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If you’ve planned well and have an emergency survival kit that includes food rations, you have a better chance of getting through the survival situation smoothly than those who did not put aside rations for such a contingency. I found a great article that explains what food is good for storage and also explains how not to prevent “Appetite Fatigue” as if all you have is wheat, honey and basic food you will survive but you wont want to eat it.
A survival guide PDF document with up-to-date, priceless information on disaster recovery is available now from the experts at Absolute Rights. The course includes a series of 6 training modules, each dedicated to different aspects of disaster survival.
Survivalist mentalities have grown in frequency and volume over the last several years, and created a full community of people striving for complete preparedness.
An article that has made the rounds through the survivalist crowds is this 2006 Roanoke Times commentary, in which a Virginia businessman makes his case for the inevitable end of our fossil fuel supply. The chances of a collapse are increasingly imminent, with the population booming and the quality food supplies dwindling. Those are words that match perfectly with the objective of “40 Days and 40 Nights.” The real point of the training course is to give people a chance to develop their survival skills and ensure the highest hopes of staying alive in the most deadly scenarios possible. Much of the hype around preparedness and urban survival focuses on the concept of the “bug-out” bag and its various incarnations; and why not?
While it’s of course a great idea to have a bug-out location and bug-out bag (or a set of them), along with “get-home” bags in the car (probably a better initial investment in time and money), I’d like to walk through some of the major points of prepping your own domicile and hopefully even your neighborhood for a post-SHTF situation. If it’s not already obvious, one of the nice things about survival is that “simple” is almost always best. However, in an urban survival environment, these 5 necessities can be broken down in many ways, even if the end result is somewhat the same. Any real long-term food storage plan is completely amiss without the concept of gardening and backyard livestock (chickens, rabbits, etc.) as an integral part of it.
4)Health: Make sure you have a first aid kit packed for the house, for the car, and for your bugout bag(s).

5)Security: One of the biggest misunderstandings in regards to bug-in security in your own home is that a home is a defensible structure by itself. The first thing to consider is that if someone actually makes it into your home, you’ve already lost the security contest. Obviously, securing a neighborhood requires a lot of community involvement both before as well as during and after a disaster happens. Back to securing your own house, however, there are things you can do to at least increase security in and around your home and yard. The main thing to think about is an egress out of your house and neighborhood if things were to really heat up to the point that plywood or cinder blocks were going to actually be called for. Use these “A’s” as an infrastructure that you build all of your skills and supplies around. Adaptability: You have to be able to use your skills and common sense to be adaptable because there is no way to predict everything that can happen, much less plan for every possible scenario.
Awareness: Being aware of what is going on around you is a huge part of security, as mentioned before.
Accountability: Being accountable is essential on every level for proper leadership and teamwork, which itself necessary for survival.
Urban Survival and Emergency Disaster Preparedness Kits and Supplies: Survival doesn't always happen in the wilderness. The preparedness level of modern society is far from adequate, and people aren’t realizing the very real, very dangerous threats to their well-being that take place almost every day, in all corners of the world. Wallace Streete, a nationally-recognized survivalist and businessman, has joined forces with the leaders in freedom preservation to produce the “40 Days and 40 Nights” training course. Security, safety, health, nourishment, and communication become ten times more difficult after a natural or man-made crisis.
It shares the 25 threats that should be monitored constantly, as well as the three keys to psychological survival.

The community has a wide range of worries, experience levels, and preparation skills, but what they all have in common is the frame of mind they need to survive the worst. The training system, complete with its survival guide PDF, video lessons, additional assignments, and unprecedented disaster information, is now available for subscription. The info on the cards is useful and if you have time after reading the cards, you can play a card game!
Storms, civil unrest, economic collapse and other events can make surviving in your region just as difficult as if you were out in the bush. The Tactical Survival Revolution Has Begun – At Last, A Breathable Survival Sleeping Bag in Tactical!!
When the economy breaks down and the store shelves are empty, self-sufficiency is the only way to make it through with your life. After all, you’ll need your mind sharp after learning about all the threats faced during the aftermath of a disaster.
Conditions that arise in your area may dictate the need for you and your family to bunker down and survive in-place; a strategy worth considering depending on the conditions -- or, moving out to get to safety with your gear and supplies to keep you going. These items are designed to enable your survival no matter where you live, or whether you are surviving in-place or bugging out!
This article is an overview and has to stay at the “10,000 foot” level, but bear in mind that every topic listed below would merit at least one if not more separate articles to get into more detail.
In absence of that, your next best defense is good Intel and awareness of what might be coming your way so that you can prepare or even bugout accordingly.

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