Springfield Fire Department was dispatched to an early morning fire at the Forest Hills Apartments in the 2900 block of East University Street, which left one victim dead.
The donation will help the Springfield Fire Department expand its free smoke alarm program.
Fire Officer of the Year, Firefighter of the Year and a Medal of Valor are among the highlights of the Springfield Fire Department Annual Awards Ceremony. Fire Officer of the Year, Firefighter of the Year and a Medal of Valor are among the highlights of tonight's awards ceremony. A new report, released by the Springfield Fire Department, shows most victims are injured while trying to put out the fire themselves.
The Springfield Fire Department has received the final results of the community’s recent formal Insurance Services Office (ISO) evaluation. During the last four months, recruits spent time both in the classroom in the field, learning everything from medical care to fire fighting tactics. Thanksgiving is a time for family gatherings, good food, and sadly, sometimes holiday tragedies. A truck working in a mine at Springfield Underground near West Haseltine Road, North of Chestnut, has caught fire. Springfield Fire Department has responded to a vehicle fire inside the quarry, located near Haseltine and Chestnut.

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The Sudbury Catholic District School Board supports, promotes and practices programs for students and staff that foster stewardship of the earth and the wise use of resources. In an ongoing effort to make our schools more energy efficient, Sudbury Catholic Schools have begun integrating Smart metering systems engineered by leading power technology companies Triacta and CARMA Industries. The Killarney-Shebanoning Outdoor Environmental Education Centre  offers diverse programming to students across the province of Ontario and to the general public. The long term vision of the centre is to create a Northern Regional Centre of Energy where the latest in Green energy technology is piloted with the goal of creating a culture of environmental student ambassadors.
In keeping with our strategic commitments to live a culture of respectful relationships and to live a culture of stewardship in the use of resources, Sudbury Catholic Schools are committed to creating and maintaining a clean and safe environment for students, staff and visitors. Sudbury Catholic Schools help to plant the seed of responsible citizenship in the students that are entrusted to us.
If this picture is not scary enough, just think of all that waste rotting in our landfills and producing a toxic poisonous substance called leachate which will contaminate our rivers and seas.
Think about the greenhouse gas emissions such as nitric oxide and methane which is 21 times more potent that carbon dioxide. Think about the RM140mil per year that the Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) spends on our waste disposal. For the uninitiated, vermicomposting is simply composting with worms or rather using worms to speed up decomposition to produce a richer end product called vermicompost. The committee was set up under the Housing and Local Government Ministry’s Local Agenda 21 programme. Sooria said the committee has embarked on a project to divert organic waste from entering the landfills which is treating organic waste via vermicomposting.
Apart from the environmental benefits, vermicomposting would also help the DBKL save millions in tipping fee (money paid to dispose waste) and by replacing conventional chemical fertilisers with organic vermicompost for DBKL’s usage in the nurseries, landscaping and vegetable planting project in housing areas.
A recent study by a garbarge-disposer manufacturer compares a dozen food disposal options relative to key environmental impacts. We have something you could either call a “worm bin” or a “home vermicomposting system,” and we throw our food scraps, banana peels, melon rinds, moldy bread — you name it — into that. I just love seeing the little guys squirm around, multiply, and make carrot peelings disappear.
A new study looks at several ways in which food waste is processed, and identifies environmentally preferable options. Even the most energy-intensive methods of wastewater treatment weigh in at half the GWP of landfilling. Composting is not without issues, however, including the second-highest smog potential among the 12 methods considered. However, the study indicates that if your only two options are the trash can or a garbage disposal, the garbage disposal is a safer bet in terms of greenhouse gases and most other environmental impacts, despite its greater energy use.
For example, folks in our municipality can compost in the backyard, or if that’s not your cup of tea, you could consider dropping your waste, including paper food containers and other items for “advanced composting,” with the solid waste management district.
He is coauthor of the Consumer Guide to Home Energy Savings (9th edition, 2007) and author of Your Green Home (2006). Feasibility of vermicomposting greenhouse tomato-plant waste (P) using paper-mill sludge (S) as complementary waste was investigated by this study. We talked about what food scraps are allowed in the bin and how to take care of their new pet worms. Kilback and her students for inviting us into their classroom and for choosing to be a little more eco-friendly. Give us a call and we’ll help find the disposal solution that fits both your job and your pocketbook.
However, the industry faces several challenges, including access to fresh water, disposal of cotton waste, and the ability of Australian soil to sustain pesticide-intensive cultivation. It's the first of its kind, highlighting the dangers or hoarding to occupants and first responders. Springfield Fire Department responded, but has turned the event over to the Mine Safety and Health Institute. This year, the Department will focus on encouraging residents to install more smoke alarms. The Springfield Fire Department will install the alarms in the homes of Springfield students.
Novelty items such as small sparklers, snappers, party poppers and snakes are allowed, but should be handled with care.

