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If you live in an urban setting, you can still plan and prep for a SHTF or emergency scenario, but you may have to do some things a little differently than those who live in more remote areas.
This is a great first aid kit if you travel from city to city with your job, or if you were to find yourself stranded in another place in a SHTF situation.
If you are in an area that is hit with an airborne biological weapon, this is something you should definitely have on hand. A weather radio is an excellent item to add to your emergency kit, no matter where you live.
Good list but the radio should be a hand crank one that way if batteries run low or are old you still have a way to find out what’s happening.
Our book, The One Year Urban Survival Plan, tells you exactly how to prepare for a major disaster in the city or suburbs.
The One Year Urban Survival Plan, tells you exactly how to prepare for a disaster in the city.
We have to acknowledge from the start that living in an urban environment isna€™t ideal and it will decrease your chances to survive a disaster. For some, bugging out will be the only chance of survival, while for others, hunkering down and defending their fort will be their first and only choice to keep their family safe. Before something occurs, there are always signs and information out there that you need to discover before ita€™s too late. In the city, even during a normal working day, time is of the essence, you have to make sure youa€™re not late for your appointments; you have to time your brake and so on. An emergency plan is something that we should all have, regardless if we bug-out or we bug-in. Of course that an emergency plan covers much more than this, but each plan is drawn based on various factors such as: location, resources, family members count, knowledge and skills, etc. If you live in an urban environment your best choice for producing your own food is container gardening. This is a critical thing and although it may seem common sense for many of the readers, for the people living in the city, time is running much faster and most of them lost their exploring senses. Cooking and heating will be two of your major problems if utilities shut down and in an urban environment you will have to struggle twice as much, since gathering firewood and cooking over a campfire is not an option.
If you live in the city, chances are you have a limited household space and you have to make the best use out of it. They say the world is full of doctors and lawyers, but during a crisis you will find out ita€™s nothing like that. Having the right supplies will be one of the biggest differences between urban preppers that will survive and those who will die.
It gives you tips and tricks, like how to pack a bug out bag, how to stockpile food and water, and other helpful information. It has all kinds of wound care supplies, medications, and even a language guide to help you communicate with the locals if you can’t speak their language.
Infected air is not something you want to breathe in if you can help it, so having several boxes of these would be great! They are a good investment because they will run on batteries so you can get alerts even in a power outage.
A little different than a bug out bag, this road survival bag is an all in one emergency preparedness kit.
They have to deal with limited space and always keep an eye on their neighbors as they never know who might be a friend or a foe, in a time of crisis. Urban survival is difficult because you have to consider many factors and it requires much more work and preparation in order to be able and face a disaster.
It all depends on various factors and anyone may choose what to do, according to his situation. Learning how to use a police scanner can be a valuable tool for you if evacuation is your main choice.
Imagine how important time is during a crisis, especially when you have to evacuate and you are under constant pressure. It should cover many aspects of a possible disaster and everyone from your family should have a role in it. You should learn how to do it as it doesna€™t require large plots of land to grow your own crop and it can be a relaxing activity that keeps you sane in harsh times.

