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Their resumes consist of playing Call of Duty: Nazi Zombies, Resident Evil, Silent Hill and House of the Dead for a majority of their childhood.
What if all of these movies, shows and games were all purposely made by the government because they knew that a zombie-like virus would spread one day? So lets say the guy who decided to eat the other guys face off turned out to be carrying a zombie-like virus and it started spreading all over the state of Florida.
Your television quickly switches to the president of the United States as he urges everyone to stay in their homes and lock themselves in. We’ll lets say you have time to contact all of the people that are most important in your life and you would really like to take them on your journey of survival. Obviously you want to save all of your loved ones, but this is where you make your first mistake. For your group to stay calm and safe as possible, you will need one mentally and physically strong leader. Take your group to a mall, a Target, or any kind of large complex that has plenty of food and a variety of supplies. There is a good chance that other people had the same idea and are occupying the mall as well.
Every store has gates that you can pull down, and the main entrances usually consist of double doors, or rotating doors that have strong locks and pull down gates. Make the supplies last for as long as possible, do anything that needs to be done to keep your group safe, and blow off some zombie heads!
And if its good to have a strong leader in our group, and I agree it may be, then what happens when two groups meet?
So overall, it makes a lot of logic that in the initial weeks of the zombie apocalypse smaller groups would survive. Like my sociology professor used to say: Put any 7 people together and they will reinvent discrimination.
Overall, it will be a new world and a new paradigm and the ones who are flexible of thought and unafraid of living in the face of major change will survive. In a perfectly realistic world, these zombies would decay because of the points that you bring up.
No, the huge flaw with the shopping mall is the one thing a shopping mall is SUPPOSED to do. I believe the mall is a good idea IF you have the right team to take charge and keep it safe.
To subscribe to our website and interact with our growing community of users, please enter your e-mail address below. The zombie plague will ravage the world, tear it apart, and tear apart all the humans alive, literally. Written as a guide to help you prepare for the inevitable invasion of the rotting dead ones, it actually does a pretty good job of looking at what would probably be our fate.
The book will detail for you why grabbing a gun first is always the best choice, how important car mechanics may or may not be after the big zombie invasion and many more important questions. Grab your copy of The Ultimate Survival Guide: Zombie Apocalypse today before the invasion begins!
This entry was posted in Zombie Book Reviews and tagged funny zombie stories, how to fight zombies, zombie apocalypse, zombie invasion. Following on from 13 Best Places To Hideout in Essex During the Zombie Apocalypse by WaffleMag, we decided Southend needs its own zombie survival guide!
You’ll probably find that for many of us, Southend Pier seems like the obvious choice. Alexander House (the H M Revenue & Customs building next to Southend Victoria) is the tallest building in Southend standing at 207ft with 16 floors. The dense population of Southend-on-Sea means that the town centre is going to be a hot bed for zombie activity during those first few weeks. You can’t just hide and wait in fear of zombies tearing you limb from limb… You have to chill out sometime!
All of these rashes and viruses spreading in schools and airports of Florida were the result of this deadly zombie chemical.
He explains how the highways are packed with cars trying to leave the cities, and there is no where to go.

