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April 26, 2013 By admin My friend Erin has one of the best decorated homes of all my friends. When she came to me for advice on building a garden in her backyard I knew it would be something I’d be jealous of…  She spent time trolling through Pinterest for ideas and came back to me with a badass bed design! Now that she’s done I asked her to please write a post so I could share her garden story here.
In order to do away with the old and dead and invite all of the natural new energy of the spring season into our yards, first we have to always do a bit of maintenance and clean-up.
Once we chose where we wanted to place it in the backyard, we had to till the ground a bit and tear up some grass to even it out so the beds would lay flat.
We here in the hill country currently have a multitude of mosquitos, an affluence of aphids, and a plethora of pecans.
Before the advent of European settlers, Native Americans widely consumed pecans and used them for trade. Pecans are native to our area which makes them hearty and able to survive even the most tempestuous arch of Texas seasons.
Are you ready to create a dynamic new look for your garden or have a place for for tomatoes and other vegetables? Your garden bed is now raised a few inches which makes a ton of difference to the wellness of your back.
Having separate soil means you put a stop to all the weeds that would grow over the life of your garden. Begin by visiting your local lumber store (Home Depot, Rona, Lowes) and go to their lumber yard.
Please click on the video below for more directions on assembling your raised vegetable garden beds. A raised bed vegetable garden can offer you so many advantages as they are basically fixed.
At present I was able to get some delicious salad and lettuce crops from my raised bed vegetable garden. Raised bed vegetable gardening is a very great way of gardening since it has a lot of advantages over the normal and traditional way of vegetable gardening. There are plenty of advantages of raised bed vegetable gardening that people doesn’t get from the normal vegetable gardening.
Other advantages that raised bed vegetable gardening has over the normal vegetable gardening are that the raised bed could make the gardening easier.
Building a raised bed vegetable gardening ideas is also a great and creative way to make a raised bed looks more unique and interesting. Birdies Modular raised garden bed system with the 4 shapes that can be configured from the 1 Birdies Modular raised vegetable bed kit (Standard Shape, Long Narrow, Square or Rectangular). Birdies Garden Products are an Australian leader in raised garden bed systems and products related to vegetable growing for the Backyard Farmer. With the cold climate on its way out and spring just around the corner, now is the time to start thinking about acquiring your garden ready for summer. Fencing If you require to carry out repairs or you determine your garden needs new fencing, don’t delay in installing it. Pruning The onset of spring is also the time to prune your trees and shrubs, although a lot of gardeners are reluctant to carry out this activity for fear of making a mistake and accidentally damaging plants. Basic clean-up After you’ve secured the perimeter of the garden, carry out a thorough clean-up to take away all evidence of winter neglect.
Sometimes gardeners purposely build a raised bed vegetable garden and sometimes raised beds are just wicked little plots that happen!
Maybe you've been given some garden boxes, maybe you have recycled wood, rocks or other edging to use, or possibly you want to define your garden areas. But if you only have a small area, or it's on concrete or stony ground, then some nice neat garden boxes are an excellent way to enclose your garden. And these even larger stones have been cemented in place to make an attractive raised garden.
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Using wood chips on our raised garden bed We scavanged some wood chips to keep birds and weeds at bay. Muscle carrot growing in raised garden In our raised garden bed (constructed of bricks) we planted carrots. As Mother Nature begins shining her warmth upon us, the buds of the trees begin to break free of their dead outer shells, birds begin their morning song ever more enthusiastically, and winter shades of wet cool gray and dull brown magically transform into vibrant green grass carpets, multi-colored seas of wildflowers and bountiful farmer’s markets. For Joe and I, spring is the time that we rev our proverbial outdoor beautification engines and get to work on bit by bit, creating our very own outdoor oasis.
Our visions of pergolas and arched gated entries, floral vines covering the whole fence line, and a sea of wild floral beauty in every corner will most likely take years to grow and come to life as we envision it, but thankfully for us, the opposite is true for the vegetables we just planted. We looked at all sorts of pictures we found online of beautiful raised beds that we thought we might be able to do ourselves. She helped with the layout and guided me on what to plant for beginners and how to feed and fertilize them with the proper mix of ingredients. I do hope that the beautiful wet spring weather has been good to all you other gardeners out there.