We go by every day without noticing what is around us and we miss seeing important things that someday might prove useful. Some preppers decide to go with slow and low burning fuel sources, but eventually, you will run out of fuel and that means two things: you either find another way for cooking and heating or your go out and scavenge for fuel. Storing water requires a lot of space and filling your apartment with water might not be such a good idea.
You will have water and food and you will be able to get by with what youa€™ve stockpiled, but what happens when you get ill or injured?
Food, water bottle, water purification tabs, first aid supplies, a radio, knife, and other supplies are included.
It has a 72 hour personal survival kit that will help up to 4 people, a blizzard prep kit (which has blankets and body warmers), and a road hazard kit that has jumper cables, flares, flat tire repair items, and tow rope. Every week he makes several high-quality videos covering all aspects of preparedness, especially physical and mental preparedness.
The strategies presented in this article are designed for the preppers living in large cities and are intended to give them an upper hand and increase their chances of survival.
Regarding how to hunker down you can find in this article the main questions you should ask yourself before taking a decision. A police scanner will alert you to where the disaster has occurred, if ita€™s spreading, what are the social implications and if there is more danger coming along with it. Walking and running is not an option in an urban environment unless you are well trained and there isna€™t anything that can slow you down (bug-out bag weight, family members to care for, civil unrest, etc.).
Container gardening is not expensive and you can make your own container gardening kits following YouTube tutorials. If you live in the city you must explore it and know your way around it, learn the major roads and intersections, learn the back alleys and how to get from point A to point B without using the main roads.
You need to find ways to be able to cook and heat your home without attracting unnecessary attention. In urban environment one of your first problems will be the stoppage of running water and you have to find ways to make sure you have enough of it. There is a lot of debate on the internet, when it comes to how much guns and ammo you should store in order to face a crisis. This is one of the major concerns amongst the majority of preppers Ia€™ve talked with and the only solution we have is to learn about self-healing and take as many first aid classes as possible. For less than $300, the work is done for you, and you just keep the bags where you can pick them up and be on your way should you need to evacuate. Keep some in your bug out bag, your glove box, and your home emergency kit, and you’ll always have one at your fingertips! I recommend reading it, because it provides valuable information and it may help you to decide if you need to bug out or bug in. I recommend having a police scanner rather than getting an app for your phone, because you never know when the cell networks or the internet will go down. If you care breaks down you will need to abandon it and get yourself a new one, and since renting will be out of the question, breaking into a car and jumpstarting it will be your only hope of making it out of the city. You might not have this luxury and you have to keep your bug out bag within reach at all times. During a disaster, container gardening will help you add a little extra to your survival pantry and you will go by with the limited supplies you have access to. Dona€™t rely on your phone for navigation, take time and let yourself be lost in the city and find ways to reach your point of destination. If you will have to hunker down for a long period of time, try getting a solar cooker and heating sources that dona€™t make noise or bright light. The first thing to do when a disaster strike, is to fill your bathtub with water and at the same time fill all the empty containers you can find in your house. Personally, I think that you need a firearm for every family member that is able to use one and has a good practice with it. In an urban environment you are prone to more injuries than rural environments and anything from debris, projectiles or sharp objects can leave a nasty mark during a disaster. I also like that you can program it to pick up alerts from several surrounding counties as well, so you are aware of severe weather that is heading your way.
This is a must have for your car or RV, because you never know when you might get stranded.

Another method to listen to the outside world is a HAM radio and it might prove even better than the police scanner and here is why. There are some things you can do before using this method as a last resort: first make sure your car is well maintained, second, learn how to deal with simple problems and have a basic understanding of general maintenance, and third, if youa€™re not fond of the idea to steal a car, have a second mean of transportation as a backup plan (even a bicycle will do it).
You should have a bug out bag in your home and a bug out bag in your car, since you never know when disaster might strike. Knowing your city will help you evacuate faster, but it will also help you scavenge for supplies in case you need to.
You can look online and investigate about the fuel source available, portable power generators, etc. This way, you will not use the water supplies youa€™ve stored and you will have a good start before you have to face dehydration or any other problem. When it comes to ammo, I think that 1000 rounds are more than enough since, hopefully, you wona€™t have to use that many. This is why is vital to learn how to disinfect and treat a wound and how to make the best use of your first aid kit. HAM radio operators will report from the scene or its vicinity and they will not filter out any information, they will say it how they see it. Some people prefer to have a small bag at their work place with everything they need for 24 hours.
If you are familiar with The Walking Dead TV show, you might remember that Glenn Rhee is the best supply runner and it is all due to his knowledge of every short cut in Atlanta, since he was a pizza delivery boy. Ita€™s safer to bet on having numerous portable water filters and learning how to make rain catchers, that you can attach outside of your windows. You wona€™t be able to go hunting, so sinking all your money into guns and ammo is a waste of resources. Learning about sanitation and disinfection techniques will come in handy when medical aid is not available and you have to stop bacteria and disease from spreading. You can get much more valuable information from radio operators rather than from the police. This is a good idea because, your bug out bag is always within reach and you dona€™t risk losing it if someone breaks in your car. Leaving the show and science fiction aside, knowing your environment is critical for every survival situation. Another option is to procure a device that makes water out of air, as it will be very useful when your water supplies are running low. Ita€™s better to invest your money in food and power items, since bullets dona€™t taste that great and they will surely not keep you warm during cold times. Having good first aid knowledge and stockpiling on medicine will prove useful, regardless the nature of the disaster. You never have to assume that you will make it back home and get everything you need from there, it doesna€™t work like that and ita€™s better to be prepared.
You dona€™t want to get lost in the city or be unable to reach your family in case of a disaster.
Home protection is really something you need to consider, because after every disaster there is a lot of looting taking place, there are all sorts of self-proclaimed leaders that appear and impose their rules, and sooner or later you will have to deal with them if you dona€™t stay under the radar. They know all about it, and in case of a major disaster, they are trained to spread the information in a manner that shouldna€™t cause panic and shouldna€™t provide all the information. However, if you do make it home, you can consider it as a bonus because you will have more supplies to take away with you. Learn how to operate a police scanner and a HAM radio and you will be able to know both sides of the story, before you act. During a war or pandemic, you’re much better off in rural areas where you can avoid the danger. But during a natural disaster, you’re often better off near cities where you can get to emergency services you might need (medical, police, etc).

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