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Paul - its inspiring stuff that people with long dormant EDC systems are getting them going again - congratulations.
Firs thing I did was change the sway bar rod links for OEM new ones COntrol arms, bushings, tie rods, etc are all fine.
Thousands of premature babies worldwide could be saved if probiotics were added to their feeds, according to research led by The University of Western Australia.

The research, published yesterday in the leading international medical journal Pediatrics, found survival was doubled in premature babies who received certain probiotics. Lead author Associate Professor Sanjay Patole, from UWA's School of Women's and Infants' Health based at King Edward Memorial Hospital, said death, and necrotising enterocolitis (NEC), a serious inflammatory bowel disease, were major issues in extremely premature babies worldwide. The team of researchers including Dr Girish Deshpande and Dr Shripada Rao at KEMH, Adjunct Professor Max Bulsara, UWA Centre for Health Services Research reviewed 11 randomised trials in over 2,000 babies born more than six weeks prematurely.

Mine does feel the same, except both front shocks are new as well the top shock rubber supports that hold the bearing, etc.

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