Try and string together a group of people that you know will make an impact against these maniacs.
If you are a fan of The Walking Dead, you see how Rick takes charge of his group and makes the decisions.
Your main concern is to find a secure place with the best shelter and a large supply of food. It would be nice for them to have guns (if the mall provides), but any kind of weapon is better than none. George Romero didn’t create the zombie, he created the modern, popular concept of the zombie as we now know it. 28 Days Later is NOT a zombie movie any more than The Crazies is a zombie movie and nobody ever claims that The Crazies is a zombie movie. I’m sure you experts understand that the winning scenarios were written by other people with as little experience as the rest of us. Everyones ideas are good ones because we don’t know what exactly we would be dealing with and what kind of flesh eating monsters would be walking the earth.
Obviously that is the question that Laurence Sutton and Karim Theos tossed around one day when they came up with this hilarious answer to that timely question. But the tongue in cheek humor, great stick-figure cartoons (that are much harder to draw then you think- I know, I tried) and detailed instructions are done with great earnestness.
So if you happen to notice a zombie flying through the window while you are sitting at home watching Jeopardy, you just might want to have this book handy. Naturally this is one of those items we only offer as a Kindle download, so be sure and turn your Wi-Fi on first when you order. Because, for us Southenders, I doubt we would have the luxury of public transport to take us to Colchester Castle for the sake of being awesome.
In case your grandma has never watched any Romero (or turned on the TV at all in October), just make sure to mention these important titbits to her. Just sit her down in front of the telly with a good pot of tea, tell her you love her and to stay put. But things might get a little bit hairy when half the population of Southend-on-Sea come to join you there. They do say in case of a zombie apocalypse to get yourself to the highest point, and if you can get to the top floor of Alexander House you probably will stand more chance of survival if you have enough supplies too.
Whereas rural areas out in the middle of nowhere with not many residents could take weeks, if not months, for the outbreak to spread and the undead to make their way out of Southend. All that durable industrial and military clothing is going to be a lot safer for you than anything you could get in Primark. But you also can’t rely on an internet connection being available or even electricity for that matter. Please download the latest version of the Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, or Windows Internet Explorer browser. The hit series The Walking Dead also gives us a good idea on how a group of people can possible survive a zombie outbreak.
The insane doctor that went crazy in the back seat of the cop car was in fact slowly turning into a zombie. There is no point in leaving the city because you will just end up in another city with the same problem. There should be a sniper or look-out on the roof with either a rifle or a pair of binoculars.
As long there are people around, no matter how many zombies you kill chances are there will always be another one to replace them. By playing the game you succeed not by doing what would be effective in real life, but by doing what the designers of the game(s) wrote as the successful scenario. Large areas teeming with supplies are massive bait to survivors, other survivors who may not be as careful, quiet, or civilized.
If you are smart enough and strong enough, you will be able to take over a mall (or mini mall) and have all the supplies and food you need. Diseases are evolving every day, and there are already several existing diseases with zombie-like symptoms. That's why this book is available, so that you will be stocked up, ready, and know what to do when the world ends!

They will be living in paradise, on their private islands with solar panels for electricity. They also are done with some brutal honesty about your chances of survival, at least without this handy dandy little guide.
Probably read already too, since it is hard to read while running with zombies nipping at your heels.
Plenty of booze and you can cook up some food in the kitchen – with no risk of contaminated meat products! And, when it comes to surviving the zombie apocalypse in Southend, cost isn’t an issue.
Water is also an important issue, and you can’t trust any running water sources that could be tainted. Also, DIY and hardware stores like Homebase in town are great places to loot materials for making your own weapons. You’d feel pretty stupid if you got infected from a tiny little zombie scratch on your arm.
Guess what, now you have a nice big swarm following a smaller group of possible hostile survivors.
Who knows how long it will be until one of those diseases turn into something much worse… a zombie plague! This basically a rule book, with 80 rules of what to do, as well as advice, tips, facts, info, and a description along with each rule! On the plus side, if a horde of flesh eating zombies were creeping up the pier you could funnel them into a death trap, burn the middle of the pier and build a drawbridge contraption on your end.
Then get upstairs and watch the Southend zombie outbreak unfurl from the top floor windows. At Victoria, the toilets are nicer (sorry, Royals!) and you have the advantage of a Wilko downstairs that’ll do you for some DIY tools and odd bits and bobs for supplies.
Garon Park might not be the hilly countryside best suited to hiding from zombies, but it’s got to be worth a shot if you have a caravan or a friend out in Little Wakering. If you’re on the seafront, all those cute little seaside gift shops tend to sell a wide variety of different weapons. And you can stuff your pockets with pocket knives and multi-tools while you’re there!
Learn how to plan ahead like the rich people, and other tips and facts that will help you survive and attack and know the smartest decisions to make. However, for anyone who is a fan of the old zombie apocalypse books, this one will hit you right in the funny bone.
So even if you don’t think you have the stuff of leadership now, they assure you that you will by the time you have completed the guide.
Ships and boats may just be the safest places to be, and by camping out on the pier you might come into luck with a big rescue ship.
However, Royals is closer to the seafront and a bit out of the way of the main population of Southend (if only by a little), and will probably not be as crowded. So don’t forget to loot Waterstones or The Forum central library off Southend high street. Both shopping centres have a Boots, so you can maintain your hygiene and have access to medicines and first aid supplies. So you might have better luck looting the smaller businesses, and not get attacked for your supplies on your way out.
The air rifles and pistols might look menacing, but you’d be wasting your time with them against a zombie. Or by consuming living flesh they can somehow regenerate in a facsimile of a living healthy body. You should do the EXACT OPPOSITE of this guide, stock up early and keep enough food and defense supplies to bunker down in your house long enough for the initial panic to wear off.

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