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Navy SEAL Survival HandbookThere is probably no person better qualified to write a book on survival than Don Mann.
Don can survive anything as is evidenced by his many achievements since his retirement from the U.S. Whether it’s a Primal Quest event or a remote adventure race, Don has figured out how to extract the most from himself when the going gets tough.
His new book outlines the full gambit from the basics of survival to the more nuanced concepts of the psychology of survival (probably the determining factor for most of us ordinary folk). I don’t mean theory or practicing survival techniques in protected environment where a time-out can be called and someone will come and provide a little assistance.

Heck, he’s probably done all of this stuff but couldn’t share it because of the sensitive nature of his missions!
While Don describes skills that are critical to survival, what you really gain from reading this manual is a sense of the attitude required to be successful in the harsh environments in which America’s secret warriors thrive.
Don Mann has spent the majority of his adult life in situations where the need for survival skills wasn’t just a possibility, it was, and continues to be, a reality. Don has traveled across the globe and survived challenges in every environment—whether as a SEAL on mission, or as a true outdoorsman hiking, climbing, or paddling his way in and out of danger. As you read, take comfort knowing these tactics and techniques were not written by someone who gleaned their knowledge from other books and backyard safaris…they were written by someone who has lived them, breathed them, and lived to tell about them.

Don Mann has assembled the best global survival manual there is today and draws upon extensive operational experience as a Seal to hammer home the lessons rather than being another checklist of skills like so many survival books flooding the industry.
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