While some may take issue with the excess of shells and oddly sticky film that coats anything left beneath the branches of these bountiful nut trees, at their heart they are really one of the most interesting and useful trees around. So lets show a little respect for big beautiful buddies and educate ourselves.

Building a raised garden bed is a fun home project for your family and you no matter what your skill level is as a craftsmen or a gardener. Using the soil that is in your back yard may not have the proper nourishment that your vegetables need to grow tall and strong. There will be a few weeds here and there but it takes you minutes instead of hours to pull them up. The simplest way is to lay 4 large pieces of wood in a rectangular pattern, fill it with compost, a weed barrier in the bottom, a few screws and you are ready to go. When I started growing my own vegetables, I was very open to incorporating raised beds in my garden.You see raised bed gardens are permanent plots surrounded by narrow paths. A raised bed vegetable garden is an exceptional choice especially if youa€™re not really a fan of digging.
People tend to have laziness for growing vegetables in their yard since they have a lot of things to do like they have to cut the wild grass and plants around the garden routinely to make sure that they grow good harvests of vegetables. One of the best advantages is that in growing vegetables with raised bed is that the soil that used in raised beds could use compacted soil. The higher beds make the treatment of the vegetable garden easier since it has a higher position than the bottom of the earth surface gardening. The plants and vegetables that could be used in the raised bed gardening is the same with the normal gardening with the exception of some plants. The product is a 4 in 1 raised vegetable bed kit manufactured from quality Australian corrugated steel and available in three heights, making vegetable growing easy for all ages. Birdies Garden products are a€?Made By A Gardener For The Gardenera€? and we understand the importance of growing your own fresh vegetables and make it easy for you with our raised vegetable beds. Despite the fact that temperatures may possibly nevertheless be on the low side, venturing out into the garden and getting busy sooner rather than later will permit you to reap the rewards later on in the year. Now is the ideal time to make sure all your flowers and seed beds are adequately protected from wild animals, as you’ll have other items on your mind when the garden is in full bloom. Nonetheless, the reality is that you are unlikely to kill a plant or shrub by pruning it sensibly. Months of wind and rain are bound to have taken their toll on the region, so take away all sticks, twigs and other debris you uncover. Select it and click on the button to choose it.Then click on the link if you want to upload up to 3 more images.
In just a few short months, if our thumbs are indeed green, we’ll be reaping the rewards of finally installing a RAISED BED ORGANIC VEGETABLE GARDEN in our backyard!
Pressure treated woods are NOT ideal for vegetable gardens because chemicals can leach into your foods over time. With winter comes the warmth and rain of spring, and with beauty of spring comes the summer harvest! If your backyard has hard soil or inadequate drainage or if you want a quick hobby, a raised garden bed is the perfect solution.
Gardeners have used brick and large rocks to lay out their garden beds in many different shapes and patterns.
You want to build a raised garden bed in an area that gets at lease 6-8 hours of full sun light every day. Less weeds means less competition for water and the plants you want to grow will grow up nice and lush. But we want our raised garden bed to last till next summer so some planning is required for its longevity.
The width of your raised garden bed should be four feet so you can reach the different herbs and veggies that you grew. When I established a raised bed vegetable garden, I didna€™t need to dig often, only about every 5 years or so and best of all, block planting was very easy.Why Raised BedsI decided to build a raised bed garden after reading through some gardening books for some inspiration and ideas. With raised bed, they don’t have to worry about that since it could make the wild grass and plants unable to grow near your vegetables.
For people that have a difficult access to good soil for gardening, raised bed vegetable gardening could be the best solutions if they really want to put gardening as a hobby or activity. With the higher beds, killing the weeds and the wild plants will be much easier and less tiring and also take less time than the normal vegetable gardening. People can’t grow potatoes in the raised bed gardening because its roots could not grow well with the space that the raised beds gardening provide. The most common way that people do for building a raised bed is to use good and durable wood and make a box without the bottom surface. They could use decorative rocks instead of wooden for the boxes material that could make the raised beds looks better. Passion for gardening and sustainability is evident in all aspects of the Birdies raised vegetable garden product range. We are daily publishing decorationg ideas, interior design ideas ,home design tips, creative ideas and very useful tips for you.
There are several garden jobs that are probably to need tackling just before the warm climate arrives, specifically if your outdoor space has lain largely untouched over winter.
