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Plot: A post-apocalyptic tale of a “lone wolf” on a personal quest to get a rare book to the west coast. Plot: After a zombie apocalypse occurs, a surviving college student (Eisenberg) tries to get home to his family in Ohio. If you have a question, comment, there’s a problem with the site, or you just want to say Hi, Send Us an Email.
Subscribe to the FREE Survival Cache Newsletter and we'll send you a monthly email with new gear reviews, site news, survival tips, and more. Second, as soon as the party splits up to hunt down our tormentor, I’d crawl inside the box. I’d be tempted to write on the laptop, but I will resist the urge, as the sound of the keyboard could be my undoing. I’ll probably be in here for a few days, so a good pillow and a warm blanket are required. I will be sad about losing the group of people I am assuming I’ve just met (because it would be heartless to hide while friends or family are slaughtered).
Jerome is the creator and writer of It's All Been Done Radio Hour, a modern scripted live comedy show and podcast in the style of old-timey radio serials. Family vacations when I was a child meant long, often several days of being stuck in the back seat with my sibling.
We came up with several games that always helped to keep the crazies at least for a little while! While these are not only a great way to keep a little one entertained, the lights, sirens and noise can drive the rest of the car batty.
Okay, maybe this sounds like a cop out but my crew measure trips by how many movies it is to where we are going. When we budget for trips, we include spending money for the kids based on their age and responsibility. Here is some ideas on how you could prepare your survival kit for your summer road trips with young children.

There will be a smaller crate inside with the supplies I actually want for myself, including a hammer and nails I can use to secure myself inside the massive crate, making it appear to have never been opened.
I am sure I will have some type of TV review deadline, as I always do, but I am confident my readers and editors will understand if I take a quick break while trying to survive a horrific experience. It should be unobtrusive, a hidden cameras that lacks any blinking lights or operates on remote control. But I think, with the help of this crate, I might just be able to make it through, and I will make sure my life is a testament to their courage and all that. Would you like to increase your visibility, hone your skills, and reach a very large and growing audience? I am sure that the ride was just as long on my mother as it was on us but she never seemed to mind.
We have a container of toys that are only allowed to be used at certain times, such as while in the car. Today there are activity kits available that come with a dry-erase boards, various transparencies and other fun things you can do with the dry-erase markers. The boards are now available in various sizes and often include a carrying case or suggested games to play with it.
Our older ones are given an amount that they have to spend which includes selecting some of the attractions or optional stops along the way. But I know with absolute certainty that nothing among the site’s current offerings could help me escape from a serial killer or monster, or combination of thereof long enough to make it through the opening credits.
Surely, our villain wouldn’t waste time breaking into a harmless crate that no potential victims could be hiding inside, right?
My smaller crate will contain a laptop computer with a good video driver and lots of extra batteries, loaded with many great television shows to watch.
That way, the bad guy doesn’t suspect he (or she or it) is being monitored and come looking for me.
First this prevents so many toys from home being packed and possibly lost, it helps to keep their attention with the newness.

Use the boards to color or to keep track of the number of yellow buses or purple trucks… We give our kids a list of things to look for along the way.
We change assignments each day, but for the assigned day the older child must make sure the younger one is buckled in, goes to the restroom and washes their hands, helps them order their meal or shares with them when we stop to eat, assists with entertaining them in the car by reading or playing games.
This is because it boasts fantastic characters and compelling stories, not because of any chills or thrills. I would distribute these among the rest of the group I’m with, selflessly keeping none of it for me.
The one with the most items found wins a prize or gets to make a decision for the family for dinner or sleeping arrangements. Not only has this built stronger relationships between our children, it has taken a lot of the stress while traveling off the parents. I would never survive a Walking Dead scenario, given the long-term outlook, so I decided to focus on staying alive through the types of horror movies most people like, the ones with a bad guy picking off a group one by one, until one or two heroes survive.
Well, this crate is extremely well constructed, with just enough space between the slats to allow air in, but not enough to allow light. Of course if you have a wide range of children you will want to invest in an additional DVD player to avoid the obvious fight over the movies to be shown. Before we hit the road, each child is given a small baggie with their budgeted spending money along with a roll of quarters. Of course the older crew are given plenty of time to go off on their own while we are at the hotel or once we reach our destination.
Tip: Select one that has lots of cute animals and music (without words) when it is close to nap time!

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