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One aspect of Organic farming involves reducing or eliminating the dependence of the soil on chemical and inorganic fertilizers and pesticides. Vermicompost, or worm compost, is the final product of processing organic material by earthworms.
Then, the leaves are packed into square pits of about 1 metre x 1 metre, and about 9 inches deep.
Though there are quite a few species of earthworm that can perform this job, Eisenia foetida (commonly known as red earthworm, Lal Kenchua or sewage earthworm) is generally the most efficient in converting bio-wastes, including livestock excreta, into vermicompost. Harvested earthworms are especially beneficial to young growing birds, such as these Silver Spangled Hamburg chicks.

Vermicompost is produced by the interaction of earthworms and microorganisms breaking down organic wasted. Earthworms improve the physical condition and fertility of soil by facilitating its aeration and adding nutrients to it through decomposition of bio-degradable material.
It is thouroughly mixed, precomposted to 131 degrees for at least 3 days in aerated static bays then slowly fed to our worms which are kept inside.
To help enrich the soil, organic farming has evolved effective and varied organic manures, such as vermicompost, vermiwash, panchagavaya, jeevamrit, compost and green manures.
Devine Gardens vermicompost is of the highest quality and I'm extremely proud to have my parents name on it.

As most Indian soils are poor in organic matter content, vermicompost can be particularly useful.

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