You might like to paint existing fences to give them a fresh new appear for the expanding season, so hire a compressor to get the job carried out with a minimum of fuss. You can also use this time as an opportunity to take away any hardy weeds that grew up towards the end of final year. We can't promise to publish all contributions, but would love to see good examples that would inspire and encourage other gardeners.

Unless you go to the effort of lining the beds with a plastic or pool liner, cedar is the best way to go for a vegetable garden. We can’t wait to see how our garden grows, but more importantly, how planting a garden will enlighten our living space and connect us back to the earth.
This is the enjoyment of most gardeners; to experiment with different building materials and patterns to make their backyard garden more enjoyable.
You will need 4 posts for your garden bed as well so have the associate pre-cut 4 pieces of 4×4 planks and have them be as tall as the height of your raised vegetable garden beds (8 Inches). The idea seemed really convenient for me and I decided to do it since ita€™s relatively easy.
People could still grow lettuce, tomatoes and many other plants since the vegetable gardening almost the same with the normal vegetable gardening.
The last step is to make a middle separator between the first section and the second section of the bed. I hope people could make a garden easier with this tips and information about raised bed vegetable gardening. It can be tough to know exactly where to begin, but commit some time seeking round the garden and write oneself a prioritised checklist of the most important tasks if needed. It can eliminate broken or diseased tree limbs, rejuvenate old shrubs to make sure they flower and make your garden a safer location by trimming down massive and unwieldy branches. New weeds will start to develop speedily as soon as the ground gets warmer, as they lurk beneath the surface waiting to germinate.
Please note that space is required between multiple raised garden beds for easy movement and to reach your herbs and veggies. The width of your bed should be about 4ft (1.2m) as that size will allow you to reach from each side comfortably.
And after that person could use the raised bed vegetable gardening tips that people could find on the internet and gardening books.
By operating steadily by way of these jobs in the initial handful of weeks of spring, your garden will be seeking summer time-ready in no time. There are certain shrubs that you should aim to prune in early spring, just before their buds break.
Nonetheless, their roots will nevertheless be quite shallow at this point, so pull them out as soon as you spot them to make life less complicated come summertime.
In our tutorial, we are going to be using the popular cedar planks to assemble our raised vegetable garden beds. The higher your bed is, the more space the roots may grow hence you get healthier, higher quality herbs and veggies.
They should be no longer than 5m (16ft) or you may end up walking over rather than around them. These incorporate bush honeysuckle, St John’s wort, Japanese angelica tree and common witch hazel. Rake the lawn thoroughly and get your garden searching rubbish-free before the real work begins.
Usually use pruning tools that are sharp and in great condition, to make certain you get a clean reduce on the branches. The surplus leaves you rake up can also be utilised for compost, which will assist your plants to develop although acting as a deterrent for weeds. If you wish to build your bed higher than 20 inches, make sure you use long deck screws to hold the lumber in place and have good quality cross supports.
Thata€™s pretty good for any gardener especially if youa€™re very particular with planning.The Art of Raised BedsI was having a conversation with a friend about raised beds, how they work and how efficient they can be.
If you are building more than one raised garden bed, leave a minimum of 16 to 18 inch of space in between the raised beds for a walk way and to get your trolley in and out with ease. I explained to her that fixed beds gradually become raised beds naturally as the compost; mulches and root residues build up. Not only are they less back-breaking to work, but raising the soil level can create so many advantages. As the bed builds up, the surface area expands and not only will this allow some extra planting space, but also increasing aeration and evaporation.The soil warms up faster and you can start earlier in spring. Of course it will take some time to set up and plant but once theya€™re established correctly you should be able to grow vegetables easily.In winter the crops that are on top are in mildly warmer conditions as cold air runs off to the lower levels. Raised Bed Gardening TipsYou can have your bed running north-south where the sunny end is a hot slope.
The hot slope can be used for early cropping and herbs where on the shaded end you can grow some salad as well as leaf crops.Salads are very easy to grow and they fit very well in a raised bed vegetable garden. The sides of the beds are protected from the wind and stays moist suiting roots, leeks and salad crops. The top is open-ground but is ideal for shallots, legumes and brassicas along with some overwintering vegetables.These vegetables above can be grown in rows. I noticed in my raised bed vegetable garden that the paths of compacted soil are sufficient but tend to get muddy in the wet.

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