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Last holiday season he published Holidazed: A Cocktail Cookbook for Getting Lit on Christmas that focused on boozy beverages with a few food recipes to round it out. The Vegan Pregnancy Survival Guide is the perfect size book to tuck away into your handbag and browse while sitting in the waiting room at the doctor's office.
I think you'll love her responses about vegan pregnancy as much as the Vegan Pregnancy Survival Guide itself.
As you may know already I am the master of inventive ordering after years of having to exercise creativity and caution when picking up any restaurant menu. Generally speaking, any Japanese, Chinese, Thai or Indian restaurant will have vegan options. My usual order at Japanese restaurant Kojo – vegan sushi, tofu steak sands fish flakes and a big salad with tons of avocado and sprialised veggies.
The reason I say this is you never know what vegan item might be lurking in a non-vegan dish.
Story time: As a young girl I had a large affinity for books and reading, so much so that I was nicknamed Matilda by my cousins in Egypt who became accustomed to seeing a book permanently attached to me during our summer visits. It can be daunting for the newly vegan to fathom eating out when they’re unsure of what lies ahead, especially at a large outing where they have no control over restaurant choice (think birthdays and family gatherings). Going a step further most South Indian restaurants are exclusively vegetarian which means a much wider variety of vegan fare.

You might discover lentils served with a meat dish, avocado on a shrimp salad, quinoa with a chicken dish etc.
I loved reading so much that I often read things cover to cover just for the hell of it – including menus at restaurants. A quick call to the chef or restaurant manager to inquire about the veg options on the menu allows you to be fully prepared. Even better, do a quick google search and see if you can pull up their menu online to help you survey it in advance.
In good pizza joints, I dare order a veggie pizza without cheese and olive oil on top instead. My parents told me to stop reading the menu saying the waiters wouldn’t stop by our table assuming none of us had decided on a meal yet.
I am happy to report that over the years I have picked up a few key tips that make this ordeal far less intimidating and stressful than it needs to be.
For example when dining at an Indian restaurant I’m vigilant to say no ghee, no butter. Spotting these key items is crucial to franken-ordering and supplementing a seemingly lackluster dish like a green salad with tasty add-ons. My family would often make fun of me for doing so even after I’d decided on my order, but as it turns out this particular habit has paid off. I always customise too, so get a dish without something and with something else, or order a number of sides instead.

I create simple, healthy, plant-based recipes inspired by Middle Eastern flavours and write about leading a vegan lifestyle in the Arab world. Friends and acquaintances are seemingly baffled to hear that we are able to eat out on a regular basis somewhere like Bahrain that isn’t exactly silly with vegan dining establishments. Here is a quick run down of what I typically order when at a restaurant of the aforementioned cuisines. When ordering pasta dishes, I ensure to stipulate no cheese as this can be customarily sprinkled on as garnish.
I’m also thankful that I was able to find a vegan option at all no matter how seemingly banal it may be.
I was offered boiled potatoes and cooked spinach once as a main course, and that may have scarred me.
When I order a soup I first and foremost inquire if it’s made using cream, and if not I make sure to say no additional cream on top, please (again usually a garnish).

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