Narozanski’s grade 7 students used Earth Day to study population growth and decay in grade 7. Current focus includes real time and historical monitoring of energy consumption, energy conservation projects, outdoor and environmental education and recognition of school and student green initiatives.
Programming includes ecological and environmental studies, healthy living, child and youth stewardship, values of faith, community studies and aboriginal teachings and art programs.
The Green Clean program defines environmentally conscious and low impact cleaning processes and reduces the exposure of all building occupants to potentially hazardous chemical contaminants which adversely affect indoor air quality. The Catholic School Graduate is expected to be a responsible citizen who respects the environment, uses resources wisely and contributes to the common good.
Money that Kuala Lumpur mayor Datuk Ahmad Fuad Ismail would like to put to better use like planting more trees and building more parks. Out of the 3,500 tonnes of waste that end up in our landfill, at least 50% is organic waste. We want to work with the DBKL to solve the waste problem in the city in the most sustainable way possible,” said Sooria. Vermicomposting wasn't specifically considered, but is a fun option for homeowners and schools.
There are a couple pounds of worms in the bin, and they gratefully accept the waste, eat it, and turn it into worm castings, which is basically organic matter that is broken down in such a way that it’s very good for our garden. Using worms to turn those food scraps into more valuable compost in a matter of weeks seemed like a good idea. Although some of that waste occurs during processing and at stores, and some of it is also due to how we cook (tossing potato peels, for example), it’s undeniable that we waste a huge quantity of food. A huge pile of even heavy stuff—like watermelon rinds—somehow gets redistributed across the surface by the bugs. Content from this blog originally appeared in the Brattleboro Reformer and is more relevant to colder climates.
Earthworm development in P, S, and two mixtures of both wastes was monitored over 24 weeks and compared with that in cow dung (D), an optimum organic-waste to be vermicomposted.
Compost Sci Util 13:262–273Alkoaik F, Ghaly AE (2006) Influence of dairy manure addition on the biological and thermal kinetics of composting of greenhouse tomato plant residues.
We also talked about adding compost to soil in the spring to help feed plants and make the grow healthy and strong.
Research programs into a variety of techniques aimed at amending soil with fertilisers, particularly those produced from novel organic sources rather than industrial fertilisers, have also been developed. He sustained severe burns during a fire in his home on the 2100 block of West Lee Thursday afternoon. Vermicomposting is the most cost effective and natural way to dispose the city’s organic waste and it reiterates DBKL’s seriousness in tackling sustainable waste management,” added Sooria. This serves as the worm “bedding.” Whenever our compost crock is full, I take it into the basement, dig a hole in the bedding, empty the crock, and cover it with a bit of bedding. No need to cover it with a dry carbon mix either—they keep away flies, fruit flies, and even (usually) smells. The effectiveness of vermicomposting to biostabilize those wastes was assessed by analysing phospholipid fatty acid composition, chemical features, plant-nutrient content, metal concentration, enzyme activities, and germination index (GI). So, we want to send out high-fives to their teacher for taking the time to educate her class on the value of composting! Then, after the kids settled down, we handed out compost coloring books that will further emphasize the importance of composting.
This paper therefore considered the relationship of worm castings produced from a municipal vermicomposting facility and a modified form of alumina refinery residue (MARR) as a possible nutrient source for cotton farming, and examined their combined potential as a biological fertiliser to amend agricultural soil and improve cotton yields. A commercial vermicompost was also analyzed and taken as a reference of vermicompost quality. The kids were so excited they would have pet worms in their class that they all started screaming when I opened the lid.
The study found the addition of MARR enhanced the chemical and biological properties of worm castings, for example improving caution exchange capacity and increasing the total microbial biomass of castings by 38%, and the combined effect of applying 240 L/ha of this non-traditional organic fertiliser increased cotton yields by 9% over a nine-week growing period. I think half of them screamed in delight at these cute little wiggling worms and the other half screamed in fear at these creepy crawly creatures.
Phospholipid fatty acid analysis revealed that earthworm activity strongly transformed initial microbiota inhabiting the wastes, giving rise to vermicompost microbial communities which were similar to that of a commercial vermicompost. Some of them eagerly held out their hands to hold a worm, while others took a little more time to build up their courage. Both mixtures of P and S were properly biostabilized through vermicomposting, as indicated by decreases in their C:N ratio and enzyme activities together with increases in their degree of maturity (GI ~ 100 %) after the process.
Int J Environ Sci Technol 7(4):623–628Bonmati M, Ceccanti B, Nannipieri P (1998) Protease extraction from soil by sodium pyrophosphate and chemical characterization of the extracts. This study demonstrates that the vermicomposting of tomato-plant waste together with paper-mill sludge allows the recycling of both wastes, thereby improving the environmental sustainability of greenhouse crops. Springer, BerlinEdwards CA (1988) Breakdown of animal, vegetable and industrial organic wastes by earthworms.
SPB Academic Publishing BV, The HagueElvira C, Goicoechea M, Sampedro L, Mato S, Nogales R (1996) Bioconversion of solid paper-pulp mill sludge by earthworms. BOE, Gobierno de Espana, MadridGomez-Brandon M, Lazcano C, Lores M, Dominguez J (2010) Detritivorous earthworms modify microbial community structure and accelerate plant residue decomposition. Interciencia 32(2):131–136Marschner P (2007) Soil microbial community structure and function assessed by FAME, PLFA and DGGE—Advantages and limitations. Springer, BerlinMoore-Kucera J, Dick RP (2008) PLFA profiling of microbial community structure and seasonal shifts in soils of a Douglas-fir chronosequence. Academic Press, LondonSuthar S, Singh S (2008) Vermicomposting of domestic waste by using two epigeic earthworms (Perionyx excavatus and Perionyx sansibaricus).
In: Page AL, Miller EM, Keeney DR (eds) Methods of Soil Analysis, Part 2, Chemical and Microbiological Properties.
ASA and SSSA, MadisonTabatabai MA, Bremner JM (1969) Use of p-nitrophenyl phosphate for assay of soil phosphatase activity. Association of Official Analytical Chemists, ArlingtonZdruli P, Jones RJA, Montanarella L (2004) Organic matter in the soils of southern Europe, European Soil Bureau Research Report, EUR 21083 EN. Office for Official Publications of the European Communities, LuxembourgZucconi F, Forte M, Monaco A, De Bertoldi M (1981) Biological evaluation of compost maturity.

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