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Before rushing into it, plan the ideal size and location of the no-dig bed that best meet your objectives. A no-dig vegetable garden is the quickest, easiest way to get home grown vegetables on your dinner table. A raised garden bed means that it doesn’t matter what sort of soil you currently have. This really is one of the cheapest and simplest method of creating a vegetable garden and you’ll have them growing in no time! This entry was posted in Vegetable Garden and tagged organic gardening, selecting plants, Vegetable Garden by Sue Bampton.
Native bees are all the buzz at the moment, with many gardeners like us keen to encourage them into yards to improve pollination of our fruit and veg. Megan explained there are 20,000 bee species worldwide, with over 1,600 species in Australia. It’s these sugar bag bees that people can order hives of and look after in their garden.
All the other bees in our area are solitary, meaning they live out their lives alone, or semi-social, where some females share a nest together. I remember Megan showing us a video about how female solitary bees dehydrate nectar before mixing it with pollen to form a food for their young. There was lots of great ideas provided about what we can do in our gardens to create habitat for native bees.
The little blue banded bees are ecstatic about the flowers of pineapple sage - the kids watch them rolling about in the flowers, which seem to be present most of the year.
Looking for alternative ways to feed themselves and the community, large and small alternative gardening ventures are popping up everywhere. While the Urban Hydro Project continues to expand and thrive in Nashville, FarmedHere sprouted up outside of Chicago and claims the honor of being the largest indoor vertical farm in the US. FarmedeHere is looking to produce over one million pounds of fresh, organic leafy greens, free of chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, and GMOs. As more stringent government regulations are put in place controlling individual freedoms, and greater efforts are made to alter the essence of food by corporations like Monsanto, the availability of organic, life-staining foods will diminish. Permission is granted to copy the title and first one hundred words with the provision that the author's name be included and a link to the original article be added.
JB Bardot is trained in herbal medicine and homeopathy, and has a post graduate degree in holistic nutrition. The information included on this website is for educational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose or treat disease.
The no-dig method is really simple and involves constructing a raised garden edge using sugar cane bails, timber or corrugated iron, then layering organic materials on top of the soil to create a nutrient rich environment for your plants, in this case, vegetables.

Give this method a try if you have the room and inclination and you’ll have fresh vegetables to enjoy in no time!!
We also love doing anything in our little piece of suburbia that can improve biodiveristy and create habitat for native wildlife! As well as humming loudly, it’s large in size, brightly coloured, and flies very erratically, making them a challenge to photograph!
Megan has wonderful knowledge about native bees, and a contagious enthusiasm for native bee conservation.
In the Sydney, Blue Mountains and Illawarra area where we live there are about 200 different species. Though many of these bees can sting, they are not at all aggressive, so you can feel safe having them around the garden and getting up close to take photos! One was of course planting more flowers – particularly herbs like perennial basil, lavender and salvias.
Indoor, organic urban farms growing food vertically using hydroponic and aquaponic principles, are sprouting around the country.
Smaller ventures such as the Urban Hydro Project in Nashville, Tennessee is the farm-child of Jeffery Orkin; and his efforts are paying off. Founded by Jolanta Hardej, it’s located in a huge 90,000 square foot abandoned warehouse in Bedford Park, Illinois. As the air and land are poisoned with chemicals and other noxious elements in an effort to marginalize life, alternative means of growing food will be needed for those who are willing to fight to survive the system. Some vertical growing equipment is portable and can be moved outside in warmer weather if desired.
Additionally, small or large indoor community gardens are possible in smaller-sized buildings, allowing for groups to form gardens, purchase supplies and share fresh vegetables together.
Bardot retired from a 25-year natural healthcare practice caring for both people and animals.
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It is a good idea to think out of the box and create a garden that is perhaps different from the usual spaces one is used to seeing. The best way to work on a theme is to plan on paper how you would want your garden to look.
Allocate that portion of the garden for flower beds as flowering plants will need a fair amount of sunlight.
Watering the newspaper as you go is useful and be sure to crossover the newspaper as you go so no gaps form.
By the time your plants are established, the contents of the bed blend together and develop into a rich organic mix for your next planting.

In our climate Megan recommends people don't harvest honey from their sugrabag hives as they aren’t able to build up their stores as much as in warmer climates. Pictured above is a gorgeous native bee nest Megan made for resin bees by drilling holes into hardwood.
The push for alternative methods of raising food follow in part, on the heels of local governments outlawing homeowners from growing vegetable gardens in their yards, and forcing people to tear out existing, healthy gardens.
A cry for community support in late 2012 raised over $3,300 in donations, enough money for Orkin to buy materials to extend his fledgling indoor organic garden on the top floor of a condo building in Nashville. Hardej had the vision as far back as 2008 to grow fresh, organic produce using aquaponic techniques, and no soil.
Flowers, carpet grass, pebbled pathways, fountains and waterfalls are essentials that are incorporated into a garden.
However, if you are keen on creating a space where you can enjoy a bit of sunshine then you will need to integrate an area in the garden for the same. From there its a matter of layering the straw, lucerne and manure – there will be at least 2 thick layers of each.
There’s so much still to be learned about our native bees, and sharing info about your sightings is one way to help build that knowledge bank! Fueling the wheels of change are the county, state and federal government knowingly attempting to destroy the food chain with chemtrails, pesticides, growth hormones and GMOs, as they alter the very molecular nature of our food. Although the Urban Hydro Project has only 135 square feet of floor space, the room has 12 foot ceilings, and Orkin plans to plant to the ceiling.
However, if space is not a restriction you can create include various elements without the fear of making the garden over crowded. Mark a circular or rectangle spot where you can set out wicker garden furniture or wrought iron tables and chairs. These actions move the heart, stimulate rage, hatred and fear, and force humans to change to survive or die. Plants at FarmedHere are grown in multiple stacked levels and fed by mineral-rich water circulated throughout the system from fish tanks containing hormone-free tilapia fish.
It is best that this area is made hard standing as it is easy to clean and keeps away ants and bugs. Two feet high lamps are ideal for highlighting flowers and greenery planted around the garden. Orkin says this is a more efficient method of production, and one that produces higher yields and better tasting organic food year round.

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